County wants input for transportation directory

The Pierce County Coordinated Transportation Coalition is compiling information for a comprehensive community transportation directory. The initial directory (projected printing is Fall/Winter 2002) will include public and private businesses and organizations providing essential transportation services for food, health, work, school and socialization. Transportation services may be passenger transit only or transportation related services (e.g., pickup and delivery services or any service requiring transportation) for people with special transportation needs and the general public.
The primary goal of this project is to increase public awareness of general transportation services and options within the county. A secondary goal is to provide the public, especially persons with special needs, a single resource for reviewing available transportation services within the county.
The coalition plans to print and distribute the directory throughout the county and make it available on the coalition’s Web site . Expectations are to update and print the directory on an annual basis, increase service providers and provide the directory in multiple languages.
If you provide transportation services for persons with special needs and the general public and wish to be considered for listing in the directory at no cost to your business or organization, please contact John Mikel by phone at 253/798-2823 or by e-mail at
You can also contact Deana Rader at 253/473-4774 or by Sept. 30.