Businesses preparing for Business EXPO 2000

“The success of each year’s business expo can best be measured in the months following the event. The business to business contacts made during this year’s Business EXPO 2000 will bring many companies on-going and successful business relationships for years to come. Strode-McGowan Photography, Tacoma, has on-going photography projects from a contact they made with Artifex, Tacoma, at last year’s expo. They are a design firm into business identity development and were new in town and looking for a photographer, said Kevin McGowan. Strode-McGowan Photography, in business for about 35 years, is a commercial photography studio that offers industrial, architectural, product, food, and aerial photography. It is a full photo lab so we have total quality control of the work we produce from assignments, and carries stock photographs as well. Whatever a business sells–a service or a product–we do photography to help get the message across of what they do and who they are. We do both location work and have a studio here, McGowan said.A number of booths that participants and visitors will pass during the EXPO 2000’s two-day run, Oct. 25 and 26, will be graced by promotional photographs taken for them by McGowan’s company.McGowan said that at the EXPO, he will introduce their new high-quality digital camera service.That’s very good for people doing product for a catalogue or a high-volume of product that’s a moderate reproduction size. It’s also good for business portraits or people needing advertising photography for websites.Kinko’s, the popular copy service that’s always open 24-hours to provide customers with a simple copy of a document or signs, posters and banners, will be providing a unique service at the Expo 2000 event.Wendy Yank, assistant manager of the Kinko’s located at 6909 S. 19th St., said that her branch, as well as Tacoma Mall Boulevard and Puyallup South Hill, would be on-hand to offer free over-size prints all day, which usually cost $24.00 plus tax and set up fees.You can bring a hard copy picture, a logo,or business card, even a digital file of anything you’d want as a 18 x 24 poster, and we’ll have the printer there to create it, she said. We have new software, new designs and new inks and background materials to offer. This will give us an opportunity to promote it. We’ll be offering the service for free through the EXPO. “