City of Tacoma News: Tacoma City Council

Tacoma City Council
Study Session
Noon, Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Room 16
Tacoma Municipal Building North
728 St. Helens Ave.

Six-year transportation plan
Each year, the city updates its six-year street plan, which describes current and future transportation-related improve-ments throughout Tacoma. The City Council will get an update on the city’s plan. Some of the projects in the plan include bridge, roadway, traffic signal and sidewalk reconstruction, as well as non-motorized projects, landscaping and traffic enhancement programs. The city must file a copy of the updated plan with the Washington State Department of Transportation by July 1. Some of the major arterial projects in the city’s updated plan include:

– Alaska Street from South 38th Street to South 56th Street;

– Norpoint Way from 29th Street Northeast to 49th Avenue Northeast;

– Tyler Street from South 56th Street to South 74th Street;

– Narrows Drive from North 17th Street to Pearl Street; and

– 48th Street from McKinley Avenue to Portland Avenue.

The council will not take any public comment during the meeting.

Tacoma City Council
Regular Meeting
5 p.m., Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Administration Building
Bates Technical College
2201 South 78th St.

“C” cabarets may get tax exemption
Will Class “C” cabarets in Tacoma soon have something to sing about? The City Council will vote on a proposal to exempt organizations licensed as Class “C” cabarets from admission/cabaret tax. The council reinstated the admission/cabaret tax at the beginning of the year to increase the city’s general fund revenue. Since the reinstatement, several Class “C” cabaret owners have come forward asking for an exemption, arguing that the entertainment they provide-piano bars, mariachi bands and karaoke, for example-does not increase gross revenues through increased admission prices. Businesses licensed as Class “B”-ones that provide music and dancing-would not fall under the exemption. Citizens commented on the tax exemption proposal June 10.

Improved landfill access
Can customers look forward to enhanced safety, quicker lines at the scales and reduced traffic backups at the Tacoma Landfill? The City Council will decide, when it votes on a $213,645 contract with APEX Engineering for improved landfill access design services. The project will improve customer safety and operational efficiency by separating the flow of residential self-haul customers from commercial and city-owned garbage trucks. Separation of this traffic will be accomplished by improving existing landfill roads, adding new roads and truck scales within the landfill site, constructing street improvements and placing a traffic signal at the intersection of South 34th and Orchard streets. The traffic separation will reduce idle time for city-owned garbage trucks and provide them with better access to Highway 16.

Town Hall meeting
A Town Hall meeting will begin at 6 p.m.and will include a presentation by Councilwoman Connie Ladenburg called “Working Together for Solutions.” Citizens will also hear about the basics of the city’s budget, presented by Budget Director Diane Supler. Citizen input is welcome.