Arctos Portable AC Reviews – Shocking Scam Concerns?

Arctos Portable AC is a personal air cooler sold online.

Capable of cooling the air in just 30 seconds, Arctos Portable AC can make any room more comfortable all summer long. It’s also portable, lightweight, and requires no installation.

Should you buy Arctos Portable AC? How does Arctos Portable AC work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Arctos Portable AC today in our review.


What is Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC is an air cooler that uses the power of evaporation, a water curtain, and ice cubes to create cool air without the hassle of a home HVAC system.

Instead of spending thousands to install and operate an air conditioning system all summer long, you can get a simple-to-use, adjustable, and portable air cooler.

Arctos Portable AC targets excess heat and dry summer air by adding cool moisture to the air. As air passes through the unit, it loses heat and adds moisture, making it easier for you to create a more comfortable environment.

Arctos Portable AC is exclusively available from the official website, priced at around $89.99 per unit.

Arctos Portable AC Features

Arctos Portable AC comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Works as a powerful air cooler or a regular fan
  • Works as a humidifier
  • Easy to use
  • Completely portable
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Compact and lightweight

How Does Arctos Portable AC Work?

Arctos Portable AC works similarly to other portable air coolers. Instead of running hot air through a network of vents in your home to cool it, Arctos Portable AC works using the science of evaporation. Evaporative coolers have been around for years, but this new generation of portable models is revolutionary. Now, you can take it anywhere you need it instead of spending thousands of dollars getting a unit installed to cool your whole house.

To use the Arctos Portable AC, pour water directly into the top-fill tank to create pleasant, humidified air. You can also add ice cubes to the tank for added cooling power.

Then, hot air enters the unit and travels out the other side, passing through the water. As it passes through the filter, the water cools the air via evaporation. Evaporation is a chemical process that requires heat. The heat is added to the water and removed from the air, leading to cooler temperatures and wetter air. That cooler, wetter air leaves the other side of Arctos Portable AC, helping you stay cool all summer.

If you live in a dry and hot climate, then Arctos Portable AC can be a game-changer. It adds humidity to the air to keep your home more comfortable and cools the air.

Even if you live in a humid climate, Arctos Portable AC can still cool the air. Adding ice cubes to the unit allows you to cool the air to create a more comfortable environment.

However you plan to use Arctos Portable AC, the unit cools the air and adds moisture, making it an effective option for any environment.


Arctos Portable AC Benefits

Arctos Portable AC is convenient, portable, affordable, and easy to use, among other benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Arctos Portable AC, according to the manufacturer:

Portable: Arctos Portable AC is lightweight enough to carry from room to room. As long as there’s an electrical outlet or an extension cord, you can easily use Arctos Portable AC anywhere in your home, outside of your home, or anywhere you need cool air. It’s also light and small enough for anyone to carry – unlike some of the larger portable AC systems that are heavy and difficult to carry.

Adjustable: Arctos Portable AC has three fan speeds, making it easy for you to adjust the intensity and cooling power of the device. You can choose low, medium, or high. You can also adjust the vent to direct airflow. You might want high-powered cooling during the day, for example, and low-powered cooling at night while you sleep.

Simple to Use: Anyone can use Arctos Portable AC to keep their home cool. The device features easy, top-fill pouring to make your life easier. Plus, there’s no need to replace any parts. Just pour the water into the unit, soak the water curtain, and turn it on.

Add Moisture and Cool the Air: Traditional AC systems reduce the temperature by drying the air. This is effective, but it also leads to dry skin and dry conditions all summer long. Arctos Portable AC works differently by adding moisture and cooling the air. If you live in a dry climate or dislike the drying sensation of a traditional AC system, then Arctos Portable AC could be a game-changer.

Save Money: Arctos Portable AC is much cheaper than a traditional AC system. It’s also cheaper to operate. Instead of spending thousands on a new AC system and spending hundreds of dollars per month to keep your home cool, you can save money and enjoy similar temperatures with Arctos Portable AC.

No Installation Required: Arctos Portable AC requires no installation whatsoever. You don’t need to run a hose to an outside window or air source, nor do you need to contact an HVAC technician. Instead, you can start using Arctos Portable AC immediately just by adding water to the tank and water to the curtain. Even if you have no technical skills, you can easily use Arctos Portable AC to keep your home cool.

How to Use Arctos Portable AC

Arctos Portable AC is specifically designed to be easy for anyone to use. You don’t need to install anything in your home, nor do you need to run tubes to your window or an outside access point.


Instead, all you need to do is follow this simple, three-step process when setting up Arctos Portable AC for the first time:

Step 1) Set your portable AC on a flat surface, then attach the power adaptor to the port and plug the other end into a wall outlet. Arctos Portable AC works with any ordinary electrical outlet.

Step 2) Remove the filter from the drawer, soak it in water, and insert it back into the drawer.

Step 3) Fill the water tank with water, choose your preferred setting, and start enjoying cooler air instantly.

The combination of the water tank and the water curtain creates cooler, wetter air in your home. The fan spreads that cooler, wetter air throughout your home, helping you stay at a comfortable temperature all summer long.

Where to Use Arctos Portable AC

Arctos Portable AC is ideal for any room of your home where you need to stay cool. Unlike a full home HVAC system, Arctos Portable AC isn’t designed to cool larger rooms and homes; instead, it’s ideal for smaller spaces like offices, bedrooms, or dorm rooms.

Some of the areas where you can use Arctos Portable AC include:

  • Offices
  • Bedrooms
  • Small apartments
  • Dorm rooms
  • Tents
  • Sheds or garages

You can also use Arctos Portable AC in parts of your home that are difficult for traditional AC systems to reach – like attics, basements, or crawlspaces.

Arctos Portable AC Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Arctos Portable AC has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the official website. Customers report experiencing instant relief with Arctos Portable AC, including cooler temperatures, better sleep, and an easy overall setup process.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by customers online:

  • One customer claims he used to sleep with a fan beside his bed to stay cool, but the fan was too loud; now, he uses Arctos Portable AC to create a cool breeze without the noise, and he likes using it
  • Another customer uses Arctos Portable AC to stay cool in a part of the home that doesn’t have AC – like a garage or shed; these parts of the home may be uncomfortably hot all summer long, but Arctos Portable AC keeps them cool.
  • Multiple users like the portability of Arctos Portable AC; it’s easy to carry around the house with you wherever you go, which means you can only cool the parts of the home you use instead of cooling your entire house.
  • Many customers are also impressed by the speed at which Arctos Portable AC cools the air; instead of waiting for AC to cool your entire home, you can enjoy cooler air in just 30 seconds.

Overall, customers agree that Arctos Portable AC works as advertised to lower temperatures while being quiet and convenient to operate.


Arctos Portable AC Pricing

The Arctos Portable AC is only available from the official website. The price drops significantly when buying multiple units at once. Here’s how pricing breaks down when buying Arctos Portable AC today:

  • Buy one Arctos unit for $89.99
  • Buy two Arctos units for $179.98
  • Buy three Arctos units for $201.99
  • Buy four Arctos units for $246.99

Arctos Portable AC Refund Policy

Arctos Portable AC is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions.

About Ontel Products Corp

Arctos Portable AC is made by a New Jersey-based consumer products company, Ontel Products Corp.

That company offers a range of products solving various problems around the house – like portable air coolers.

You can contact Ontel Products Corp and the Arctos Portable AC customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Arctos Portable AC is a portable air cooling system that uses a water curtain and water tank to rapidly cool the air.

Sold exclusively online, this small personal air cooler can lower temperatures and keep your environment cool all summer long with no hassle.

To learn more about Arctos Portable AC and how it works, or to buy the portable air cooler today, visit the official website today!



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