"City of Tacoma News – City Council Agenda Items for Tuesday, November 16, 1999"

“City Council Study SessionTuesday, November 16, noonTacoma Municipal Bldg. N.,Room 16, 728 St. Helens Ave.Budget CutsHow the City will rebalance its 1999-2000 budget in light of revenue shortfalls and the passage of Initiative 695 is the topic of this Study Session. The Council will hear a proposal from the city manager instructing all General Fund departments to share in reductions to make up a $3 million budget shortfall and $4 million in lost motor vehicle excise tax revenues.City Council MeetingTuesday, November 16, 5 p.m.City Council ChambersFirst floor, Municipal Bldg.747 Market StreetBingo & Raffle TaxA new state law effective January 1, 2000, lowers the ceiling for local taxation of bingo games and raffles from 10 to 5 percent. The Council will vote on the change.Bingo games and raffles in Tacoma currently pay the maximum 10 percent tax. City tax officials expect the decrease to reduce revenues approximately $110,000 annually.Click! Works With ISPsTacoma’s Click! Network may offer cable modem Internet service by the end of the year. Tacoma Power will propose adding a wholesale transport rate for Internet service providers.The Council will vote on the proposal. Tax Breaks for Upscale Housing The developer of a new, multi-million-dollar upscale apartment complex is seeking property tax breaks. The developer is hoping to build about 160 new units downtown.The projects qualify for a housing tax incentive. The Council will take testimony and vote on the exemption.One Day Rate ChangeThe Council will vote to start a rate adjustment for solid waste collection and disposal fees one day earlier than planned – December 31, 1999 instead of January 1, 2000.Storm Drainage Rate BreakWaterfront and undeveloped properties could have a reduction in storm drainage rates if the Council approves a new proposal.Performance AuditsIn 1997 the Council mandated independent performance audits of City departments every three years. These audits have cost over $100,000 each.A new ordinance would allow the City to choose which departments to audit and when. The Council will take testimony and will vote at a later date.Compensation PlanThe Council will take testimony about a new compensation policy for unrepresented employees. The Council plans to vote on the plan at a later date.Adult Retail MoratoriumPublic comment will be taken on a six-month moratorium on building permits or business licenses for adult retail and adult entertainment uses. The council will vote on the freeze at a later meeting.The Council will conduct a hearing on the moratorium January 11, 2000.Mixed-Use ZoningTacoma is working to clarify and update zoning regulations for mixed-use centers. The public can comment on mixed-use center zoning in the city.”