Best Payday Loans Online In 2022: Top 5 Loan Places To Get Online Loans With Best Interest Rates

Get yourself a financial solution in emergency cases without borrowing from your curious friends and family members. You don’t have to explain your finances and issues to other people anymore. We chose online loan providers that can be of help when you need them the most.

Emergencies require fast actions, which are impossible to fix if you lack money at that moment. Waiting in a bank for approval may last for weeks while borrowing from close friends might require explanations and gossip.

Keep your head clear, get your smartphone, or open your computer while at work. Borrowing was never more accessible and more convenient. You can get some money in a matter of hours and return them as you and the lender agreed in the contract.

The payday loans are usually paid with your next month’s paycheck and are generally of smaller amounts. So, let us check and explain how these platforms work, what are the things you should be aware of, and how to avoid paying penalties and high fees.

Stay safe and borrow from trusted sources. We will do our best to guide and educate you on how online borrowers work. Keep reading.

Best Online Payday Loans From Mortgage Lenders

  • MoneyMutual – Overall Best Instant Payday Loans Online Guaranteed Approval
  • Bad Credit Loans – Top Payday Lenders For Bad Credit Loans Online
  • RadCred – Get Quick Payday Loans & Same Day Loans From Direct Lenders
  • CashUSA – Trusted Financial Institution For Fast Cash Advance Loan
  • Personal Loans – Recommended Brand For Personal Loans For Bad Credit

#1. Money Mutual: Overall Best Instant Payday Loans Online Guaranteed Approval



It is not a coincidence MoneyMutual is our first choice. If you have ever searched for online loans, there is no chance you missed Money Mutual. This platform has existed for years and has provided over two million Americans with different types of loans.

The website and application form are marked with the TrustedSite trademark and offer 2048-bit security technology. Because the application requires sharing sensitive information, you don’t have to worry about its safety.

As a middleman, Money Mutual will help you find the right lender based on your preferences and needs shared in the request form. You don’t have to fill out different applications because Money Mutual sends the single one to all lenders on its network.

If Money Mutual is your choice, you have to know that it is not a direct lender. Money Mutual only enables a fast and free connection between you and the potential lender.


Money Mutual offers various loan types. The payday loan is usually fast and of a small amount that can be repaid until your next salary. The most significant advantage of the payday loan is that it gives you fast access to cash when you need it the most.

According to theislandnow, this platform offers several online payday loans with similar terms but different loan products created to meet some unique needs. For example, military members can find a payday loan designed especially for their working position. These loans are made to finance the active military members who face unpredictable financial challenges. Military member clients should mention their working position in the application form.

Other types of payday loans by Money Mutual are online, no fax, poor credit, and 24-hour payday loan. Online loans provide full privacy and convenience for completing an online form and getting quick lender access.

The poor credit type is meant for clients who cannot get a bank loan or a credit card because of their poor credit score. These people would meet at least the minimum qualifications for personal loan approval.

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

Application requirements

Generally, the lenders may ask for requirements unique to their business that are difficult to meet. With Money Mutual, everything is different. The following criteria apply to all clients and all lender partners connected to Money Mutual’s network.

As an applicant, you must show proof of regular income from a job or other sources like retirement checks or disability benefits. That income should not be below $800. You might qualify only if you make $800 or more monthly income.

Then, you should share your SSN and ID number in the form, meaning you have to be an adult USA citizen who makes a steady monthly income. Teens and minors are not allowed to be parties in the borrowing process because of their law impossibility and age.

In the end, you have to own a checking account in a bank, signed in your name, so the lender can transfer the bunds if both of you agree with the loan contract.


  • Simple general qualification requirements
  • Easy way to get cash solution
  • Funds are available in less than 24h after signing the loan agreement
  • Option to compare loans
  • Lenders respond quickly if you qualify
  • Special terms for military members


  • Meeting the criteria is not a guarantee of being approved
  • Payday loans might have higher rates and fees

Customer reviews

We met a lot of positive reviews about Money Mutual. We have checked the website’s testimonials, forums, and social media to ensure authentic reviews. Many customers who have left 5-star feedback are happy with the fast process and quick funding, while others are satisfied with the fast lender’s response.

#2. BadCreditLoans: Top Payday Lenders For Bad Credit Loans Online



As the name points out, our second choice is BadCreditLoans, a platform that gives financial support to people with bad credit scores. Clients with good and excellent credit scores can also use this platform and connect quickly to a lender.

BadCreditLoans can connect you to lenders in minutes. You can use the funds for debt relief, credit repair, renovations, and other cases requiring fast payments. Payday loans are designed to help borrowers with short-term solutions.

The platform specializes in enabling the connection between the two pirates in the borrowing process so that their interests get together. BadCreditLoans is not a lender and is not involved in the borrowing process. You would not be charged fees for using the platform and its online application request.

BadCreditLoans is on the clients’ side and helps them get a fast and free connection to funds without charging them for using the services.


Most people opt for a payday loan because it is the best option for a short-term solution. Payday loans allow clients to get fast funds in a really short time compared to other avenues. These loans are the same as other loans, while the difference is only in the repayment time.

As the name says, payday loans are meant to be repaid around or on your payday the next month. The amount of these loans can not be higher than $1,000. The amount you can get as a payday loan depends on your state laws and regulations. On the other side, the lender will determine how much he can lend you based on your income.

Most lenders giving personal loans do not check the client’s credit score, but some do. However, this platform works with lenders who can provide payday loans to bad credit applicants. BadCreditLoans sets a few general criteria every client should meet before applying for a loan.

The form’s questions are basic and general, while your shared information is protected with industry-standard encryption technology. The lender you get connected to will transfer your funds in 24 hours if both you and the lender sign the loan agreement.

Application requirements

There are no strict rules about who can apply for a loan on BadCreditLoans. Most lenders as for the same criteria that usually require being older than 18 or 21 years (depending on the state’s laws). The client should also prove his USA citizenship or permanent residence because these services are available only for USA clients.

The form will ask for the SSN and ID number, so people who don’t have them can not fill out the form and proceed further. Clients should have been employed for the past 90 days (3 months). They should receive a steady monthly income from a job or other sources like pension and benefits. The platform does not specify the minimum monthly income (it may be specified further when the borrower and lender get in touch).

In the end, the borrower should provide his valid checking account number, phone number, and email address. The borrowers are free to collect paperwork and documents. The only things needed to apply for a loan online are the ID and the bank account number.

The lenders may ask for additional criteria when connecting with a potential borrower. Anyway, the period required for waiting in line and collecting documents is not present in this process.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans


  • Super fast borrowing process
  • A simple application to fill in
  • Funds available in less than 24 hours
  • Simple requirements and qualification criteria
  • Loans even for bad credit users
  • Multi-purpose payday loans


  • Clients who are not US citizens can not apply
  • These loans may have high fees

Customer reviews

Clients write a large number of positive reviews with poor credit scores. They highly recommend BadCreditLoans for everyone who gets denied by other money providers because of their poor credit score.

#3. RadCred: Get Quick Payday Loans & Same Day Loans From Direct Lenders



RadCred is a new lending platform with the potential to reach the level of other, more experienced platforms. The advantage of RadCred is that it is a new company designed with the latest technologies and safety standards, with a more convenient and user-friendly website.

Clients can easily find the eligibility requirements, rules, and other things related to loan qualification and website use. Most important, RadCred is accessible to its customers. Clients who use the website, its form, and the support center will not be charged for using them.

The main job of RadCred is to enable a fast and secure connection between the two pirates in the borrowing process, the client and the lender. Once these two parties get in touch, RadCred steps out of the process and can not affect the loan or the related fees and rates.

Unfortunately, RadCred can not give a guarantee for getting loan approval.


Choosing RadCred as a mediator is a clever decision. The platform cares for you as a client to stay protected while applying. The security system encrypts your information so it won’t end in the wrong hands during hacker attacks.

The payday loans RadCred offers are usually as low as $200 and high up to $1,000 in specific cases. Not everyone can get $1,000 as a payday loan if its criteria are not matching the lender’s requirements.

The amount you can get depends on your creditworthiness and income. There are no specific income requirements on the website, but the lenders may ask additionally for that information once you get connected.

The payday loans are of small amounts because they are usually paid with the next income flow. It might be on the exact date or around the paycheck date. However, you should repay the loan once it reaches the due date. This feature makes payday loans different from other loans.

If you got approved for a payday loan, you continue working with the matched lender/s. If you get matched to more than one lender, you can compare the offers and choose the one that meets your needs the most.

Application requirements

The qualification requirements are simple and equally applicable to everyone. All clients should be adults over 18 years of age. They should prove their age by sharing their ID or Driver’s license numbers. Users younger than 18 can not fill out the form or proceed further.

The clients should also prove their US citizenship or permanent residence because RadCred’s services are available only to US citizens. People who don’t meet these criteria will be unable to fill out and submit the form. Every inaccurate information leads to rejection.

Another requirement that the clients need to fulfill is to have a bank account under their name. Having a bank account under your name is also part of the qualification criteria. The transactions are processed in your bank, where the lender can have a report of the given money in case you don’t repay the loan on the due date. The lender can request an auto-withdrawal if you are not repaying the borrowed money.

The last criterion is having an active phone number and email address. This contact information is required, so the lender can reach you and notify you about loan approval and other important things related to the loan and its fees.

=> Click here to visit the official website of RadCred


  • New user-friendly lending platform
  • Easy and accessible for everyone
  • Simple and secure loan application
  • Fast response and immediate money transfer
  • Excellent for covering emergency expenses
  • Available for bad credit users, too


  • RadCred does not predict the loan’s terms and fees
  • Payday loans usually have higher than average fees

Customer reviews

Most clients feel safe using RadCred’s application form. The protection this platform offers attracts more clients. Being an OLA member is also a great advantage that encourages people to choose RadCred. The reputation given by the giants is quite good, and you would not be mistaken if you choose RadCred.

#4. CashUSA: Trusted Financial Institution For Fast Cash Advance Loan



We choose CashUSA because of the significant interest and recommendation by the customers. This website seems pretty educative and customer-friendly. Applicants can easily find the information they need because CashUSA has a very organized design.

As a lending platform, CashUSA is here to help you find a suitable lender in a few minutes. You don’t have to collect paperwork and wait in a bank or lending store to get a loan. Do it from home, spending only a few minutes on the application.

The biggest advantage of online borrowing is that you can do it from anywhere, whether resting at home or working in your office. Get your smartphone or computer and fill out your personal information. You don’t have to have a lot of documents, reports, and numbers by your hand to complete the request. Everything is processed fast and easy, which is the thing you need when emergency events occur.


CashUSA gives you free forms and free services. Also, you can check its educative center and learn more about finances and financial responsibility. CashUSA is a profitable company that charges the lender members with a monthly subscription.

As a customer, you can get free and fast mediating services that will connect you with the most matching lender on the network. In case you don’t receive any loan offer, CashUSA will redirect your application to other pirates that may be helpful in that situation.

The minimum loan you can apply for is not specified, but it can not exceed $1,000 in specific cases. Most customers can apply for a few hundred dollars as a payday loan. This amount is limited to a few hundred because the payday loan is repaid with the next income flow on the client’s account.

Every borrower should meet the general requirements to be able to fill out the form. Sharing inaccurate information will not get you anywhere. The lenders have access to many institutions that can confirm your information authenticity. Your bank account number enables the leaders to check your credit and ask your bank to withdraw money from your account in case you don’t repay the borrowed funds.

Application requirements

Take a good look at the qualification criteria. Some requirements are enforced to ensure your income is sufficient to repay the loan in total and on time. CashUSA is available only for domestic USA citizens over 18 years of age. This is prevention against minors who usually lack money for luxury things. In the past, many individuals below 18 have stuck their parents in debt by applying for loans in their name. That’s why today the application requires the client’s confirmation and other requirements that prevent minors from applying.

Also, the potential borrower should own a checking account under his name. Sharing the bank account allows lenders to check the credit score (if they do credit checks) and transfer the funds if you reach an agreement with the loan offer.

Your monthly income is also part of the qualification criteria. The lender should ensure that your income will allow you to cover the loan expenses in total without any difficulties. The income’s minimum is not set on the website, which means the lender will set it further. These criteria are a type of pre-qualification criteria because, in most cases, the lenders require meeting additional criteria once the connection between you and the lender is enabled.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA


  • CashUSA protects your shared information
  • The platform can show you other offers besides the loans
  • Free educative articles and tips
  • Simple general requirements
  • User-friendly and transparent platform
  • Flexible loan terms


  • There are no specified reasons why you are denied
  • Meeting the criteria is not an approval guarantee

Customer reviews

As we have mentioned, CashUSA is one of the most recommended lending platforms based on customer reviews. People are happy that they can find a lender easily and quickly. Some clients like the non-strict rules for loan applications.

#5. PersonalLoans: Recommended Brand For Personal Loans For Bad Credit



Our last choice is PersonalLoans. This platform offers the same services as the other ones in this article. But, it is unique in its own way, giving the clients special services. As we can see, PersonalLoans is a pretty informative and transparent website. Even if you are new to online lending platforms, you can easily learn how they work and what they provide.

Compared to the other platforms, PersonalLoans offers higher loan amounts. Once you open the Payday loans section, you can find a fully described guide and things to consider when choosing a payday loan. Before starting the process, it is pretty fair for the lending platform to warn you about all the advantages and disadvantages of online borrowing.

PersonalLoans guarantees personal information’s safety so that every client can feel safe sharing their information online. Once you get connected to a lender and accept his offer, the funds will be transferred to your checking account in 24h, starting from the agreement’s time.


A payday loan is a short-term financial solution for covering unexpected expenses that exceed your finances. This kind of loan is usually less than a month-long and is repaid with the next paycheck. The lenders expect every client to repay the borrowed amount in the predicted time at its fullest. Otherwise, the lender will request an auto-withdrawal from your bank.

PersonalLoans warns all its clients that payday loans might seem like an excellent solution at the moment, but they should know that these loans come with high-interest rates and fees compared to other (installment) loans.

Another thing that PersonalLoans wants you to know is that payday loans come in an average amount of $500. The average cost for a payday loan is $20-$30 for every $100 borrowed. However, the lender will calculate the total amount you should repay and all the fees and rates included in the borrowed amount, so you can know the sum before signing the offer.

The loan’s conditions may vary from state to state. Every state has laws and regulations in the financial sector that limit the loan rates or prohibit these kinds of loans. For example, New York and New Jersey limit the interest rates of payday loans to 25% or 30%.

Application requirements

PersonalLoans welcomes all credit types, allowing most customers to get a financial solution in unexpected situations that require higher expenses. But, even payday loan borrowers should meet the general criteria set by the website to qualify for a loan.

Among the criteria, we can mention being over 18 years of age and having a US citizenship or permanent residence. You can prove this information by sharing your ID number and SSN. The lenders have access to institutions that can check the information’s accuracy and authenticity.

Another criterion is making regular monthly income, whether from a full-time job, self-employment, benefits, or retirement checks. Some lenders specify the income amount and may ask for a pay stub or income verification before giving you a loan offer.

You must have a checking account under your name. This is the last and most important criterion on the list. The lenders use your checking account to transfer your funds. They can also ask the bank to withdraw money from your account if you are not paying the loan rates.

These criteria are typical for the PersonalLoans platform. Once you get connected to a matching lender, he may ask you for additional criteria and information.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans


  • Transparent and user-friendly platform
  • Detailed guides and tips to stay safe during online borrowing
  • PersonalLoans service is free for all US citizens
  • Fast cash transfer directly to your account
  • Choose and compare loan offers
  • Payday loans are excellent for immediate expenses coverage


  • Meeting the criteria is not an approval guarantee
  • Personal loans have high-interest rates

Customer reviews

The customers are happy that this platform shares essential information about payday loans. Those who have chosen PersonalLoans are happy with the offer and the lender’s communication. PersonalLoans’ clients are recommending this website.

How to Get Fast Payday Loans?

Check your FICO score

While some lenders are not doing a credit check, others may prefer checking the client’s credit before giving loan approval. However, knowing your credit score before applying for any loan is essential. Some platforms set minimum credit score criteria, while others don’t.

Choose a platform that accepts all types of credit so you won’t face difficulties while getting loan approval. If you have a poor credit score, at least you will know the reason why you are not getting loan approval.

Set your budget

Before applying, calculate your finances, savings, and expenses. Then, you will know how much you need to borrow. Set yourself a budget, and do not overborrow. Payday loans might seem like the best solution at the moment, but they come with pretty high fees and interest rates compared to other loan types.

So, to avoid paying a high amount at once, ensure your income can cover the borrowed amount to its fullest when the due date comes. Be responsible about your finances and make clever decisions.

Choose a lender

Once things are clear, you can choose a platform to apply for a loan. The lending platform is a good choice if you want to shorten the process and allow someone else to do the job for you. Nevertheless, you are not going to pay anything for using the lending platform services and applications, which is another great advantage.

You may be connected to a lender or multiple lenders at once. This is good news for you because then you can compare and choose the loan offer that seems the best for you and has lower fees. If you have this opportunity, it is best to choose the lender who offers a more reasonable loan.

Compare rates

Every lender has unique working principles and sets different rates, terms, and fees. Most lenders use your shared information to make the loan’s base and fees. If your credit score is low, for example, the lender may charge higher fees to ensure you will pay the loan to its fullest.

If you have multiple loan offers, you can easily compare them and see which one has more affordable rates and lower fees. This is a rare opportunity, but choose the best if you have a chance.

Make responsible repayments

Maybe you have heard that all private lenders give loans that come with high fees and penalties and that’s why you have to read the loan contract carefully. You can find the penalties for making payments before or after the due date.

The lender expects you to appreciate the set terms and fees you previously have agreed on, including the repayment date. Making late payments, missing them, and making early payoffs require penalties that are shown in percentage or specific amounts. Depending on the lender’s set fees, these fees may increase the loan’s amount by an extra $30 to $50.

Alternatives for a Payday Loan If You Have a Bad Credit Score

Bad credit loans

You may not receive a loan offer, but don’t worry, maybe you are not qualified for a payday loan. Even better, you can apply for a bad credit loan and repay it at multiple rates instead all at once.

Bad credit credit cards

You can also request a credit card for bad crest users. It is the same thing as a bad credit loan, but you have a limit on the card, and you can use it as a payment method, compared to the bad credit loans that transfer the funds to your checking account.

Close friends and family

If you feel insecure borrowing online, or the received loan offers have too high and unreasonable fees, you can still ask your close friends or family members to give you a helping hand. In these situations, you should overcome your embarrassment and ask a trusted man in your circle to borrow some money.

Things to Consider When Searching for Online Payday Loans

  • Borrow as much as you need

Over borrwoing may make your financial situation harder than it is. Try to stick to your needs and use the borrowed money for the expenses. Payday loans might not be a good financial solution for spending on luxury things. The higher the amount, the higher the interest rate and fees the lender will charge.

  • Learn more before applying

Most lending platforms share some helpful articles and guides for online borrowing. You may be familiar already with the process, but it is much better when you know more about it. You are not losing anything so try to read the guides when they are available. You may learn some good tips that can help you get a loan or improve your financial situation faster.

  • Keep your eye on the rates and fees

The loan offer usually has all the rates and fees related to the loan. You can check these fees before signing the contract, so try to keep your eyes open and ensure you are not missing anything. Most lenders make calculations, allowing you to determine if your finances are enough to cover the total expenses.

  • Check the penalties percentage

The lenders often set penalties in percentages or specific amounts. These expenses are charged if you are not making responsible payments. For example, missing a payment, being late, or making an early payment may cost you over $30. These penalties are determined in the contract and apply if you do not respect the due date. This could also hurt your credit score.

  • Set an autopay feature

But, you can avoid the penalties and other fees if you set an auto-pay feature. This is the best way to repay your rates or the total loan amount on the specified date. You will make responsible payments and avoid penalties. You can set the auto-pay feature if you have a mobile banking app or directly in the bank.

FAQs On Payday Loans

Q1. What is a payday loan?

As the name says, a payday loan is typically a small borrowing that is repaid with your next paycheck. The repayment time can be two to four weeks, depending on the part of the month you apply for the loan. These loans are suitable for short-term solutions that require higher finances than your existing ones.

This loan carries various fees, APR, interest rates, and penalties. However, expenses may increase the loan’s amount from $20 to $30 for every $100. Although this is an average amount from statistics made in the last few years some lenders may charge higher fees, depending on their working principles and borrowers’ creditworthiness.

Q2. Why is it better to apply for a payday loan via a lending platform?

Lending platforms are quite popular nowadays when people live dynamic life full of responsibilities. Applying for a loan in a bank requires a lot of paperwork, hours of waiting at the counter, and weeks to get approval. On the other side, private lender stores require filling out a separate application form for each lender. You also spend time, fuel, and money searching lending stores around the town.

So, the lending platforms offer free services that will cut off these expenses, waitings and collecting documents. You don’t have to leave your home or office to apply for a loan. Plus, the funding goes so fast that you will have the money the next day.

Q3. How much can I borrow as a payday loan?

Payday loans are small amounts of borrowings that can not exceed $1,000. Generally, the clients can get a few hundred dollars, while $1,000 is available only in specific cases when the borrower makes a high monthly income and has an excellent credit score. But, this is not a very common case.

Some lenders have a minimum loan amount you can borrow, while others allow people to set it on their own. The payday loan amount is usually as low as $100 or $200, but generally, the most requested payday loan amount is $500.

Q4. Why am I denied a payday loan?

Among the most common reasons you keep getting denied for a loan, we can mention your extremely low credit score, history of borrowing, and income amount. Some lenders check the credit score. Others see your history of irresponsible payments.

Other lenders set a minimum monthly income you should receive to be qualified for a loan. Try to fix your credit score or search for other financial solutions. Some lending platforms automatically redirect your request to third parties who may help give you extra cash.

Conclusion: What Are The Best Online Payday Loans?

Choosing a lending platform as a mediating service might be the most clever decision ever. You will save money and time, allowing someone else to be responsible for finding you a lender. Plus, it’s all free.

We highly recommend delivering that job to these five lending platforms because they specialize in enabling borrower-lender connections. Apply for a payday loan today and get your funds in less than 24h. Everything can be easy and fast if you choose the best.

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