"City of Tacoma News – City Council Agenda for Tuesday, October 26, 1999"

“City Council Study SessionTuesday, October 26, noonTacoma Municipal Bldg. N.,Room 16, 728 St. Helens Ave.All Aboard!At a joint City Council/Public Utility Board study session, Tacoma Rail Superintendent Dennis Dean will review the successes and challenges encountered since his department began providing common carrier rail service on 131 miles of City-owned railroad in November 1998. The review includes how Tacoma Rail has fared in its first year overseeing the City’s Mountain Division, the Train to the Mountain rail line.The agreement to turn over operation of the Chehalis Western Railroad, from Freighthouse Square in Tacoma to Chehalis called for a one-year feasibility study to determine whether continued operation by Tacoma Rail makes good business sense.The presentation will include a proposed business plan setting out a freight rail marketing analysis and recommended marketing activities.City Council MeetingTuesday, October 26, 5 p.m.City Council ChambersFirst floor, Municipal Building747 Market StreetJuvenile Curfew ExtensionTacoma’s curfew may be extended four years to December 31, 2003. The ordinance continuing the curfew will be up for public comment at this meeting.Tacoma implemented the juvenile curfew in 1995. It requires youth to be off the streets from midnight to 6 a.m.Storm Drainage/Solid Waste RatesIn anticipation of Initiative 695 which would eliminate the motor vehicle excise tax, or MVET, in favor of a flat $30 fee and require voter approval of all tax and fee increases, the Council will take testimony on proposed one-day changes in the date of previously approved rate adjustments for both storm drainage fees and solid waste collection and disposal rates – from January 1, 2000, to December 31, 1999.The Council adopted the rate changes in its two-year budget, approved in November 1998. The 2000 rates were to be effective January 1, 2000. Moving the date allows the rate change to take place before the potential I-695 voter approval clause becomes effective.The Council will vote on the proposals at a future meeting.Property ExchangeThe Council will take testimony on transferring a small strip of City landfill property to the future Home Depot store planned for property next door. The City would receive $150,000 for the property and would use a portion of the money to remake part of Mullen Street using recycled materials.The City chose Woodworth & Company to complete the Mullen Street Improvement Project, which involves rebuilding Mullen Street from Center Street to the landfill entrance, as well as Home Depot access. Woodworth & Company plans on using recycled materials as it constructs the street and sidewalks, curbs and light posts.Total cost of the project is expected to be between $200,000 and $250,000, and should be completed by spring 2000.The Council will vote on the proposal at a future meeting.”