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A psychic reading session can be a wonderful and enlightening experience. It’s more than just fun. You can learn about your life, get yourself out of a dilemma, find answers and clarity. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit a psychic shop to get a reading. Thanks to the internet, more people are now turning to the best online psychic reading sites for spiritual advice.

So, if you are overwhelmed by life decisions, you can get insight from one of these sites. These professionals have fascinating power and capabilities to see and feel the things you can’t see ordinarily.

This post shares the leading networks to find exemplary psychics. We’ll also guide you to choose the right psychic, so you can have a few tips before paying for a session.

Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2022

  1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Platform, Editor’s Choice
  2. Kasamba.com – Free Psychic Platform For Live Tarot Reading
  3. Mystic Sense – Tarot Cards For Psychic Advice On Love & Relationship
  4. Keen.com – Best Tarot Cards For Accurate Horoscope Prediction
  5. Psychic Oz – Most Accurate Tarot Reading On Love & Career

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Online Psychic Readings Platform, Editor’s Choice


Purple Garden is an exclusive tarot reading psychic website. It is voted Most Accurate. Our exclusive list of psychics advisors whom our users acknowledged as being most accurate in their advice and guidance. These advisors who are ready to enlighten, inspire, and empower you – are all vetted and voted for by people like you. Our top-accuracy advisors cover a wide range of services including love readings, mediumship, tarot cards, career advice, and more. Purple Garden provides its customers with an all-time top-rated lineup of master psychic advisors – tried, reviewed, and rated by tens of thousands of users over many years. Ask them all your burning questions and gain new insights and a deeper understanding.


As per theislandnow, the psychic profiles appear to have the most credibility across the site and app. You can see when they started, how many readings they’ve done, and their average star rating. Many of the platform’s psychics have given thousands of readings and still have a high average rating, which made me feel a little more confident in the app and site’s legitimacy.

Purple Garden has a large number of psychic readers. It’s similar to a massive directory of advisors, and there are always a lot of them online to connect with. So, if you have the time and enjoy the process of connecting with a unique psychic, you’ll have plenty of options.


  • Video readings
  • Psychic chat
  • Clean and easy to use interface
  • Reputable company
  • Informative profiles
  • A wide variety of readers
  • A wide range of reading types


  • No free readings
  • No psychic blog or information
  • There could be a better customer guarantee

Customer Review:

Purple Garden is a vibrant and well-thought-out mobile phone app that is well worth considering if you are looking for a vibrant and well-thought-out mobile phone app. Furthermore, they appear to be fair and consistent in their operations. They have worked hard to make using their app and contacting their psychics as simple as possible.

Purple Garden will appeal to those who value convenience and fairness. Just be prepared for its ease of use.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba Free Psychic Platform For Live Tarot Reading


Kasamba is overwhelmingly popular and one of the best online psychic readings. This psychic reader has been in the industry for 21 years. In this time, the company has helped three million users find their purpose. It is a platform dedicated to helping you achieve better things in life every day.

Kasamba.com leaves nothing to chance to ensure that readings are smooth, accurate, and 100% user-friendly. Keep in mind that many people are skeptical about the free psychic reading online. As such, they first provide you with the chance to explore the site. After which, you can sign up for reading only when you’re satisfied that the website is authentic.


Kasamba.com has a team of experts that have specialized in different areas. Their psychic spiritual experience ranges from tarot card reading, astrology, dream analysis, fortune telling, relationship advice, and many others.

You can quickly get a reading via phone, live chat, or email. They even have an app that’s useful for on-the-go chat sessions.

You can choose from aura reading, crystal reading, rune casting, pet psychics, and UK psychics. Fact is, psychic readings are the most popular and have driven the company into the best ranked psychic website by Psychic-Experts.com.

All thanks to their natural ability to provide insight that many customers may not have foreseen. For most users, you get advice and guidance that can transform the trajectory of your life in the best possible way.

Additionally, Kasamba.com offers tarot card readings like angel and cartomancy. These readings aim at giving you the minute details of your life so that you make better sense of it. To this end, you can find advice concerning break up & divorce, cheating and affairs, marital life, single life & dating, parents & children, and soulmate connections. And if you want some clarity regarding your love life and relationships, you can still find an expert on the same.

If you’re at crossroads concerning a career choice, Kasamba can point you in the direction of success and prosperity.

Other services include fortune-telling, Chinese & Vedic astrology, palm readings, and universal laws.

Kasamba.com displays 65 of their top psychic readers on their website page. Each reader has a profile page. Here, you can learn about their genuineness and legitimacy. You’ll also find out their user experience.

The first three minutes of a psychic session are free. In addition, the platform offers 50% off the first reading for new members.


  • High level of accuracy
  • Simple, guided sessions
  • The first three minutes are free
  • Private and secure readings
  • No pressure to connect with a psychic reader


  • It does not offer live video readings
  • The number of services can be overwhelming

Customer Reviews

Users of Kasamba.com say their first impression of the site was excellent. Although some are skeptical, they say their guidance is always spot-on. Another customer said that one of the readers helped her out in a difficult love situation. Another said that the site is very personal and pinpoints what the issue is. In total, the consensus is that people trust Kasamba.com and that’s why they keep coming back.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

#3. Mystic SenseTarot Cards For Psychic Advice On Love & Relationship


We all make life choices. At one point, you may want to know the way forward in a relationship or get a glimpse into your financial future. Getting these answers from a psychic reader can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Mystic Sense is a reputable online psychic reader with elite and master advisors. It is a premier service for the best life advice on the planet.

With 15 years of experience, you can rest assured that you will not get ripped off. Whether you want to evaluate the best choices before making a decision or want a connection to a loved one who recently passed, Mystic Sense can give you the closure you need.


Mystic Sense offers phone and chat psychic readings. You’ll need to create an account to schedule an appointment. Their psychic readings are in nine broad categories. While choosing a category is not a must, it will help you get a specialist in the area you need.

As for the type of reading, you can choose from money & finance, love & relationships, career & goals, and even tarot card readings. In addition, the network also offers numerology readings, dream analysis, astrology readings, and past life analysis.

When you get on the site, you will see the option to ask a free question. Also, you get five free minutes with an elite or master advisor. And you can use this chance to try out the service. Then, you can choose to continue with the elite/master advisor or choose from cheap top-rated readers.

This site offers two filter options. One is quite simple – phone or chat. The other option helps you decide based on the price, availability of the reader, level of experience, reading type, and specialty categories.

When you choose a reader, you can call them or chat directly with them if they are available. If the reader is not available, you will be able to set up an appointment. Furthermore, the website offers chat features via the app, so you can select when you’re available.


  • Highly interactive homepage
  • User-friendly app
  • Nine categories of psychic readings
  • The site has elite and master advisors
  • The first five minutes are free
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Talking to a master or elite advisor is quite expensive
  • The 100% guarantee is only for five free minutes

Customer Review

A majority of customers agree that Mystic Sense is a highly confidential site. They understand the private nature of conversations that take place here. Also, advisors from the website have always made users comfortable. One user mentioned that the team likes to talk about their families, making it easy to open up about life issues.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic Sense

#4. Keen.com Best Tarot Cards For Accurate Horoscope Prediction


Many people are skeptical about psychic readings online. After all, we’ve seen high-profile cases about fraudulent psychic readers. But perhaps the most intriguing thing about fake psychic readers is their uncanny ability to offer specifics about the future, which is not something anyone can control.

Fortunately, Keen.com is anything but shady. The keen psychics’ team consists of 1700 spiritual advisors with natural clairvoyant abilities. The company has 20 years and 35 million conversations in its pocket. As if that’s not enough, their readings are the cheapest you’ll find anywhere.


At Keen.com, you can rest assured that you’ll remain 100% anonymous. Owing to the sensitive matters that you may discuss, this platform ensures they don’t share your name, phone number, and other personal information with anyone.

Choose phone or live chat to speak to a psychic. The site prefers phone psychic readings. It states that phone conversations are more personal and vital in establishing a connection.

While other sites offer the first few minutes free and then charge exorbitant prices per minute, this is not the case with Keen.com. After the first three minutes, new customers can speak to a psychic for 10 minutes for only $1.99. Furthermore, it will charge you $1-$9.99 per minute if you continue the reading session.

Now, Keen.com offers readings in eight categories. Psychic readings are best for giving you peace of mind and closure in relationships. Generally, you get guidance-based advice on what critical areas of your life you can focus on. The reader also tells you the energy you can cultivate to meet your goals.

Other services include talking to a psychic medium, love & relationships advice, and answers to life questions. Equally important are tarot readings, astrology advice, and spiritual readings.

Suppose you want to talk to a psychic; just press the call feature or dial 1-800-275-5336 or 1-800-ASK-KEEN. Once the call goes through, you’ll need to create an account and add money safely. Now you can browse through advisors with the help of the filter feature. And, if the reader you choose is not available, Keen.com has a callback and appointment service.


  • 24/7 customer support
  • You can do the sessions on the app
  • Each expert is unique in their personal touch
  • Offers tips and guidance to new users
  • Values privacy and accuracy


  • Limited bilingual readers

Customer Reviews

Users who’ve used the service mostly praise Keen.com for their accuracy and help. Some say that the site has helped them get more out of life following their advice.

One, in particular, said they got help forging a career path that seemed difficult. But after cultivating the energy from the advisors, he was able to make the change with confidence.

From what we’ve gathered, the site also honors their satisfaction guarantee by refunding your money if you’re not satisfied with the reader you chose. So, no regrets from most customers.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen

#5. Psychic Oz Most Accurate Tarot Reading On Love & Career


Psychic readers rely heavily on intuition which helps them form a connection through observing your body language. If you’re concerned that you may not get an accurate reading from phone and live chat mediums, live video calls may be your answer.

Psychic Oz is the number one recommended site for live chat readings. This platform has hundreds of psychics, all with something unique to bring to the table. The platform gives you a chance to meet a psychic in real-time, even before you pay a dime. As a result, it helps you to form an opinion on whether the reader meets your needs.


Psychic Oz allows you to attend free live sessions and participate in related chat sessions. While psychic readings always have their cameras on, you can choose to remain anonymous for video conferences.

Thanks to their team of experts, you’ll want a private reading. Luckily, Psychic Oz is also on a budget-friendly site. You’ll first create an account. And when you’re ready, attach a valid credit card. Immediately, Oranum.com will give you $9.99 worth of credits to utilize.

Advisors on Psychic Oz establish their rates. Thankfully, all rates are from $0.39 to a maximum of $9.99. Therefore, no reader can charge you more than what’s required. Still, you can opt for private sessions paid in packages. They range in price from $27.99 to $97.99.

There are a variety of filtering options on the site. This feature helps to pick the perfect online psychic advisor. Each reader has a profile. You’ll be able to see ratings from other users. However, psychic readers don’t have public reviews. The guidance you have on choosing a reader is to watch some of their free readings to gauge their engagement.

Still, top live psychics are visible on the site’s award section. The ratings depend on user votes. For a beginner, it’s best to start with a top-rated psychic.

The readings offered include dream interpretation, palm reading, spiritual guidance, tarot reading, astrology, and divination. As you can see, you can access a wide variety of services to answer the most burning questions.


  • Available in all time zones and multiple languages
  • It’s free to create an account
  • Free to view live sessions
  • Thoughtful filtering options
  • Budget-friendly private sessions
  • One can choose to remain anonymous
  • A credit card is not required to register


  • The refund policy is limited
  • Some psychics don’t have free readings

Customer Reviews

Reviews for Psychic Oz come from other websites such as TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau since the site does not have a reviews section. To this end, you can tell a reader is popular on the favorites section and by the number of followers.

Available reviews indicate that many users are satisfied by accurate and honest readings. People say they sense authenticity in the readings since they are via live chat. As a result, psychics and clients make a solid connection which lays a foundation for accurate readings.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic Oz

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Online Psychic Source

Psychic readings are like paying for a service or product. So, the same attention that you pay to brands should apply to psychics. To make it easy for you, we’ve lined up some of the things to keep in mind.

  • Free Trials

The best way to know whether you connect with a psychic is by trying them out. But you can’t know without giving them a chance. That’s why the most credible sites offer the first three to five minutes for free. During this time, you can evaluate the reader. After that, you’ll be able to continue the session or terminate it without spending any money.

  • Types of Services Offered

Psychics have their specialties like any field of work. Some are experts in love readings, while others are spiritual mediums, pet psychics, tarot card readers, etc. As such, you’ll want to ensure you choose a psychic who specializes in the area you wish to get a reading. Otherwise, you may end up getting a general reading because the psychic does not understand the details of your requirements.

  • Years of Experience

We’ve tried to include psychic networks with at least 15 years of experience. These are sites we believe understand what it takes to produce a genuine reading. Otherwise, negative reviews would have swept them from the internet.

Even though a website with ten years of experience is pretty new, it can still host readers with a long experience of up to 40 years in some cases. While people tend to trust older psychics, it doesn’t mean a young reader will not provide a proper reading. Some sites resonate well with the young generation even though they’ve not been in the industry for more than 20 years.

  • Method of Contact

The most accurate readings usually happen via video calls. It’s the closest you can get to human contact. During a video call, a reader can get cues from your body posture and mood. It helps them perform a psychic reading. Whereas video calls are preferred, webchats are more common nowadays. So, you can still get a reading while maintaining anonymity. Not to mention email readings when you need advice but can’t find the time to sit and chat.

  • Customer Feedback

Client reviews provide invaluable information about their experience with a psychic reader. It’s one of the best ways to know what to expect from a psychic. Going through the psychic’s profile and seeing user ratings and followers is also essential if the site does not have individual reviews.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

Good psychic sites have straightforward refund policies if you’re not satisfied with the reading. Some offer five minutes free. On the other hand, others let you select a reader by viewing free video sessions before deciding.

Online Psychics Vs. Offline Psychics: Why Is It Better to Use Online Psychics?

Both methods have their pros and cons. However, we believe online psychics have the edge over offline psychics. The first advantage is convenience. You can have a reading from the comfort of your home.

There’s also a high probability of finding an authentic and top-rated online psychic based on other users. It’s not like you can go looking for previous customers for offline psychics.

With the help of the internet, all you need to do is book a session because readers are more flexible. You can adjust your availability according to your preference.

Online psychics provide a safe environment because you will not be in an intimidating shrine with many mysterious collections. It helps you open up more since you’ll be at the location of your choice.

FAQs Related To Best Online Psychic Reader

Q1. What is psychic reading?

A psychic reading is when someone with psychic powers taps into your aura and energy to see your past, present, and future. A psychic does not know the entirety of your life but rather clues or scoops of it. They use these small details to help you improve your life.

A cold reading is when a psychic taps into your energy for the very first time. The psychic gives you a reading based on your energy, behavior, and characteristics.

Q2. Do free online psychic readings offer genuine advice?

When trying out psychic reading for the first time, we’d advise you to get a free reading. Many believe that they are untrustworthy, but psychics want to win you over. The best way to do this is by giving you accurate information to continue the reading session. In any case, you have nothing to lose if the reading is not realistic.

Furthermore, most online sites that have free sessions have a large customer base. It goes to say that clients trust the advice from these psychics. So, to get genuine advice, you’ll want to have to ask the right questions. For example, it’s better to ask about cultivating your love life rather than asking for the specific date you will get married.

Q3. Is it realistic to get advice from an online psychic?

Yes. Online psychics can help you get the answers you need. While the experience is not as personal as face-to-face reading, it uses different mediums to give you the correct reading. With the new normal, online psychic readings have found ways to connect with their client. They can tap into the inner recess of their brain. As a result, the reading is even more accurate than some offline readings.

Q4. How should you get ready before seeing a psychic?

First, you should be in a quiet environment. Preferably a place you usually meditate away from any distractions. If there are too many interactions in your environment, it can prevent psychic mediums from getting the correct reading.

Secondly, have the questions you want to ask in advance. It will help you get the answers you need.

Thirdly and most importantly, keep an open mind. Don’t go into a session expecting specific solutions. A predetermined mindset will most likely hinder the psychic from getting a correct reading.

Q5. Between phone and chat, which is better for a psychic reading?

Phone psychic reading readings fall in the category of live readings since they can happen via video calls and live-chat sessions. Accurate psychic readings tend to be more since the reader can see or listen to you. They can decipher your energy. As such, they are more accurate than webchat readings.

Wrapping Up: Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms

Getting an online psychic reading can help you gain clarity on certain aspects of your life. The best online psychic reading services provide unique readings tailored to your needs. You will find professionals who’ve specialized in various types of services to help you gain a deeper understanding of the decisions you’re about to make. They can also help you find closure after a breakup or the passing of a loved one.

So, choose from the most trusted psychics, as we’ve discussed in this post. You ought to try it regardless of being a skeptic or a believer.

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