Advisory follows Tacoma Avenue water main break

Tacoma Water recommends residents near water main break don’t drink discolored tap water

A water main break today at Tacoma Avenue S. and S. 27th Street is causing discolored water for residents and businesses in the area. Tacoma Water recommends that people who live and work in that area avoid drinking tap water if it is discolored. The recommendation applies to people in the general area between Pacific Avenue and Interstate 5, and north from S. 38th Street to approximately S. 25th Street. Residents should run the cold water tap in the bathtub for about five minutes. If it’s clear, it’s fine to drink. If it’s discolored and remains discolored after five minutes, turn the water off and try again in about an hour. Repeat that cycle until the water is clear.

“We have tested the water and it continues to be well disinfected, so we don’t think there’s a safety issue, but we would rather be overly cautious,” said Water Quality Manager Chris McMeen. “Tacoma Water crews are working to flush the silt out of the system. We expect that the water will be clear by tonight or tomorrow morning in most affected areas.”

When a water main breaks, silt that normally rests in pipes is jostled by the rush of water, causing it to enter pipes that lead to people’s homes and businesses.

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department is working with local food establishments in the affected area to ensure safety for customers and employees.