DOC Offering Export Services for Businesses

“The Department of Commerce is now offering two new services for businesses interested in exporting goods or services. The Flexible Market Research program provides specific customized market research. Businesses utilize the DOC’s overseas staff of commercial specialists to research questions and obtain market information. The service is currently offered in Argentina, Chile, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. The Video Market Tester for consumer goods and edibles is an innovative way for exporters to test market their products overseas. Businesses may discuss their company’s export potential with commercial specialists, importers, distributors, and overseas consumers. Using PictureTel 2000 videoconferencing equipment at the DOC offices, the VMT is designed to provide customized live market research and product test marketing. The business prepares questions regarding market entry requirements, market potential, regulatory issues, and more, in advance. The DOC overseas office researches the questions and provides responses to participants live during a video conference. The video conferencing allows direct interaction with buyers, importers, distributors, and consumers overseas who have experienced the product. Live feedback is offered on pricing, product characteristics and marketing channels. The service is currently offered in Italy, Germany, Canada, the Philippines and Malaysia. For information on Flexible Market Research and Video Market Tester, contact Susan Gates or Laura McCall at the Seattle U.S. Export Assistance Center, 206-553-5615.For local assistance contact Bill Marshak at the Tacoma Export Assistance Center at 253-593-6736 or by e-mail at The Tacoma Export Assistance Center is located in the Rust Building at 950 Pacific Avenue, Suite 410 in downtown Tacoma.”