Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Top Fake Pee Brands To Pass a Drug Test

To pass drug tests, many people utilize detox kits or fake urine. You can pass a drug test without concern when using the best synthetic urine products.

You only need to pay strict attention to the instructions until the end. The items on our list are suitable for natural and synthetic urine samples; detox beverages and medications are unrelated.

In this review, we will go into detail on the many types of synthetic urine and answer some of your general questions about the substance. So, let’s get started!

5 Best Synthetic Urine Brands

#1. Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Incognito Belt by Clear Choice is the number one product on our list. Despite costing $125, Clear Choice claims this is their most popular product since it is the easiest to use.

This little, gravity-operated tool delivers the best synthetic urine samples free of toxins while slipping neatly under your clothes.

It is not only toxin-free but also Biocide-free, which can be identified in synthetic urine tests and will prevent you from passing a drug test. A sterilized Clear Choice synthetic urine efficiently destroys any bacteria and eliminates the Biocide’s need.

The kit includes a bladder containing approximately 100 ml of premixed synthetic urine, one Velcro adjustable belt that can fit up to 48’ of the waist, two heat pads, and one temperature strip.

Also, you should not worry about the expiration date of the synthetic urine since it has a two-year shelf life from the day of manufacture.

You can easily buy the Incognito Belt from the manufacturer since it is not available on the store shelves. Despite being pricey, it can be your best option if you want to pass a drug test.


  • The liquid synthetic urine is Biocide-free
  • It has a two-year shelf life when purchased
  • It is unisex, which means both men and women can use it
  • You may provide a urine sample without anyone noticing because it is simple to use and handle
  • A computerized temperature strip is included in this synthetic urine kit to help regulate the temperature of the fake pee


  • You can only use it once

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#2. Clear Choice Quick Luck

Clear Choice is a premium maker of synthetic urine products, so we have three products from them on our list. The second product is Quick Luck, which is premixed synthetic urine.

It comes with 90 ml of premixed synthetic urine and, like the Incognito Belt, is free of Biocide. Not only does it come with a heat activator, but it also has a set of heat pads.

It is also straightforward to use. Raise the temperature with the heat activator powder until it reaches the proper temperature. Also, sneaking in is relatively simple; just strap it inside your inner thigh.

It costs $100, which is far less than the Incognito Belt. You can easily purchase the item from the Test Negative website, which includes a review that you can read to determine whether it is worthwhile.

Also, the manufacturer added 11 chemical components found in human urine to the synthetic urine, including urea and uric acid, to give it a realistic appearance and smell, making it a great choice.


  • It is pH-balanced
  • It has a specific gravity balance
  • It contains urea and uric acid
  • There is also creatinine in it
  • It appears to be human urine


  • Occasionally, the temperature exceeds what is necessary

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#3. Clear Choice Sub Solution

The Sub Solution synthetic urine kit is the third product on our list. It is also manufactured and sold by Clear Choice.

You can often purchase synthetic pee on the market in liquid form to pass a drug test. However, this powdered urine activates with just water.

Components won’t mix or settle in packaging if the pee is powdered. It indicates that you can prepare the sample only on the day of the drug test and store the excess amount for an emergency.

You won’t be able to distinguish between your pee and this fake pee solution, even if it is powdered urine. Also, this fake urine contains creatinine, uric acid, urea, potassium, and sodium, which mimic the texture of actual urine.

Talking about what it includes, the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit consists of a polycarbonate container with a spout cover, a powdered urine vial, heat activator powder, and a temperature strip.

Another thing to note is that Clear Choice continually updates the formula for their Sub Solution, giving you the best chance to pass a drug test.


  • Accurately mimic real human urine
  • Undetectable and toxin-free
  • It comes with patented heat activator formula
  • A powdered solution is easier to work with
  • Keeps the pH level in check


  • One must attentively stick to the instructions
  • Costly and difficult to obtain

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#4. Urinator

The fourth product on our list is a fake pee product with an electronic device that keeps the fake pee at the same temperature for four hours. This will give you some hours to enter the testing facility and submit a sample.

This digitally controlled kit won’t cause false positives or alarms when you take the test. You may use synthetic urine discreetly even if someone watches you while taking the test.

Both men and women can use it because it is unisex. However, a guy can more discreetly utilize the kit for delivering fake pee.

Also, to keep in mind, the kit does not include a battery despite being battery-operated. As a result, you will need to find a 9-volt battery on your own to power the heating element.

This item, which costs $189, is pretty pricey, so we have put it in fourth place. However, the electrical device that comes with the kit provides a significant advantage over other items on the list.


  • It comes with an electronic device that keeps the fake pee heated for four hours
  • It is simple to set up and utilize
  • You can store a sealed product for around a year
  • The kit’s battery-operated temperature control ensures the success of any drug test, whether it be a pre-employment drug test or any other test in general


  • It is costly
  • The urine results won’t be accurate if the water measurement is wrong

#5. Test Clear Urine Simulation Powdered Urine Kit

The Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit, which costs roughly $50 and enables you to pass a drug test at a significant bargain, is the least expensive item on our best synthetic urine list. Test Clear, a market leader in drug testing, is the firm that makes this product.

Test Clear offers people many options to assist them in detoxification, passing a drug test and other things.

They exclusively sell proven detoxification and drug test products. They create their entire line of items using premium components and in-depth research.

Concerning the product, this is the second powdered synthetic urine kit on our list. Since the kit uses powdered synthetic urine, you will need to put in some effort before making the solution.

It would be simpler if you stick to the company’s instruction manual. Ensure the mixture is thoroughly mixed and has the proper specific gravity so that the pH is in line with human urine.

Test Clear backs up the powdered synthetic urine kit with a guarantee that it has never failed a drug test. So, that can also give you more confidence to use this product.


  • Favorable for unsupervised drug tests
  • It comes with a guarantee from the manufacturer’s side
  • It has an easy-to-follow instruction manual
  • It provides the best solution for your drug test, only priced at $49
  • The powdered synthetic urine kit comes with all the necessary items, like a temperature strip and a 50 ml plastic medical transport vial


  • The product doesn’t last long

What Is Synthetic Urine?

As the name implies, synthetic urine comprises many components as in natural urine, such as uric acid, creatinine, urea, ammonia, and sulfates. Synthetic urine imitates the composition and characteristics of human urine.

Synthetic urine, often known as fake pee, has been around for a while, but thanks to current technology, the current accessible options are more advanced. It is more convincing since it is similar to the real one.

Urine drug tests, or urinalysis, remain the most prevalent procedure for testing for alcohol and drugs. As a result, it is not surprising that many people may use a fake urine kit for a drug test to guarantee their test results are negative.

Because most laboratories do not undertake genetic analysis on specimens, synthetic urine will work for drug tests.

When utilized, the fake urine must be kept warm and at a temperature of around 98°F to convince the testing experts that the offered specimen was created naturally and is genuine.

Also, if you don’t have much time before the drug test, we recommend buying any products from above. However, abstaining from drugs or reducing your THC intake is the best way to pass a drug test.

Types of Synthetic Urine

Powdered synthetic urine

Powdered urine is severely dehydrated urine that has been reduced to a powdered form through evaporation and dehydrating substances. It keeps the smell and saliva of normal urine and incorporates all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The benefit of using powdered urine is that the user can cover whatever they don’t want their employer to know about, including past drug use, personal health difficulties, and much more.

Given the fact that it is just real pee in powder form, its reliability in assisting you in hiding all of your private troubles that you don’t want others to know about has been growing daily.

The only consideration with powdered urine is whether or not someone will supervise your drug test. You must be discreet when carrying powdered urine. In addition, you can conduct a practice test at home to familiarize yourself with the process.

From the list above, Test Clear provides the best-powdered urine kit; also, it is legal. However, using powdered urine to try to pass a drug test is against the law in many places, so if you intend to use it, be careful not to be caught.


  • It is the ideal alternative for everyone who wants to utilize this approach to pass a drug test because it is both very effective and simple to use
  • Typically, it is less expensive than liquid synthetic urine
  • It works well
  • It works within an hour


  • Beware of fake pee brands that are not using the right components while making powdered urine kits
  • It is hard to use this method in supervised drug tests

Liquid synthetic urine

The second kind of synthetic urine is liquid urine, the most popular type on the market, and many brands produce it. This raises your chances of buying liquid synthetic urine produced by a fake pee brand.

The liquid form of synthetic urine is relatively simple. It is a mixture of distilled water and the chemical substances used in urinalysis drug testing. A high-quality product will seem and smell precisely like human urine.

The storage environment of liquid pee is relatively sensitive. Depending on the product, it may need to be frozen for storage, or it may be able to be kept in a cold, dry location out of the sun. These environmental variables influence its shelf life.

The benefit of liquid pee is that it is already premixed and only needs to be warmed. There is no risk of over-diluting or over-concentrating the solution, except that you have a low-quality product.

However, you must be cautious of the temperature of the synthetic urine. When using expired products, failing to maintain the temperature, or storing the fake urine for more than six hours, is what most people make mistakes. The urine collection kids usually have a temperature strip.


  • The product comes with a temperature strip
  • It is highly effective and works well
  • It has a longer shelf life
  • It is more discreet


  • Liquid synthetic urine is more expensive
  • Less reliable than powdered synthetic urine

How We Made the List of the Top Rated Synthetic Urine Brands

Success rate

We started by considering the brands and products with a track record of success. Nobody likes to take a chance on anything, especially when taking a drug test for a job. As a result, the products we chose are both reliable and effective.

These synthetic urine kits are well-known for maintaining the pee’s condition, which is crucial in deciding whether to submit to a drug test. Additionally, they have a long history of helping many cannabis lovers pass drug tests.

Ease of use

Synthetic pee is simple, unlike detoxes and masking substances. You don’t need to start a strict diet or drink gallons of water for a human urine sample.

Simply grab the bottle, check that it is the same as the body temperature, go to the bathroom, “pee” into the sample container, and deliver it over.

If your synthetic pee isn’t ready to use immediately, use heat pads to bring it to body temperature in a matter of seconds.

This also applies to the packaging it came in. The best synthetic urine kits include everything you need to use your little-known trick on test day.

It should include a temperature strip to measure and maintain your fake urine sample’s temperature near that of real urine in a great synthetic pee kit.

No Biocide

The absence of Biocide from the product was the third factor we considered. Although it may seem strange, this is important. Most brands may begin to consistently fail drug tests recorded online and consumer complaints.

Most drug testing companies likely learned that many brands utilize Biocide preservatives. Simply looking for Biocide can rule out most of the fraudulent samples.

Biocide preservatives are not present in any of the best synthetic urine kits we have included here.


The Test Clear Urine Simulation Powdered Synthetic Urine Kit is the most trustworthy fake urine you can buy in terms of its likelihood of passing a drug test.

Simply said, it is the greatest powdered synthetic urine product available. Test Clear, the company that makes it, also makes other products you can utilize if you don’t have a urine sample test. They are highly qualified to produce incredibly dependable products.


The formula was the next crucial factor. The same components in typical human urine must be present in the best synthetic urine.

Because laboratory tests degrade urine samples by content (down to the basic components like uric acid), if your urine displays the presence of other compounds – even if they aren’t drugs – that’s enough of a red flag to get you investigated.

The best synthetic urine brands will always utilize a formula that a lab has approved. This will not only save you money by preventing you from purchasing an inferior product prepared in a basement but also give you the best chance to pass a drug test.


You must receive value for your money, and there must be reasonable pricing. The top of the list is the Incognito Belt, which costs $125, and a reputable manufacturer made it.

Test Clear is the top-rated low-cost brand on the other end. Although everyone will pass a drug test, quality and growth assurance come at a cost.

Shelf life

Keep in mind that drug tests often happen when you least expect them. You should ensure your fake pee has not expired when someone demands you to perform the standard “pee in a cup” task.

There is always an expiry date for synthetic urine. We ensured that you would need a product with a long shelf life or, at the absolute least, that you would need to frequently replace your pee with fresh fake urine.

Customer reviews

Last but not least, we were curious to know what the customers thought. Therefore, we research the best synthetic urine brands among consumers by reading reviews and surveys. We also considered how well-liked these brands are across different social media channels.

After extensive research and consideration of the opinions of industry experts, we listed the best synthetic urine kits. Despite this, we will continue to urge you to carefully inspect the products before making a purchase.

What Are the Other Uses of Synthetic Urine?

Education purposes

Synthetic urine is a safe and sterile way for educators to teach and practice urine testing methods with pupils because it shares the same chemical composition as real urine.

Researchers and medical students can use fake urine to practice handling biological fluids and imitate tests without putting their health at risk.

Urine testing is so crucial to our medical diagnosis and care that nothing could be more important. Real urine tests keep track of nutrition and health, spot diseases, and determine treatments.

Synthetic urine is the simplest approach to replicate the experience of working with real urine for medical students and clinical researchers who need to practice testing procedures. Thanks to synthetic pee, our understanding of the human body have grown.

Product testing with fake pee

Can you remove a pee stain from a pair of pants with that new laundry detergent? Can that new cleaning product remove the odor of pee from your carpet? Instead of human urine, people will use fake urine to test many consumer goods.

People often use fake pee to test diapers’ absorbency and capacity to limit leaks. Additionally, they utilize synthetic urine on fabrics prepared to resist pee rather than organic whiz. Synthetic urine testing aids even cleaning solutions that erase urine odors and stains.

Scientific uses

Scientific research has found that many can use synthetic urine. According to the majority of experienced scientists, utilizing synthetic urine is preferable to using actual human urine.

Due to its advantages, many other industries utilize synthetic urine. They are considering employing urine in projects involving urine production to cure various diseases.

Additionally, it is highly favored because it is practical for transportation and can stay for a long time.

Animal repellent

You have probably encountered fake urine if you have been hunting for a natural animal repellent. Numerous pest animals, including rabbits, squirrels, possums, beavers, moles, and groundhogs, can be scared off by the natural odor of fox urine.

Unfortunately, it also makes people experience a strong hereditary fear response, which deters animals from visiting their land.

The hunting community has a heated discussion regarding whether peeing attracts deer. Some hunters insist it does, but others counter that it is a cunning tactic to capitalize on the animal’s inherent interest.

Human pee can draw deer, and also they can detect novel scents. Although it won’t work in all circumstances, human pee does seem to deter animals.

Personal care product

Online retailers offer fake pee in various products, such as lubricants, topical ointments, and personal care items.

The most recent formulas and synthetic urine brands that have undergone extensive testing are the best. They will be as near to real urine as feasible in this way. As a result, they will taste, feel, and smell the same.

The user must stick to the container’s directions to utilize fetish urine. For instance, most fake pee kits demand that the user turn on the heat pack, store the bottle with the heat pack turned on, and hold it up to their bodies. To switch the top to the applicator tip, they must also stick to the directions.


For practical jokes, you can use fake pee. You should use synthetic pee if you want to prank your friends without using real urine. You can obtain all the qualities of pee without using genuine urine by utilizing synthetic pee.

Medicine methods

Synthetic urine is a source for pee-based alternative medicine techniques, despite not being advised for internal use. Because of this, fake urine works well as a tool.

Synthetic urine is the safest option for alternative medical procedures involving urine since it has the same chemical composition and consistency as real urine.

Many people apply pee to the skin for cosmetic purposes, but they can do it more safely by utilizing synthetic pee rather than real urine.

Real urine may contain various unsafe substances or not fundamental to its chemical composition. Because of this, individuals utilize synthetic pee as a reliable and secure substitute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine has a shelf life and an expiration date, just like any other manufactured good. Depending on the brand and method of storage, the shelf life of most synthetic urine products ranges from two to three years. Additionally, there are several techniques to properly store synthetic urine and extend its shelf life.

For the most accurate findings, you can do a few things to take good care of your sample, including storing it carefully, keeping it out of the sun, and using it as soon as possible. It could spoil far earlier than its stated expiration date if you store it improperly.

Additionally, keeping synthetic urine in an airtight container is advisable. Its physical and chemical qualities can deteriorate more quickly and have a shorter shelf life if exposed to oxygen. Manufacturers always deliver synthetic urine in closed containers to avoid oxygenation.

To ensure that your synthetic urine yields the best results, you should wait to open your fake urine sample until the day of the test and only mix the solution when you are about to use it. If not, keep it in a closed bottle and chill it while you wait.

Can you freeze synthetic urine?

It is possible to freeze synthetic urine. However, the temperature of the water with which synthetic urine is mixed (heating or cooling) may need to be changed accordingly.

So, the combination should have a normal body temperature when injected into testing equipment to maintain effectiveness.

After freezing and thawing, fake pee can still be effective. However, it is not advisable because there is a considerable possibility of error in this process.

Additionally, it is not mandatory because synthetic items, even when stored at ambient temperature, have a longer shelf life than natural ones.

However, if you won’t use the liquid immediately, it must be frozen to prevent it from spoiling. You can keep the fluid for more than a year without the risk of bacterial development. To be safe, try to submit the urine for testing before the six-month mark.

Can the test detect synthetic urine?

Lab testing can detect synthetic urine, but these instances are uncommon. It will be challenging for testing organizations to identify your fake pee if it contains the necessary elements and is balanced correctly with real pee.

There is no specific test used to identify fake pee. But as we have said, biocide preservatives might be sought after. Even a thorough inspection examines the urine’s composition.

It searches for existing information so that the inspection can review the analysis to determine what is missing. Rather than seeking synthetic materials, that is how they go about it.

Using synthetic pee is a pretty effective way to pass a urine test. Assume you get the kit from a reliable source, follow the directions, and maintain the urine at the correct temperature before being tested. In that case, there is no doubt that you will succeed on the test.

Can you hide synthetic urine in drug tests?

Yes, you can hide synthetic urine in drug tests. The secret to passing your supervised drug test is to leave no reason for the observer or monitors to suspect you.

The idea is to swap out or fake your deposits with little detection because sample collection is the essential step in the procedure.

You may readily conceal synthetic urine using various techniques, one of which is sample taping. The procedure entails fastening a pre-extracted urine sample to the body just before the supervised drug test begins.

Typically, you can use tape to secure the urine bottle to the body. You should secure the hose with tape or a simple rubber band, either above the vulva or beneath the penis.

Another choice is to tuck the fake sample inside your underwear using the underwear stashing technique. It looks like your typical briefs but has a hidden pocket up front.

The main benefit is that even if the pocket briefs are the only clothing item you are wearing, your possessions won’t be noticed or be easy to find when hidden inside of them.

How much synthetic urine do I need?

Most companies ask for 2 fluid ounces. Although there are numerous anecdotal reports of not accepting people because they have a legitimate sample with less than 2 fluid ounces, they will still reject a lesser sample.

However, some companies have started requesting 3 fluid ounces to catch persons using fake pee, typically sold in volumes of 2 fluid ounces.

There generally is flexibility, but this is not always the case. However, if you cannot deliver enough fake pee, you are inviting an examination of the sample you have given.

Is synthetic pee unisex?

Typically, labs don’t examine the “sex” of your urine. Male, female, or somewhere in between, most of the greatest synthetic urine products anyone can use today.

If you are still concerned, seek goods that are expressly labeled “unisex” or designed with your sex in mind.

Most drug tests merely look for a few common constituents in clean pee, such as pH, creatinine levels, nitrate, uric acid, glutaraldehyde, urea, color, odor, and temperature.

You do require a delivery method that is specific to your gender. It doesn’t matter whether you are conducting an unsupervised assessment; you can pour the synthetic urine into a fresh cup.

However, if it is under the supervision and you are a man, you will need products like the ones mentioned in this article.

Is synthetic urine legal?

To be completely honest, it is not that easy to say. However, it is prohibited to sell, use, produce, acquire, distribute, or advertise any form of synthetic urine or associated products under the laws of many states.

Some products, like Quick Luck, simply have tags that read, “This product must be used as per all applicable local, state, and federal legislation and shall not be used for legally administered drug tests,” at the end of their product descriptions.

According to their website’s testimonials, people utilize the product to pass drug tests. However, ALS products are not meant to be used in drug testing.

These products are typically viewed as fetish objects by people who want to engage in “wet sex,” or sexual activity in which they urinate on their partner.


That brings us to the conclusion of our best synthetic urine review. We did our best to cover everything and presented the information in very simple terms.

Therefore, we anticipate that you now have a strong understanding of how synthetic urine functions, which product will best suit your demands and budget, and almost everything else there is to know about synthetic urine.

All the companies on our list have a great reputation and offer high-quality products that you can rely on in an emergency.

However, if you are scheduled for a drug test and have plenty of time before it, our advice would be to start taking yourself off of THC and any other drugs you may be using. Otherwise, if you are in an emergency, use any of the following products but avoid getting caught.

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