City of Tacoma News –Neighborhood Plans Hearing

“Improvement ideas for the South, South End, North End and Northeast Tacoma neighborhoods are up for comment at a public hearing during the City Council meeting tomorrow.The Council will take citizen comments on a list of action strategies each community has decided are vital for maintaining and improving its quality of life. The top action strategies for each neighborhood are:- South Tacoma – Reduce the impact of traffic from surrounding communities traveling through the area, expand South Tacoma parks and improve storm drainage systems – especially those with flooding problems.- South End – Improve the aging infrastructure and improve public safety, strengthen neighborhood business districts and preserve historic buildings, and add sidewalks for children walking to and from school.- North End – Preserve and enhance the area’s unique qualities, improve parks and recreation facilities – including the Mason/Union loop trail, and add sidewalks and bike lanes.- Northeast Tacoma – Complete the arterial street system, expand recreational opportunities and preserve open space.- Citizens may comment on these specific strategies and a range of improvement proposals aimed at enhancing the livability of each of these four neighborhood areas. The hearing will begin at approximately 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Tuesday, October 26.”