City envisions Link light rail station near 11th Street

If the City of Tacoma has its way, passengers riding Link may soon have another option for boarding and exiting...

If the City of Tacoma has its way, passengers riding Link may soon have another option for boarding and exiting the light rail line. According to officials from the City’s public works department, a plan is under way to build a new station on Commerce Street between 11th and 12th Streets.

On Dec. 31, Tacoma City Manager Eric Anderson noted in his weekly report to City Council ( ) that the Public Works Department was working on a design for the new light rail station, which would be smaller and less expensive than the other Link stops. According to Anderson’s report, the new station would cost approximately $135,000 and would be completed in May.

The plan was discussed Dec. 15 during Tacoma City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting. At the time, former councilmember Connie Ladenburg asked if any progress was made on the project.

City engineer and assistant public works director Jim Parvey confirmed the details Wednesday. Parvey said engineers from the Public Works Department met with Sound Transit representatives last spring to walk the affected rail line, take measurements, and see if Sound Transit was onboard with the idea. That meeting led his staff to begin drawing up plans for the station.

“It’s just a simple design at this point,” said Parvey. “It does not show any architectural treatment.”

“Last year, the City asked us for some assistance to look at the feasibility of an additional city-funded Tacoma Link stop in between Convention Center and Theater District stations,” said Sound Transit spokesperson Andrew Schmid. “If Tacoma decides to pursue the possibility of an additional stop, Sound Transit will work with the City and other affected parties to explore options and any construction and service implications.”

Link light rail stretches 1.6 miles between the Dome District and the Theater District. It makes stops at Tacoma Dome Station, South 25th Street, Union Station, the Convention Center, and the Theater District. According to Sound Transit, the $78.2 million passenger line opened in August 2003 and marked its two-millionth rider in January 2006.

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