Best Delta 8 Flower: Top Delta 8 Brands To Buy Legal Weed Strains & Hemp Buds | Get Top Shelf THC Flower & Marijuana Strains In 2022

Delta-8 is a shining star in the hemp sector. It gives you a pleasant rush that makes you feel happy, not drained with adverse symptoms. In addition, a distinctive number of delta-8 users claim that this hemp-derived substance has aided them in many ways. Its popularity and a wide choice of products available have swept the United States by storm.

However, although delta-8 vape carts, tinctures, and even delta-8 gummies are all the rage for real consumption, a sizable portion of the user community still prefers the more traditional smoking extract of cannabis flower buds.

Smoking delta-8 flowers is the most powerful method to get as much delta-8 as you can. If you want to smoke delta-8 flowers, choose a reputable brand to help you avoid any harmful effects. It may also assist you in making the most of your delta-8 adventure. The following are some of the most reputable & best delta-8 flower brands that are recommended by theislandnow. As a result, these best delta-8 flowers are the best on the market.

Top Picks For Best Delta 8 THC Flower [2022]

1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 THC Flower On The Market, Editor’s Choice

2. BudPop: Strongest & Most Potent Weed Strains For Relaxation

3. Hollyweed CBD: Affordable Hemp Flower With Delta 8 THC Strains Online

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 THC Flower On The Market, Editor’s Choice


Exhale Wellness is committed to selling only the high quality blue moon hemp flowers available. Customers can expect the highest quality organic hemp flowers and organic cannabis products from the company. The company offers delta-8 vaping carts, premium flowers, infusions, and delta-8 THC gummies. Exhale Wellness tested by third party labs is a favourite of many customers because of its generous discounts. For starters, if you sign up for the website, you’ll get a 25% discount on your first order. The after-sale service of Exhale Wellness is also very impressive. They offer free shipping for all orders and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Manufacturing Methods

The Exhale Wellness delta-8 flowers are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers in Colorado. All of its products adhere to the same strict standards. Their product line is natural and organic. Each time you smoke a delta-8 flower, it will burst with flavor and aroma, creating a euphoric experience. What do we think about the Exhale Wellness delta-8 flowers? These flowers are of the highest caliber, and you’ll want to order more when you run out.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

The company backs up the credibility of its product line by providing third-party laboratories testing. The delta-9 THC concentration in these compliant delta-8 flowers is less than 0.3%, making them federally legal. According to federal law, Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 flower has less than the legal limit of Delta-9 THC, enabling customers to buy and smoke it in several states without violating any marijuana-related regulations. Cannasafe third party Labs tests Exhale Wellness’ delta-8 flowers, and the results are displayed on their website so that clients can see precisely how each strain did in terms of THC concentration.

User Convenience

Delta-8 flowers from Exhale Wellness come in ten different flavors. The aroma and taste of each flavor are distinct, and there is a lot of information about how each flavor senses and smells on the website. If you’re having difficulty deciding which flavor to go with, we recommend reading the descriptions. Some flavors give you a sense of vigor and a desire to get things done, and they may have sedative properties, and some will evoke sleeping qualities. Choosing a flavor will be easier once you know the purpose of your delta-8 consumption. With Exhale Wellness’ free delivery, you’ll save money on shipping since your Delta-8 purchase will be at your home in one or two weeks. If you need your things faster, you may pay a nominal extra for expedited shipment. The company also offers a friendly money-back guarantee policy, which is an uncommon feature in a competitive industry.

Customers Reviews

Most Exhale products have received positive reviews in general. Customers rave about the quality and effectiveness of their flowers. Similarly, the website’s customer reviews for Exhale delta-8 flowers are five stars. Customers are raving about this product because it does what the website claims. Several people hailed it as a possible stress reliever at the end of a long day. According to one satisfied customer, this product may have helped alleviate the customer’s feelings of anxiety.

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#2. BudPop: Strongest & Most Potent Weed Strains For Relaxation


As a relatively new brand, BudPop features younger consumers. Young professionals and cannabis specialists make up the team dedicated to developing the most effective and natural hemp alternative to conventional drugs and marijuana. Delta-8 items are solely sold through BudPop’s official website. Due to its relatively short existence, it now has a limited selection of items and product varieties, including hemp flowers, on the market.

Manufacturing Methods

These non-GMO hemp flowers are cultivated only under environmentally favorable settings. When it comes to the hemp source of these flowers, they are mostly supplied from Oregon, California, and Colorado. In the beginning, BudPop had a limited selection in all product lines. Northern Lights and Cookies are the brand’s floral offerings. Unlike Northern Lights, Cookies has an earthy taste, making it a distinct flavor profile.

For those who want to experience the best “high” strength possible, BudPop infuses (not sprays) their hemp flowers with delta-8 THC distillates.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

A third-party lab meticulously tests all items, including hemp flowers. To build its brand’s image, this new company is open about everything it does, and it’s succeeding admirably. BudPop’s delta-8 THC flowers do not contain more than 0.3% delta-9 THC, which is legal.

User Convenience

The BudPop website is easy to use. In addition, most orders are handled within 48 hours. In addition, purchases over $50 get free delivery.

Returns may be made within 30 days of the purchase date. You can’t return anything unless it’s in its original packaging and hasn’t been used. As proof of purchase, customers are required to provide their receipts. You may get answers to your questions by emailing the firm.

Customers Reviews

BudPop’s mission is to provide its consumers with the greatest possible high quality hemp products. BudPop takes care of everything from delivering many hemp goods on schedule to ensuring client satisfaction at every stage.

It’s even more appealing because of its speedy and dependable delivery across the United States. A money-back guarantee and a secure payment option are simply the icings on the cake.

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#3. Hollyweed CBD: Affordable Hemp Flower With Delta 8 THC Strains Online


Hollyweed CBD offers one of the world’s most renowned producers of cannabinoids. According to their team, delta-8 may deliver several health advantages and wish to spread the word about them to others. The delta-8 flower, one of their most dynamic and efficient products, results from this commitment.

Manufacturing Methods

The company uses Colorado hemp plants to produce its delta-8 flowers. Toxins and pollutants have no place in this procedure since it is all-natural and organic. Hence, their delta-8 flower is of the highest quality and is safe to eat.

Additionally, they restrict the number of compounds added to enhance delta-8’s efficacy. Nonetheless, the delta-8 hemp flowers are safe for anybody since they are always devoid of dairy, GMOs, and gluten.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

The external lab testing they do reinforces their stance. Hollyweed CBD employs a stringent quality control process to assure the long-term viability of its product. Since their delta-8 flower has been tested and shown to be safe, you can rest assured you’re getting only the best.

User Convenience

Prices range from $39.99 to $69.99 for Hollyweed CBD’s delta-8 flower. Compared to other items, this product is more expensive, and however, the price is worth it considering the thorough construction and production.

In this delta-8 flower, you can find a wide variety of strains. There is a lot of pressure to please everyone. Sour Space and Gorilla Glue are two of the more unusual strains, but ten. Hence, Hollyweed CBD makes sure to leave its customers satisfied every time.

However, there aren’t many sizes to choose from with this brand. Unfortunately for consumers, there is no one-time bulk purchase option. Hollyweed CBD’s return and refund policies are among the best for customer service. Besides the 30-day return policy, they give a grace period of 15 days. Moreover, they will take opened or used items as long as they are in good condition. Indeed, Hollyweed CBD is a terrific brand since it wants its clients to have a smooth purchasing experience.

Overall, Hollyweed CBD is quite user-friendly, particularly beneficial for first-time customers.

Customers Reviews

Unfortunately, there aren’t many consumer testimonials on the Hollyweed CBD website. However, we were able to get some useful information from social media.

Users of Hollyweed CBD delta-8 adore this hemp flower. They are enamored with a variety of tastes and strains. As a result, they experience a lighter, happier, and better outlook.

=> Click here to visit the official website Of HollyweedCBD

#4. Delta ExtraX: Best Marijuana Strains Infused With Best Delta 8 brands

When it comes to cultivating the best delta-8 flowers, Delta ExtraX takes a step further. They cultivate their flowers hydroponically in solutions of minerals and aqua solvents rather than soil. Additionally, no delta-9 THC is detected in the flowers from this brand.

This company conducts intensive research and analysis to develop buds in the right form and size, providing quality consistency.

Manufacturing Methods

Delta ExtraX’s raw hemp stock originates from various states, including Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, and other places. Delta ExtraX’s most popular strain provides a sweet with a zesty, herbal undertone. This flavor is a delight. Indica-dominant, it is the most effective strain. This particular strain also provides a modest sedative effect, which reduces tension and eases muscular aches and cramps. Flowers are sold in eight- or four-packs. The company also offers Pre-rolls that are also available in single, five, and ten-roll packages.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

This company’s commitment to openness and accountability is admirable. Third-party lab results for its goods may be seen on the brand’s website. This company’s goods, or in this instance delta-8 Flowers, have been thoroughly evaluated in laboratories. They are open and honest with their consumers about this subject since it is critical for everyone to understand what they are breathing and carrying into their bodies.

User Convenience

The product line from this firm is extensive. As a result, their delicacies are among the most reasonably priced on the market. To save money while purchasing large quantities of the delta-8 product, Delta ExtraX provides bulk purchasing products. This high-end business has introduced new delta-8 bundles that include a variety of goods to help you get your day started or wind down for the night,

A comprehensive learning center for both seasoned and new delta-8 consumers completes this recognized brand, offering additional knowledge about the cannabis industry.

Customers Reviews

The company’s wide variety of items and user-friendly website ensures a wonderful buying experience. Meanwhile, Delta ExtraX’s customer service personnel are very responsive, kind, and well-informed.

You may contact the company’s customer service staff by phone or email if you have any issues with your purchase within 30 days of receiving it. When you go into their shop, you’ll encounter a huge selection of items and a kind and knowledgeable staff.

#5. Diamond CBD: Popular Hemp Buds On The Market

Diamond CBD collaborates with the best scientists and researchers in the industry to provide you with the most cutting-edge CBD and THC products. The delta-8 items offered by the firm are made with the utmost care and attention to detail. Delta-8 is a new endeavor for them, even though they have been in business for many years.

Manufacturing Methods

Diamond CBD obtains its hemp sustainably and locally wherever feasible. Delta-8 flowers are a distinctive item in the firm’s list. As a result, Diamond CBD aims to provide you with safe and nutritious goods. Diamond CBD’s goal is to create novel hemp derivatives and make them available to everyone. This is further shown by the fact that they are led by a team of physicians and scientists, experts in their field.

All of their goods are evaluated for purity and quality. For more openness, you may examine the lab results.

Honesty and Third-Party Testing

Natural and non-GMO Diamond CBD items are available. Whether you’re a bit hesitant, you may check out the public lab results to see if this is true. There are several varieties of Diamond CBD flowers that may boost your mood and social life.

User Convenience

The website has unique filtering features. Hence, you won’t spend any time looking through infinite goods to locate the ideal product for yourself. Shop by mood, in particular, is a standout feature that allows you to filter items by “desired impact” for a more efficient shopping experience. The best part of it? Up to 70% OFF and email updates on new bargains are available when you register on the site. It seems that customers like the flowers and the relaxing effect they have on them.

Customers Reviews

Customers love Diamond CBD’s delta-8 flowers, which come in various tastes. Pure CBD products are also available from the firm. Diamond CBD has one of the best customer service staff in the market. You may use the live chat facility on their website to contact them if you run into any problems with the product. It’s the money-back guarantee that’s most popular with customers.

How We Chose the Best Delta 8 Flowers From Top Weed Dispensaries?

  • Brand Reputation

We only recommend companies that have a strong brand’s reputation history. These businesses may not have decades of work expertise, but they certainly have a loyal consumer following. The companies provide useful information on their goods and how to use them. The evaluations left by consumers who have purchased these flowers assist us in determining which brands are legitimate and which are not.

  • Delta-8’s Origin

The next step in our procedure is to determine where the firms obtained their delta-8. It’s not surprising that many businesses don’t specify where their hemp comes from. As a result, such brands were deleted from the list.

We only examined companies that get their hemp from the United States and other reputable places. Knowing this aided us in gaining faith in the firm.

  • Third-Party Laboratory Examinations

Checking lab tests is the essential step in our selection process. Most businesses display lab findings, and however, verification is critical. You should find out whether the laboratories are nationally regulated. We also made certain that the laboratories which performed the third party lab testing had no ties to the brand in the issue.

Furthermore, we examined the lab results to determine the potency of the delta-8 by each business. We checked the quality and found that none of the flowers had higher than 0.3 % THC.

  • Manufacturing Procedures

Without hesitation, we assessed the cultivation procedures. The examination provided us with information about organically farmed hemp. We removed any flowers that showed signs of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Not to add genetically modified varieties, which have tarnished the hemp sector.

We also checked each company’s delta-8 extraction and infusion processes. Any brand that does not employ the subcritical extraction procedure is eliminated. Furthermore, we investigated the various infusion procedures used by firms and eliminated those who spray delta-8 distillate but do not give solvent testing for their flower.

There is no way of confirming whether the sprayed-on distillate has been diluted with ethanol or isopropyl. These are used instead of terpenes, and remember that the only alcohol safe for human consumption is ethanol. Some businesses use isopropyl, but they won’t tell you. However, because they do not leave lab results, we were unable to consider them for the top-best brands.

  • Methods of Production

A brand’s manufacturing methods reveal a lot about the quality of the goods. Similarly, there are several methods for manufacturers to skimp on the quality of their delta-8 flowers. Some may resort to employing low-cost, low-quality hemp plants. Others may make hygienic compromises while extracting or purifying delta-8 components from cannabis. Good companies are always open about their manufacturing processes, ensuring the excellent quality of their goods.

  • Customer Feedback

This one should be self-explanatory. Not every product released by a business is well-received by consumers. We depend not only on the information offered on brand websites to determine whether or not they are the finest. We examine client testimonials to learn if a brand’s product is a success or a flop. Before suggesting a product, we read through these reviews and considered users’ experience with it.

  • Educational Resources

We discovered that many businesses do not even have a FAQ area, and some simply address queries about shipment and return policies. However, the finest firms don’t only offer a FAQ section, and they provide extra information on their goods and delta-8 in general.

What to Look for When Buying Best Delta 8 THC Flowers? Buying Guide

  • Source of Hemp

This is an important step to ensure that your flower is cultivated from high-quality hemp. All flowers, of course, grow on the soil. However, it is preferable to purchase from a company that produces its flowers in the United States. This is because plants lose their freshness during transportation when they are acquired from other nations. To maintain this freshness, certain manufacturers often use preservatives, even inexpensive ones. This, in turn, reduces the value of the hemp plant and, eventually, the delta-8 flower.

Remember that the amount of chemicals, preservatives, and fertilizers in a delta-8 flower determines its quality. Ideally, the presence of these compounds including harmful chemicals in hemp is not a good indication and suggests a significant reduction in quality. Taking this into account, we recommend that you purchase delta-8 flowers with a low additive content.

  • Smell

The aroma of a delta-8 flower is a good indication of its quality. If you notice a strong terpene scent that gives you a fresh sensation, the flower is of a good grade. You should avoid flowers that smell rotten. It emits a terpene-rich scent when a flower is properly dried and treated.

  • Pricing

Delta-8 items are often pricey. This is due to the low delta-8 concentration of hemp and the time and effort required to obtain it from the plant. Furthermore, harvesting delta-8 hemp flowers is a technically complex operation that necessitates the efforts of highly experienced and licensed personnel. Not to add that delta-8 flowers are created in highly controlled environments in laboratories, which are also quite expensive—all of these variables together considerably increase the cost of generating delta-8 flowers. As a result, marketers must inevitably demand a premium price for their goods.

While we realize that you, as a client, are constantly seeking a low-cost option, bear in mind that with delta-8 items, a high price usually equals a high-quality product. If you purchase your flowers at a substantially lower price than other brands, it is a strong signal that the grade of your flowers has been reduced. We do not advocate purchasing cheap delta-8 flowers or other cheap delta-8 items in general since they might be hazardous to your health.

  • Color

Yes, the shade of your flowers may tell you a lot about their freshness. Brands that employ additives in their delta-8 goods often hide them using bleach, which effectively renders delta-8 items unsafe to ingest. Remember that delta-8 products often have a reddish tint, so anything that seems unnaturally white may include bleach and is thus unsafe to ingest.

  • Production Methods

A brand’s manufacturing techniques reflect the quality of a product. A brand, for example, may use a variety of manufacturing processes to extract and refine delta-8 THC. Check to discover whether the brand is open about its manufacturing procedures to ensure quality.

  • Sincerity and Impartial Testing

Lab testing is an essential factor to look for when buying consumable items. Brands that make their laboratory results public convey that their goods are safe and pure.

When shopping for the best delta-8 flower brands, make sure to check external lab testing. This testing verifies that the product is harmless.

FAQs On Weed Strains & Delta 8 THC Flower

Q1. Is it legal to use delta-8 THC?

lab tested Delta-8 is legal since this 2018 Farm Bill states that product lines containing less than 0.3 % delta-9 THC are legal. Delta-8, however, is illegal in many US states. As a result, drug tests designed to detect THC metabolites will come out positive even if you have only consumed delta-8.

Q2. Will consuming delta-8 THC get me high?

Yes, lab tested delta-8 can get you high. Although its potency isn’t as strong as smoking cannabis flowers, the delta-8-infused Sativa flower is strong enough to get you high. However, if taken in small doses, you should not experience any negative side effects such as anxiety or paranoia.

Q3. Is it possible to overdose on delta-8 flowers?

Just because there isn’t a specific safe amount for delta-8 flowers doesn’t mean you should consume them quickly or in large quantities. Always start with a low dose and boost it only if necessary to achieve the best results.

Delta-8, like delta-9, is thought to help with anxiety when consumed in moderation. But keep in mind that any lab tested delta-8 overdose can cause the same side effects as a weed, such as fast heart rate, severe anxiety, dizziness, and so on.

Q4. What is the appeal of delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 products provide consumers with total relaxation and a modest high. It may also aid in reducing anxiety and sadness, as well as the induction of sleep. These are some of the most common reasons behind delta-8’s popularity, as claimed by companies.

However, before using it, we urge that you speak with a doctor. Remember that all of these obvious advantages are not verifiable facts. Scientists have yet to prove these effects.

Q5. How do delta-8-infused flowers get their color?

These flowers come from carefully cultivated high-quality hemp plants with low delta-9 THC levels. The buds are chosen, trimmed, and cured to get the greatest results. To make the buds more powerful, several companies spray or blend them with delta-8 THC distillates.

Q6. Are there any strains that are particularly rich in delta-8 THC?

No, lab tested delta-8 THC levels in cannabis plants are often quite low, and the dried ones have even less than 1% of this chemical. Manufacturers synthesize CBD to make delta-8 on a wide scale, allowing them to infuse lab tested delta-8 THC into blue moon hemp flowers.

Q7. How can I determine whether Delta-8 THC is illegal in my state?

Delta-8 THC is legal in the United States. However, several states, including Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Mississippi, have made it illegal. The statuses are always changing. As a result, it is best to find out when you wish to buy delta-8 items.

Q8. Will Delta-8 THC be detected in a drug test?

Yes, since lab tested delta-8 THC is a derivative of delta-9 THC. You will test positive if you concede delta-8.

Q9. Does the delta-8 THC flower production technique make a difference?

Yes, the production process does make a significant impact. Distillation, purification, and refining are all processes that might influence the quality of the flowers, and it will also have an impact on the entire experience.

Q10. What is the distinction between a delta-8 and a CBD flower?

The brands combine blue moon hemp plants with delta-8 to make delta-8 flowers, which provide a nice high without the danger of addiction. On the other hand, cbd hemp flowers are high in cannabidiol (CBD), which is more plentiful than delta-8 in its natural form.

Q11. Is smoking an acceptable method of consuming delta-8 flowers?

While there are several delta-8 lab tested high quality products available, including cartridges, tinctures, candies, and pre-rolls, many purchasers still choose to experience the delta-8 high by ingesting cannabis flowers. Smoking dried, cured, and pulverized cannabis flower buds loaded with delta-8 THC produces the most potent effects, which begin nearly as simple as taking the first deep inhalation of vapor.

Wrapping Up: Buy Strongest Delta 8 THC Hemp Strains

Now you know that delta-8 flowers contain very high levels of delta-8 distillates, and they have the potential to offer customers a pleasurable high after a hard day at work.

However, finding a reputable brand that manufactures and distributes high-quality delta-8 flowers might be difficult. So, to make your search simpler, we recommend that you try the brands recommended in this article, and they will undoubtedly give you what you want.

However, if you want to purchase another brand, remember to follow our recommendations. Whatever brand you choose, it should be of the greatest quality. And, to do so, you must follow the advice and actions outlined in this article.

Finally, keep aware that delta-8 flowers have very intense psychedelic qualities. So, start slowly and stick to the recommended dose. Also, keep in mind that cannabis may interfere with your present prescriptions. So, before you place your first order, consult with a doctor.

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