City of Destiny Award replays on Comcast VOD

Additional replays of this year’s City of Destiny Awards on Comcast Video ON DEMAND (VOD). TV Tacoma, the City’s municipal television station, recorded the event to show as a special presentation from June 5 to June 15. Based on viewer interest, TV Tacoma partnered with Comcast so their Digital Cable ON DEMAND subscribers could watch the ceremony when and where they want.

More than 1 million Puget Sound subscribers can find the City of Destiny Awards through their ON DEMAND menu (Channel 01) starting June 26 through the end of July. ON DEMAND from Comcast Digital Cable allows customers to select from hundreds of movies and other programs using their existing Digital Cable box, in many cases, for no additional charge.

“We really appreciate Comcast partnering with the City to make the 20th anniversary City of Destiny Awards celebration available to such a wide viewing audience through Video ON DEMAND,” said Nancy Johnson with TV Tacoma.

The annual City of Destiny Awards promotes the importance of community service and recognizes individuals and groups who make outstanding contributions to Tacoma. Tune into Comcast ON DEMAND and watch Tacoma’s volunteer event of the year.

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