City of Tacoma-LEGAL NOTICE

City of Tacoma-LEGAL NOTICE


City of Tacoma –

Temporary Men’s Shelter

Applicant: Gregory Christopher, Shiloh Baptist Church Proposal: Temporary Use Permit for a Men’s Shelter

Location: 1211 South I Street

File Number: LU21-0233

The Shiloh Baptist Church is working with the City of Tacoma to provide a temporary men’s shelter inside of the Church facilities. A decision on the application request will be made following the comment period for the public notice. A separate notice will be sent out advising of the decision on the request. Appeal provisions will be included with the decision notice. The case file may be viewed at

The City of Tacoma does not discriminate on the basis of disability in any of its programs or services. Upon request, special accommodations will be provided within five (5) business days by contacting 591-5363 (VOICE) or 591-5070 (TTY).


Issue/Publication Date:

November 23, 2021

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