Downtown Tacoma Eatery Adds Euro-Cuisine to Tacoma’s Only Coffee Roasting Facility

“With a sultry latin beat, rich, warm, earth-colored walls, and the, well, aroma, of hand-roasted coffee, it doesn’t seem like it’s winter at Aroma Coffee in downtown Tacoma.What has been Tacoma’s only gourmet coffee roaster is now adding a European touch to its culinary offerings. Aroma’s owner, Bernardo Tuma, has brought on German chef Misha Cornelius, to partner in the creation of a varied European menu for the small popular location.“Our idea is to create a menu of German-based European cuisine with a Northwest fusion,” Tuma said. “We are offering a tremendous variety of foods that will appeal to all kinds of diets. The emphasis will be on fresh.”Aroma will offer their new cuisine as part of their weekday lunch selections based around homemade soups, salads and hot entrees. Prices will be kept affordable for the downtown lunch crowd, Tuma said.New menu selections include items such as risotto chicken, lasagna, chicken arugula mini-pizza, goulash, penne pasta, and more. The menu changes daily.Soups and entrees will be created in the Berlin style, Tuma said, not too heavy, and gentle on the system.Cornelius said he studied to become a chef in the restaurant kitchens of Berlin hotels including the Intercontinental and Kampinski hotels. He worked as a chef in Berlin for over a decade before moving to Tacoma because of “love” and family. He met his fiance on an earlier trip, and his sister has lived in the area for 16 years.“I don’t have any experience about American taste,” Cornelius said, listing a number of fast-food exceptions while grimacing. “I have no clue about typical Americans.”If Aroma’s new cuisine is accepted by downtown diners, Tuma said he will build a bakery utilizing space in the rear of the roaster. Cornelius and Tuma are planning to bake their own fresh breads and rolls, as well as coffeecakes, cookies and pastries to accompany Aroma’s Defiance, Chihuly and Gipper coffee blends.”