BioVanish Reviewed (WellMe)

BioVanish is a doctor-formulated weight loss supplement designed to burn body fat.

Made by WellMe, BioVanish contains a blend of natural ingredients to help you lose weight and increase fat burning – all while drinking a delicious, cocoa-flavored beverage once per day.

Does WellMe BioVanish really work? How does BioVanish burn fat? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about WellMe BioVanish and how it works today in our review.

What is WellMe BioVanish?

WellMe BioVanish is a cocoa-flavored drink mix designed to accelerate weight loss results.

By taking WellMe BioVanish daily, you can purportedly enjoy the effects of the keto diet without actually following the keto diet.

Available as a powder, WellMe BioVanish can be mixed with water, milk, a milk alternative, a shake, or any other beverage of your choice. Then, drink it daily to boost fat burning.

WellMe BioVanish works by supporting healthy levels of beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) – similar to how keto diet pills and powders work. By taking WellMe BioVanish daily, you can increase levels of BHB in your bloodstream. Typically, you need to fast or follow a low-carb diet to achieve this effect. Higher levels of BHB are associated with higher levels of ketones, and ketones are associated with weight loss.

WellMe sells BioVanish exclusively online through LeanLoophole.com. The company also partnered with multiple doctors to develop the formula.


How Does WellMe BioVanish Work?

WellMe BioVanish is designed to mimic the effects of the keto diet without requiring you to ever consume a single keto meal.

WellMe describes the formula as having “a dairy farm weight loss method” identified by doctors from Yale. The formula keeps your body in ketosis (a fat burning state) for as long as possible, helping you burn calories all day long.

Some of the effects of the dairy farm method and WellMe BioVanish include, according to the manufacturer:

  • More day-to-day energy
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Delicious, cocoa-flavored drink you can take daily
  • Keep your cells burning fat for energy
  • Support healthy levels of BHB to maximize ketosis
  • Enter ketosis without ever eating a single keto diet meal

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How the Dairy Farm Method Works

The WellMe BioVanish formula is based on something called the dairy farm method. It sounds unusual, but it can purportedly keep your body in ketosis for as long as possible.

The dairy farm method works by supporting a key enzyme in your body called beta hydroxybutyrate, or BHB. When your levels of BHB are low, your body refuses to burn fat for energy.

It’s called the “dairy farm method” because the formula contains special fats from raw dairy products. These fats can raise BHB levels in your body.

When levels of BHB are high, however, your body is more likely to enter ketosis, which is when it starts to burn fat for fuel.

BHB imbalance may be the reason you struggle to lose weight – even when you’re dieting and exercising. No matter how hard you work, imbalanced BHB levels can make it virtually impossible to lose weight.

Typically, you need to follow a keto diet (low carb diet) or fast to enter ketosis. With WellMe BioVanish, however, you can increase your chance of entering ketosis by giving BHB directly to your body.

Each serving of WellMe BioVanish contains a significant dose of BHB to help you enter ketosis and remain in ketosis as long as possible, maximizing your weight loss results.

WellMe BioVanish Contains 9-c Fats to Boost BHB Production

Many keto diet pills work by simply giving you BHB. They flood your body with BHB salts, raising BHB levels in your bloodstream.

WellMe BioVanish works in a different way, however. The formula uses the dairy farm method, which involves using special fats to accelerate weight loss results.

Here’s how the makers of WellMe BioVanish explain the effects:

“…raw dairy products have high levels of a special kind of fat molecule. These fat molecules have an average of 9 carbon atoms, so I like to call them 9-c fats….9-c fats send a message to your body to produce more BHB.”

You could drink raw milk to get these same types of fats. However, raw milk can be dangerous and hard to find. There’s a reason we pasteurize and process raw milk before it lands on store shelves.

By raising BHB production, the raw fats in WellMe BioVanish encourage your body to enter ketosis. When in ketosis, your body burns fat as its main fuel source – not carbs.

It’s important to note WellMe BioVanish is a vegan and dairy-free formula. The 9-c fats in the formula come from coconut oil – not dairy products.

To make a long story short, WellMe BioVanish and the dairy farm method allow you to enjoy the benefits of the keto diet without the hard work.

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WellMe BioVanish Ingredients

WellMe BioVanish contains a blend of doctor-selected ingredients, including premium 9-c fats along with vitamins and minerals.

While other fat burning supplements flood your body with caffeine and other stimulants to accelerate weight loss, WellMe BioVanish works in a different way. The formula contains the ingredients your body needs to enter and remain in a weight loss phase, allowing you to maximize fat burning.

Here are all of the ingredients in WellMe BioVanish and how they work, according to the manufacturer:

Premium 9-c Fats from Coconut Oil: The key active ingredient in WellMe BioVanish is the lineup of premium 9-c fats. These fats are sourced from raw dairy products. Normally, these fats get destroyed during processing. You could drink raw milk to get these same fats – but raw milk is dangerous and hard-to-find. The 9-c fats in WellMe BioVanish can raise BHB levels “even more than a strict keto diet,” according to the official website. Other studies have found these milk proteins increase fat burning “as much as fasting for 12 hours.” Instead of starving yourself all day, you can simply take 9-c fat powder with a beverage of your choice, then drink it daily. Because WellMe BioVanish is a vegan and dairy-free formula, the 9-c fats come from coconut oil – not raw dairy products.

L-Theanine: WellMe BioVanish contains L-theanine, an amino acid extracted from green tea and certain other types of tea. L-theanine is prized for its ability to nullify the negative, unwanted side effects of caffeine: like jitters and anxiety. In fact, many people take L-theanine and caffeine as part of a “stack” to boost physical and cognitive energy. According to WellMe, L-theanine is “full of great benefits” and can ease stress, give you a deeper sleep, and work alongside BHB to burn belly fat.

B-Vitamins: WellMe BioVanish contains a blend of B-vitamins to boost energy and accelerate weight loss. B vitamins are crucial for physical and cognitive energy, and they fuel your cells at the cellular level. According to WellMe, people who consume more B vitamins “are 38% less likely to be overweight.”

WellMe claims to have worked with doctors to add all of these ingredients together in clinically-backed dosages, helping you support healthy BHB levels and strengthen and accelerate results.

Scientific Evidence for WellMe BioVanish

Andrea Taylor and the team at WellMe claim to have worked with doctors and health experts to develop the BioVanish formula. WellMe also cites multiple clinical trials and scientific studies explaining how the ingredients in BioVanish work and how they help enter ketosis. We’ll review that evidence below.

MCT powder is the largest and most important ingredient in BioVanish. Each serving contains 5,000mg (5g) of MCT powder from coconut oil. MCT powder has been linked to weight loss, energy, and other benefits in multiple studies:

In a 2018 study, researchers found medium chain triglycerides enhanced exercise endurance by boosting mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism. In other words, MCT powder increased energy at the cellular level, helping athletes perform at their peak.

In a 2008 study, researchers compared MCT oil to olive oil in a weight loss study. Researchers gave 31 men and women ages 19 to 50 olive oil or MCT oil over a 16 week weight loss period. Researchers found MCT oil led to significant weight loss results without negatively affecting metabolic risk factors.

In a 2015 review, researchers analyzed over a dozen randomized controlled trials involving MCT and weight loss. Researchers found MCT supplementation was linked to modest reductions in body weight without raising cholesterol or negatively affecting blood lipids. The review covered 13 trials involving hundreds of participants.

As Cleveland Clinic explains, MCT oil works for weight loss because it helps you feel full. MCT oil may promote the release of hormones signaling your stomach is at capacity, helping you naturally eat less food.

WellMe also added B-vitamins to BioVanish for their ability to reduce body weight. According to WellMe, people who consume more B vitamins are 38% less likely to be overweight. Studies validate this claim. A 2018 trial, for example, found B vitamins can reduce body weight by increasing energy metabolism. They force your body to burn calories faster, increasing your daily calorie burning and making it easier to remain in a caloric deficit. However, other studies have cautioned the relationship between B vitamins and obesity may not be causal: people who are slimmer may have a healthier, more balanced diet. That doesn’t mean B vitamins lead to weight loss. However, there is some correlation between B vitamins and a healthy weight.

L-theanine is best-known for its use in nootropic supplements and brain boosting formulas. However, some studies have connected L-theanine to weight loss. One 2021 trial, for example, found L-theanine activated the browning of white adipose tissue in mice by boosting cellular energy and activating AMPK. Because of these results, researchers believed L-theanine had “a potential role” in combating diet-induced obesity. Brown adipose tissue (BAT) tends to burn more energy than white fat, and “browning” white fat can significantly boost daily calorie burning.

Overall, WellMe BioVanish contains a blend of proven ingredients to activate calorie burning, boost cellular energy, and enhance weight loss results. With a high-dose blend of B-vitamins, MCT powder, and L-theanine, WellMe BioVanish could help you lose significant weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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WellMe BioVanish Supplement Facts

According to the official website, WellMe BioVanish is a vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, BPA-free, crustacean-free, egg-free formula made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.


Each serving of WellMe BioVanish contains 15 calories, less than 1g of fat, 3g of carbs, and 3g of total sugars.

Here are all of the ingredients and dosages in each serving of WellMe BioVanish, according to the Supplement Facts label:

  • 5,000mg of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) powder (from coconut oil)
  • 200mg of L-theanine
  • 800mcg of vitamin B12 (33,333% DV)
  • 100mg of vitamin B6 (5,882% DV)
  • 1,333mcg DFE of folate (333% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including dextrose, natural and artificial chocolate flavor, stevia leaf extract powder, and silicon dioxide


WellMe BioVanish Pricing

WellMe BioVanish is priced at $59 per bottle. The ordinary retail price is $129 per bottle. You can save even more money by buying multiple bottles at once.

Here’s how pricing works:

  • 1 Bottle: $59 + $9.95 US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $147 ($49 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $234 ($39 Per Bottle) + Free US Shipping

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Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of WellMe BioVanish formula, or 30 servings (30 scoops). You take one scoop daily to keep your body in fat burning mode all day long.

According to WellMe, the benefits of taking BioVanish stack over time. Many of the clinical trials cited on the official website lasted 90 days. That’s why the manufacturer recommends buying a 3 or 6 month supply to maximize fat burning.

WellMe BioVanish Refund Policy

All BioVanish purchases come with a 180 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 180 days.

If you’re unsatisfied with WellMe BioVanish for any reason, or if you did not lose significant weight, then you are entitled to a complete refund – even if your bottle is empty and you’ve used your entire supply.

About WellMe

WellMe is a supplement company led by Andrea Taylor. Andrea claims to have worked with doctors and health experts to develop BioVanish. WellMe is based in Bloomington, Minnesota.

WellMe offers a lineup of nutritional supplements targeting different health and wellness goals. The company is best-known for MenoRescue and Collagen Refresh. Plus, WellMe backs all products with a 180-day moneyback guarantee.

You can contact WellMe and the BioVanish customer service team via the following:

  • Email: support@wellme.com
  • Mailing Address: 8500 Normandale Lake Blvd, Suite 350, Bloomington, MN 55437

Final Word

WellMe BioVanish is a weight loss supplement featuring MCT powder mixed with B vitamins and L-theanine, helping you maximize weight loss results by keeping you in ketosis as long as possible.

By taking BioVanish daily, you can purportedly boost fat burning, enter ketosis and remain there all day long, and enjoy powerful weight loss results – all without eating a single keto meal.

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