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Our dogs have the exact same feelings as we do. They can feel pain, fear, anxiety, and love like we do. Dogs are the only living creatures that can love us unconditionally, no matter what we do.

There might be times when they need our help since they can not help themselves on their own. Diseases and illnesses can happen to everyone, including our pets. We should be highly cautious and responsible about our dogs.

Dog owners know that having a dog is like having a family member. It attaches to our hearts and is hard when something bad happens. So, we should be responsible and see an issue on time. It is good to consult a veterinarian before giving any medicine to our dog.

The CBD market has a lot of pet products, such as oils, treats, tinctures, etc. Our article chose CBD oil as the purest form of CBD. The CBD oil for dogs is fast-absorbable and available in multiple potencies.

We all know how beneficial the best CBD oil for dogs can be for us. So why not give it to our pets? They also have an endocannabinoid system that acts exactly like humans. So, let’s see how it affects pets.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs On The Market In 2022

  • HolistaPet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Dogs, Editor’s Pick
  • CBDNorth – Top Brand For CBD Products For Pets
  • Pet Hemp – Prime & Most Affordable Brand For Quality CBD Products
  • Nuleaf naturals – Supreme & Most Recommended Brand For CBD Oil For Dogs
  • CBDistillery – Most Popular CBD Brand For Pets

#1. HolistaPet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Dogs, Editor’s Pick


Brand overview

HolistaPet is a trusted CBD brand that has deserved its first place in our article. The years of experience did their best and contributed to making the most beneficial CBD oil for pets and dogs. The brand is well-known among pet owners who have faced health issues with their furry buddies.

Even veterinarians recommend giving CBD oil to dogs instead of pills and other drugs. HolistaPet has an extensive product line for dogs and pets. You can find a lot of remedies made on a natural base that might help your dog be healthy, happy, and live longer.

HolistaPet’s CBD products are made to promote pets’ overall health and wellness, especially when they lack physical and mental support. The product’s recipes include only natural ingredients and high-grade hemp extracts.

If you choose this brand and its pet products, you automatically receive free delivery and a possibility to use the 25% discount if you subscribe. The placed orders are processed in a day or two, and you will receive a tracking number once your package gets “on its way.”

Refunds and returns are applicable within 30 days of the purchase. A subject of these policies can be only unopened and unused products.


HolistaPet’s CBD oil is made especially for dogs. It comprises broad-spectrum CBD oil and other minor cannabinoids found in the various hemp plant parts. The CBD concentrate is stored in a glass bottle and has a transparent dropper for proper measures.

The oil has no flavor, allergens, GMOs, or gluten. The neutral flavor is a great advantage because all pets are different, and many reject foods with a specific smell. You can give this oil to your dog by dropping a few drops directly in his mouth. This option is the best (if possible) because it enables faster absorption.

If you can not give the oil to your dog directly, feel free to add it to his food or water. The effects will be the same; only the kick-in time will differ. The oil will start “working” after 30 to 45 minutes.

HolistaPet’s CBD oil has 0% THC. This means your dog won’t get high or experience psychoactive effects. The oil contains only hemp-derived ingredients and organic superfoods. The oil is entirely natural and highly safe, so you do not have to worry about side effects too.

The oil comes in various potencies and depends on the pet’s weight.


  • HolistaPet tests its products in an independent laboratory
  • The Dog CBD oil is free of artificial ingredients and traces
  • The oil has no smell or flavor
  • The CBD extract is derived from organic Colorado hemp
  • Various potencies for different dog weights
  • Reasonable price and fee-free delivery


  • The oil can not prevent or cure diseases that may occur to your dog
  • Opened products can not be returned or refunded

What do pet owners say?

We have read a lot of positive reviews about this CBD oil. In most cases, dog owners use this oil to calm their dogs when disturbing noises or events happen. The dogs may get scared or have anxiety, too. This oil has shown satisfactory results for dogs’ anxiety and pain relief.

“My 4-year-old Siberian Husky, Nico, has severe anxiety about fireworks. I’ve tried thunder shirts, calming sprays, calming chews, and even had a prescribed medication from the vet. Nothing worked. This past Saturday, I was so shocked to find him lying under the table after we had fireworks go off for a town festival! I will be buying more for him when we run out!” – a verified HolistaPet buyer has said.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Holistapet

#2. CBDNorthTop Brand For CBD Products For Pets


Brand overview

CBDNorth is a Canadian company selling CBD products for multiple purposes. Canadian customers have special treatment and discounts if choosing CBDNorth as their loyal partner for happy living.

This company aims to make products that meet basic needs and provide everyone with powerful and effective CBD products. Besides the regular CBD products for humans, CBDNorth has expanded its list with CBD products for pets.

Every product on the line is made with 100% Canadian hemp of a high grade. The products are tested before being placed for sale so that the company ensures 100% quality and safety over them.

If you are a new customer of CBDNorth, you have the chance to use the 15% discount code on your first purchase. The prices on all products are affordable for most customers so that everyone can try and use them in the longer term.

The delivery is free only on orders over $99. The company is Canadian and delivers the goods anywhere in Canada via Xpresspost. It takes 3 to 5 days until you receive the CBDNorth package. CBDNorth will send you a tracking number once your package gets on its way to you. The brand also offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


CBDNorth’s CBD oil for pets comes in two options. The first option is for dogs from1 to 60 lbs, while the second is for bigger dogs of over 60 lbs. These potencies differ only in the total CBD content; the package size is the same.

The CBD oil is enriched with wild salmon and Omega3 fatty acids besides the CBD extract. The combination of this elixir might have a lot of positive impacts on your dog, such as joint pain, age-related arthritis, anxiety, sleeping disturbance, etc.

CBDNorth’s CBD oil for pets has no THC in it. You can give this oil to your dog every day without the concern of making it feel high. The THC absence in this product is a huge advantage because the pet would not feel psychoactive effects.

The wild salmon gives the oil a yummy flavor that many dogs love. The Omega3 fatty acids in this oil might positively impact your dog’s heart, joints, and coat. The oil has no artificial flavor enhancers.

The 500ml CBD oil option has 17g CBD per 1 ml, while the 1,000ml CBD oil option has 33mg CBD per 1 ml. You can find a dosing chart on the website that may help you find the right dose for your pet.


  • It might be beneficial for anxiety, pain, and sleep
  • Two CBD oil potencies of 500 mg and 1,000mg
  • The oil is enriched with wild salmon and omega-3 fatty acids
  • The wild salmon gives a yummy flavor to the oil
  • The oil is made with high-grade Canadian hemp
  • Has a glass dropper for proper measures


  • CBDNorth products are available only in Canada
  • The delivery is free only for CBDNorth orders over $99

What do pet owners say?

From the reviews, we saw that this oil has helped with a lot of dog issues. Pet owners have mostly used CBDNort’s CBD oil to reduce seizures, arthritis, and other milder pains. Over 90% of the dogs have loved the salmon flavor.

“We are so encouraged after using our first bottle on our older golden retriever with arthritis. We’ve already ordered and received another bottle! His limping improved within days, and his pain has decreased steadily over the first two weeks. Thank you for your high-quality product – it means so much to our family to see our beloved boy feeling so much better!” – Laurie Clements, a verified CBDNorth buyer.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CBDNorth

#3. PetHemp Company – Prime & Most Affordable Brand For Quality CBD Products


Brand overview

The founding of this company has a touching story in the background. The founders of the Pet Hemp Company are two brothers who have lost their family dog, Woody. Woody was at the age of 13 when he passed away because of a benign hip tumor.

Because of the diagnosed tumor, Woody had to take a lot of medications for pain that decreased his appetite and weakened him. The founders say that Woody had a lot of trouble and pain getting up on his paws and often had sleep disturbances caused by the pain.

This touching story triggered the two brothers, Jesse and Josh Berger, to make aid that might help other pet owners and their dogs. That is the short story of the founding of PetHemp Company. You can find more details in the “About Us” section on the website.

This brand has excellent discounts for new customers, an excellent product line for pets, and unique product formulas following the latest trends and innovations. Every product on the website is tested in an independent laboratory, and the results are published on the PetHemp Company website.

Economy shipping is free on all orders within all USA states. The refund and return policies last 30 days, starting when you receive the PetHemp Company’s package.


The PetHemp Company’s CBD oil for pets is made with a love for pets, pure CBD extract, and organic superfoods that might benefit the dog’s health. The CBD oil is broad-spectrum and contains other minor cannabinoids.

Like many other CBD oils, this oil is also stored in a glass bottle and has a transparent dropper on the cap. There are no GMO, gluten, dairy, preservatives, or additives among the ingredients of this CBD oil.

PetHemp Company’s CBD oil for pets has no THC. Everyday consumption of this oil will not make your dog experience psychoactive effects. Instead, the effects that this oil might give to your dog include easing discomfort, pain, nervousness, tension, swelling, anxiety, etc.

Depending on your dog’s weight, you can choose among the offered potencies. The lowest option is a 150 mg CBD oil, which is suitable for cats and dogs under 20 lbs. The most potent PetHemp Company CBD oil is 3,000 mg and is meant for pets of over 160 lbs. There are a few more potencies in between.

Open the website and read the description under CBD oil. The company has an excellent and detailed description and a chart to help you choose the right dose for your dog based on its issue and weight.


  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil enriched with other minor cannabinoids
  • Formulated for dogs and cats
  • Free of artificial ingredients, flavor enhancers, and allergens
  • The bottle has a glass dropper for proper measures
  • No THC content
  • Free delivery within all USA states


  • The oil can not prevent pet diseases
  • PetHemp Company delivers its CBD oil for pets only within the USA

What do pet owners say?

Many customers have written that this oil helped their dogs and cats with anxiety and fear. Some customers have also mentioned that this oil is incredible for older pets who suffer from age-related joint pain and arthritis.

“My dog doesn’t like when I leave him at home when I’m at work all day, so I wanted to see if CBD oil would help him deal better…it certainly did! I give him some before I leave, and when I get home, he’s usually sitting on the couch instead of excessively jumping and panting.” – Justin T., a verified customer of PetHemp Company.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Pet Hemp

#4. NuLeaf Naturals – Supreme & Most Recommended Brand For CBD Oil For Dogs


Brand overview

This brand has an incredible rating of 9.8 out of 10. The company was founded in 2014 by a group of plant medicine specialists. Their initial vision was to promote the beneficial side of hemp and its pleasing effects. Over time, the founders of this brand saw that CBD could benefit pets the same as humans, so they decided to expand their list with pet CBD products.

NuLeaf Naturals is happy to share that it is a GMP-certified and ISO-compliant CBD company. Every product manufactured and sold by NuLeaf Naturals is tested in an FDA-registered laboratory. Check the public lab reports on the NuLeaf Naturals’ website.

The manufacturers make the NuLeaf Naturals products using domestic Colorado hemp plants of the highest grade. Every product is made of pure extracts and secondary cannabinoids intending to help the consumers to the fullest.

NuLeaf Naturals aims to satisfy every customer who has chosen this brand and offers various welcome discounts on the first purchase. The delivery is fast and free for all American customers within all USA states (except those states who still ban cannabinoids). An object of the refund and return policies are products that are still unopened and unused.


NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for pets can be given to cats and dogs. The CBD pet oil has the same ingredients as the one for humans, but it is formulated to help pets get over their physical and mental issues.

The pet CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil derived from Colorado hemp plants. The high-grade raw hemp is the base of this high-quality hemp oil. The ingredients you can find in this oil are organic virgin hemp oil from seeds, full-spectrum hemp extract in the form of cannabidiol, and secondary cannabinoids.

The oil has no flavor, color, or other enhancers. It is easy to give to your pet since it has a proper glass dropper on the actual cap. You can add the oil directly to your pet’s mouth or put it into food and drinks. The average kick-in time is between 30 to 45 minutes.

NuLeaf Naturals offers three potency options. The lowest one is 300 mg and is suitable for smaller dogs and cats. The most potent CBD oil is 1,800 mg per bottle and is best for dogs and pets with higher weight.

Check the dosing chart and determine which dose is optimal for your pet based on its age, issue, and weight.


  • CBD oil with no taste or smell
  • A full-spectrum CBD oil enriched with secondary cannabinoids
  • It might benefit pets with anxiety and pain
  • Easy to measure and give to your pet
  • NuLeaf Naturals offers welcome discounts on the first purchase
  • Tested in an FRA-registered laboratory


  • The pet CBD oil often goes out of stock
  • No refunds and returns on opened and used products

What do pet owners say?

NuLeaf Naturals’ CBD oil for pets has a customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The customers’ testimonials on the website are so heartwarming. This oil has helped many cats and dogs get over their fears, forget about the anxiety, and feel less pain. We are happy to share one of those testimonials:

“I’ve used other CBD products, and this is a keeper! Helps my 15-year-old dog with the night-time restlessness and pacing; the night I missed it, I saw a notable difference. His acupuncturist recommended it, and I see why; I’ve already recommended it to several friends! Easy to order, fast shipping, and good price too!!” – Karen D., a verified NuLeaf customer.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Nuleaf

#5. CBDistillery – Most Popular CBD Brand For Pets


Brand overview

CBDistillery is a company offering high-quality hemp products for humans and pets. The main thing that triggered its founders to find this brand was the overpriced products on the current market. As you can see, the products offered by this brand have much lower prices and are affordable for more customers, including those on a budget.

This brand proves that CBD products don’t have to be expensive to be good. The products by CBDistillery are of incredible quality and provide incredible benefits to all users. The company guarantees quality and transparency, which is visible through all the descriptions and details on the website.

Because CBDistillery has a lot of customers and products, it sources its hemp from three places, Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon. All three states offer high grade raw hemp plants, cultivated in the best fields and under suitable weathered conditions.

The raw hemp that enters CBDistillery’s facility is organic, natural, and free of chemicals and GMOs. Later, the raw hemp enters the extraction process, where it is extracted using the CO2 method. CBDistillery also has a USHA certification.

The shipping is free on orders of over $75. All goods are eligible for return and refund. These policies last 60 days, and you must complete the Money-back request.


This CBD oil is made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil. The outcome is rich in CBD and secondary cannabinoids that might support the effect of cannabidiol. The oil is tested and proven safe for pets’ use, but it is good to consult your veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet on your hand.

CBDistillery’s CBD oil for pets has a natural taste and can be easily sneaked into your pet’s food or water. You can even drop a few drops directly in your pet’s mouth if it lets you do that. The oil will kick in about 45 minutes since it must be fully digested.

This oil might give your dog a lot of benefits, like regulated pain, a stronger immune system, inflammation protection, emotional management, better digestion, etc. The oil might help with anxiety and stress, too.

CBDistillery’s CBD oil is available in two potencies, 5mg and 20mg in 1 ml. Which potency to choose depends on your dog’s age and weight. Be careful with the doses because it is not good to overdose your pet with CBD. This oil has no THC content among the ingredients. It would not make your dog feel high or overwhelmed. CBD oil for pets is not recommended for human use.


  • Powerful and pure CBD oil for cats, dogs, and other pets
  • Might provide healing and relieving effects
  • Free of THC and other psychoactive compounds
  • Available in two potencies of 5 mg and 20 mg per 1 ml
  • CBDistillery’s CBD oil for pets has the most affordable price
  • 60 days to initiate a refund or return


  • It is not recommended to give your dog a CBD oil without a veterinarian’s consultation
  • The CBD oil can not prevent or treat any disease in your pet

What do pet owners say?

There are over 450 testimonials on the CBDistillery CBD oil for pets. The overall rating is excellent; many customers have shared their happy stories about how this oil has helped their pets. From the reviews, we saw that this oil could benefit dogs of all ages and breeds. Many customers were cat owners who had a positive experience with their cats.

“My Aussie’s anxiety had escalated, and I didn’t know what to do. Her regular meds and thunder shirt were not as effective as they had been. After 3 weeks on the pet CBD oil, she is much calmer. I’m so grateful! Thanks for helping my sweet girl.” – said Deborah S., a verified CBDistillery buyer and dog owner.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CBDistillery

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

Your dog’s weight and age

There is not only one CBD oil potency. All brands offer multiple CBD oil potencies because every dog has unique needs. You can not give your small dog potent CBD oil tinctures or a less potent CBD oil to your big dog. You can find a lot of dosing charts online, on the official websites selling CBD oils for dogs, or just ask your veterinarian for advice.

  • Generally, smaller dogs below 20 lbs should get 5 mg CBD per dose
  • Medium dogs that weigh from 30 lbs to 50 lbs should get 6mg to 10 mg CBD per dose
  • Large dogs that weigh from 60 lbs to 80 lbs should take 12 mg to 16 mg CBD per dose
  • Giant dogs whose weight is over 100 lbs should take 25 mg to 30 mg CBD per dose

Its issue

CBD oil is not aid nor intended to treat, prevent, or cure any severe pet illnesses and diseases. CBD might help maintain overall health balance and decrease some symptoms temporarily. Cannabinoids might help your dog with mental issues like anxiety, fear, or stress. But they can not cure the emotional issues in the long term.

Physically, the cannabidiol oil might help decrease joint pain and age-related arthritis in your dog. Again, it is a short-term solution that may temporarily decrease the pain. If your dog is not sleeping or eating well, this oil might help. You can even give CBD to your dog if it shows increased signs of aggression so that the oil will calm him down a bit.

It is important to determine the dog’s issue before giving any cannabinoids or medications. It is good to ask your doctor and get his approval for CBD.

The ingredients inside the oil

You should choose a pet CBD oil like the CBD oil you will choose for yourself. Natural options should be prioritized because they might have the biggest chances of providing the promised effects. Every other oil containing other laboratory-made ingredients might be unhealthy for your dog.

The dog CBD oil should contain only hemp oil and natural terpenes. You can choose an oil boosted with other healthy substances like the one from CBDNorth, which contains Omega3 fatty acids and wild salmon oil. These oils are natural and beneficial for many body functions. Ensure that the oil you have chosen comprises only natural ingredients so that you can be sure that your dog gets the best.

The oil’s safety

You should consider the safety of every product you give to your dog. In this case, CBD oil’s safety is closely related to its ingredients. When a company says its oil is 100% natural and pure, there must be laboratory reports proving it. In most cases, the seller who guarantees oil’s purity and safety feels free to point out the laboratory testing claims that guarantee nothing unwanted is present among the oil’s ingredients.

You can find many brands online selling CBD oils backed by laboratory testing. Some of those are our five chosen brands in this article. We are happy that the sellers prove their CBD oil’s safety and ingredient authenticity.

How We Chose These Brands

  • Natural unflavored CBD oils

Choosing natural CBD oil for pets is also as important as choosing CBD oil for human use. We should care about our dogs and choose the best for their health. Natural CBD oils for pets are not much pricier than artificial ones. Choosing a natural CBD oil guarantees safety and quality, while other oils with no natural content might be made with many chemicals.

All five brands offer pure and organic hemp seed oils for dogs tested in external laboratories. The oils have no flavor or scent, which is a superb advantage since not every dog will eat a flavored CBD oil.

  • Designed especially for your furry buddies

All of our chosen brands offer CBD oils designed for pets. A pet CBD oil is not meant for humans!

The pet CBD oil has the same ingredients as all other CBD oils on the market, but the manufacturing process and ingredients’ amounts are different. Some of our chosen brands sell oils designed for dogs since dogs can be heavier and bigger than cats. The dog’s CBD oils have higher potencies and might be too strong if you give them to other pets.

Other brands on this list offer various potencies that might be suitable even for smaller dog breeds and cats. However, the pet CBD oil is made following different manufacturing methods and extractions that make these oils unique and pet-personalized.

  • Reasonable prices

The next factor we took into consideration was the price. We were initially scared of high prices because all chosen brands offer high-quality oils. But, we were surprised when we saw the prices. The brands even offered discounts on the first purchase, making these oils even more affordable. Customers who want to receive the oil every month without placing separate purchases can use the subscription offer and receive the oil every month at a discounted price.

Because everyone has a different budget, we chose brands with different prices. So, you can find CBD oil for your dog for a price of $20 and a price of $60.

  • Large beneficial impact

It seems like CBD oil can help dogs get over many physical and mental conditions. As we kept researching the brands, we saw that many dog owners who gave their dogs CBD oil helped relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and even sleeping disorders.

We have read many stories with different content, which amazed us and made us choose exactly these brands. These oils might give dogs age-related pain relief, arthritis, depression, insomnia, fear and anxiety relief, discomfort ease, emotional support, better digestion, and better sleep.

  • No aromas and flavors

Some dogs may not mind the flavor, but most will reject eating foods that smell strange. Because we could not know which dogs love flavors and which ones do not, we decided to search for brands that sell unflavored CBD oils. Only one of the brands sells CBD oil with a salmon flavor.

Unflavored CBD oil easily sneaks into the dog’s food and water. You can even pour the oil into the dog’s mouth if it lets you do that. Do not insist on giving your dog CBD oil directly when you can add it to its food or water.

FAQs About CBD Oil For Dogs

Q1. What is CBD oil for pets good for?

CBD might be beneficial for dogs the same as for humans. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system, too, and CBD affects them the same way. So, in most cases, CBD oil is used for dogs with anxiety and fear. Often, rescued dogs are scared and traumatized, and they are not letting any human get closer. CBD oil might help in these cases.

Other benefits CBD oil might provide to your dog may help ease seizures, nausea, aggression, stress, etc. CBD might also help improve appetite and sleep and reduce pain caused by age-related issues or diseases. If your dog gets upset by loud noises, you can calm it down by giving CBD oil.

Q2. How long does it take for the CBD oil to kick for pets?

It might depend on the intake method. If your dog lets you pour CBD directly into his mouth, the kick-in may happen faster. If you choose the less painful option and pour the CBD oil into his food or water, the oil might kick in 30 to 45 minutes.

This time is taken on average. It might take over 45 minutes, depending on your dog’s digestion and metabolic rate. However, it is okay to leave a whole hour to ensure your dog starts feeling the effects. By the way, ensure you give your dog proper CBD oil amount and potency. The effects might be mild and kick in slowly if you give your dog an oil with low potency.

Q3. How to determine if the CBD oil is working for my dog?

Initially, you should know your dog’s issue and the purpose of giving it CBD oil. So, if your dog has pain or a hard time moving, it might be good to give it CBD oil. You will know that he is feeling better if he changes his mood and starts moving better than before.

The effects might be more visible if you give CBD oil products to your dog because of an emotional issue. If your dog struggles with anxiety, aggression, seizures, or fear, the effects of CBD will be noticeable in his mood. You can see that your dog calms down and gets relaxed. It might even fall asleep peacefully and eat more often than before.

Q4. Is there a chance my dog will experience side effects from the CBD oil?

In most cases, CBD oil is free of THC. Organic hemp oil for pets have no psychoactive substances, which are the main cause of side effects. So, you can feel safe if choosing Organic CBD oil. The intake amount is also a factor you should be concerned about.

CBD is not dangerous even if taken in larger than recommended quantities. But, it might be too much for your dog, and it might be tiring and make it sleepy most of the time. This is a sign that the CBD dose you give to it is too much. Too much CBD oil might decrease the dog’s blood pressure, which will be obvious if your dog starts acting a little lazier.

Conclusion: Best CBD Oil For Dogs In 2022

We are happy that the current market has a lot of safe and pure CBD oils for dogs. Our four-legged buddies deserve to be treated and loved daily, even when age-related symptoms and issues occur.

This is good news for you if you are a CBD oil lover. You can share CBD oil with your dog and relax, cuddling all day.

CBD and its products are not intended to prevent diseases or cure illnesses. Do not give CBD oil to your dog before consulting the veterinarian. CBD oil for dogs might help maintain healthy body balance but can not cure diseases.


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