City celebrates AMOCAT award-winners Oct. 29

The Hotel Murano, King’s Books, and Linda Danforth have been selected to receive the Tacoma Arts Commission’s 2008 AMOCAT Arts Awards. The awards recognize community members’ vision, dedication and action in creating a lively arts community in Tacoma. The three categories support community outreach in the arts by a patron, an organization and an individual.

The “Arts Patron” award goes to the Hotel Murano for developing a unique property designed for and around glass art meanwhile investing over $22 million dollars. This project is an excellent example of a private development that has evolved since the public investment to clean up the waterfront, create three new museums and build a convention center and the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. The hotel showcases artwork of over 45 artists from around the world.

The award for “Community Outreach by an Organization” goes to King’s Books for their work with community organizations to host a wide variety of artistic and cultural events, becoming a central force of activity. King’s Books showcases the letterpress and book arts community, hosts frequent author and poetry readings, raises money for public schools and libraries, assists local organizations with fundraising and provides a venue for other literary and cultural events year-round.

The “Community Outreach by an Artist” award goes to Linda Danforth, a local jewelry artist, who started the Jet Artist Cooperative and the Broadway Artist Cooperative, providing much needed affordable workspace and support for artists. Linda founded Tacoma Art Place, a non-profit volunteer-run art facility which provides the community with affordable art instruction and access to art equipment for creative pleasure and entrepreneurial endeavors.

The awardees will be honored at the Art at Work Opening Celebration on Oct. 29 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Tacoma Art Museum. In addition to honoring the awardees, the evening’s programming will feature live music by Pearl Django, poetry readings, a hands-on art activity, hors d’oeuvres and an opportunity to view the museum’s galleries. This is a free event, sponsored by the Washington State Arts Commission, Weekly Volcano, ShowCase media, the Hotel Murano, and others.

Visit for more information about November Art at Work month.