City of Tacoma News: Tacoma City Council

Tacoma City Council
Study Session
Noon, Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Room 16
Tacoma Municipal Building North
728 St. Helens Ave.

Street vacation, open space fund
Acting Asset Manager Rick Brush will provide an update on potential changes to the city’s policies regarding vacation of rights-of-way. Recent changes in the state law allow cities to collect 100 percent of the appraised property value when a right-of-way has been dedicated for 25 years or more. Another change requires at least 50 percent of the revenue generated from street vacations go to either acquisition and maintenance of open space or to transportation-related capital improvements. Staff will present its recommendations for how much Tacoma should collect for street vacations in residential and commercial development situations and how to use that revenue. Tacoma Economic Development Department staff will provide an update on the Open Space Fund, which receives payment for street vacations.

Rental advisory committee update
Public Works Building and Land Use Services staff will also share strategies resulting from the work of the Rental Advisory Committee. The City Council established the committee on Dec. 3, 2002, to provide a proposal that would reduce criminal activity and improve building conditions at rental properties, hold property owners accountable, offset costs for municipal services and develop legal remedies for failure to comply with the remedies. Staff has been meeting with stakeholders and city department representatives since the beginning of March to develop strategies to meet these goals. These strategies will be presented to the council for their direction and input. The public may attend the but the council will not take comment.

Tacoma City Council
Regular Meeting
5 p.m., Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Council Chambers
Tacoma Municipal Building
747 Market St.

Bridge of Glass wins award
The Chihuly Bridge of Glass has become a two-time statewide award winner-an accomplishment achieved before the bridge’s first birthday. This week the Federal Highway Administration and the Washington State Department of Transportation awarded the Chihuly Bridge their joint Award of Excellence in the “Best Special Project for 2003” category. The group gives the award to a project that excels in a number of specified areas, including safety, design, project administration, cost effectiveness, environmental compatibility and public satisfaction. The Highway Administration and State DOT will give the award at the American Public Works Association fall conference in Atlanta. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass’s first award was a Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 20/20 award received last spring.

The Dome may foam – with bubbles
Will the Tacoma Dome roof get a good scrubbing before a group of travel writers descend on Tacoma? That’s the $84,000 question the City Council will answer. If the council approves a contract with Pioneer Masonry Restoration Co., Inc., the roof cleaning will begin – and hopefully end by June 6 when the Society of American Travel Writers plans a photo shoot of the landmark building.

Old Costco building facelift
The building currently housing Tacoma’s Fleet Operations could get a $5.5 million facelift if the City Council approves a contract with Commercial Structures, Inc. The Burien-based company would remodel and renovate the building at 3639 S. Pine St., which will continue to house Fleet Operations, in addition to housing a portion of the Tacoma Police Department operations.

Middle Waterway cleanup project
The council will vote on two agreements regarding the cleanup of Middle Waterway on Commencement Bay. Both have to do with funding.
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