City of Tacoma News: Tacoma City Council

Tacoma City Council
Study Session
Noon, Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Tacoma Municipal Building
728 St. Helens Ave.
D Street overpass, emergency radio
The City Council will hear updates on two critical projects – the D street overpass and the enhanced 800 Mhz emergency radio system. The D Street overpass at the head of Foss Waterway will allow trains to pass through Tacoma more quickly. Staff members from the Public Works and Tacoma Economic Department will present an update on the proposed final design of the overpass and surrounding area. The project’s architecture and accompanying art will reflect the history of Tacoma’s shipping and railroad industries. The presentation will also include a summary of the project’s history, overall goals and an overview of the current funding package and project schedule. Representatives of the architectural and design team will be available to answer questions from council members. Radio Communications Manager Steve Taylor will give an update on the 800 Mhz state-of-the-art radio system that will improve communication among Tacoma’s Police, Fire, Public Works and Tacoma Dome staff and other emergency personnel. In 2000, the city contracted with Motorola for $12 million to lease the necessary radio and computer equipment for the system. The estimated total cost of the build-out phase is $4.9 million. Last year, the City Council approved $2.5 million to fund construction and fiber optic network connection of seven radio site towers and shelters for the 800 Mhz public safety radio system. To satisfy FCC requirements and provide regional communication for city agencies involved in operations with other regional agencies, the city plans to construct four additional sites by summer 2003. The citywide system would be ready to use by November 2002. The public may attend the study session, but will not take any comments.
Tacoma City Council
Regular Meeting
5 p.m., Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Tacoma Municipal Building
City Council Chambers
747 Market St.
MLK Housing Development grants
In recent years, the City of Tacoma has enhanced its code enforcement efforts to ensure the safety of its citizens. When Tacoma Fire or Police or building inspection officials have to take immediate action against a landlord who hasn’t compiled with city building codes, innocent tenants – who have faithfully paid their rent – can lose their housing. These residents would not normally become homeless except for the emergency circumstances. The City Council will take public testimony and vote on a $70,000 agreement with Martin Luther King Housing Development Association to help low-income families who have had to move out of their apartments because their landlords violated city building, fire or health codes. The funds – from the federal 27th Year Community Block Grant (2001-2002) – will allow the Martin Luther King Housing Development Association to help these displaced tenants find housing at apartments that comply with building and safety codes.
Nativity House construction grant
The City Council will take public testimony and vote whether Tacoma Community Redevelopment Authority can give a $350,000 grant to Nativity House toward the $2 million construction costs.