City sues Spirit of Washington dinner train

The City of Tacoma announced Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit against operators of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train for debt it incurred before it ceased operation in October.
According to Tacoma Rail, which is owned by the City, Spirit of Washington owes the City more than $100,000, and attempts to collect that money have been unsuccessful
The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train operated in Tacoma between August and October 2007. During that time, Tacoma Rail provided personnel, locomotives, fuel, equipment storage and use of its tracks and property. The unpaid bill for those services came to $105,000.
The lawsuit also includes $6,000 of compensation for ending the 10-month contract after only three months, without providing the required 30 days’ notice. The Spirit of Washington verbally notified Tacoma Rail on Oct. 29 that it intended to terminate operations — the day after dinner train service stopped.
“We have an obligation to our current customers and to the residents of Tacoma to collect the money that’s owed to us,” said Tacoma Rail Superintendent Paula Henry. “It would be irresponsible for us to simply write off this debt.”