Active Skin Repair Reviews

Active Skin Repair is a medical-grade treatment that heals wounds and repairs your skin.

By spraying Active Skin Repair on your skin, you can heal cuts, scrapes, sunburns, chafing, rashes, insect bites, and more using all-natural ingredients.

How does Active Skin Repair work? Does Active Skin Repair live up to the hype? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this skin repair solution today in our review.


What is Active Skin Repair?

Active Skin Repair is a skin repair product sold online through GetActiveSkinRepair.io.

Just spray Active Skin Repair directly onto your skin to help with cuts, scrapes, burns, and more.

Active Skin Repair is clinically proven to work, and the formula contains non-toxic ingredients. To date, the manufacturer has sold over 500,000 bottles of Active Skin Repair while collecting 3,000+ 5-star reviews. The National Eczema Association also accepts active Skin Repair.

Just spray Active Skin Repair on your skin. The formula contains a single active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, that activates your skin’s natural healing processes. This ingredient harnesses your body’s natural immune response, helping you handle inflammation, skin irritation, and other issues naturally.

How Does Active Skin Repair Work?

Active Skin Repair works by harnessing your body’s natural immune response. You spray the medical-grade, all-natural formula directly onto your skin, and it speeds up your body’s natural healing process.

According to the manufacturer, a few sprays of Active Skin Repair will externally treat almost any minor wound or skin irritation. You can even use it on sensitive skin and around your eyes.

Instead of combining dozens of active ingredients, Active Skin Repair uses just one active ingredient: hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

The HOCl in Active Skin Repair is a naturally-occurring acid your body creates to support the healing process. Spray it on any minor cut, burn, bug bite, scratch, or eczema, then enjoy powerful healing effects.

HOCl is a proven ingredient. Hospitals have used it for decades. However, scientists were only recently able to stabilize it in consumer form. Today, Active Skin Repair is the first non-toxic, hypoallergenic treatment for your skin with HOCl.


Active Skin Repair Features

The following features back active Skin Repair:

  • Pediatrician recommended
  • All-natural
  • FDA cleared
  • Accepted by the National Eczema Association
  • Winner of numerous awards
  • It uses the same molecule to treat the skin that your body produces naturally.

Just spray Active Skin Repair on any burn or cut to enjoy all-natural healing. The makers of Active Skin Repair describe it as “the future of healing” for the spray’s ability to harness your body’s immune response.

Where to Use Active Skin Repair

Active Skin Repair works on multiple types of rashes, cuts, scrapes, and more.

Here are some of the areas where the manufacturer of Active Skin Repair recommends using the spray:

  • Cuts
  • Scrapes
  • Sunburns
  • Normal burns
  • Chafing
  • Rashes
  • Insect bites

You can also use it on sensitive skin or near your eyes. Because Active Skin Repair uses a single, non-toxic, natural ingredient, it’s safe to apply directly to your skin and won’t irritate your eyes or skin.

Active Skin Repair is also safe for anyone to use. The spray is safe for kids and babies, and it’s safe to use while pregnant. However, the makers of Active Skin Repair recommend an adult administer the spray.

Active Skin Repair is not intended for pets, but it is safe for dogs to use.

Active Skin Repair Ingredients

Active Skin Repair uses one active ingredient: hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Your body produces this acid naturally to promote skin healing. You can facilitate the healing process by spraying the acid directly onto your skin.

As the Cleveland Clinic explains, your white blood cells create HOCl as a defense system against infection, bacteria, and other invaders.

HOCl attacks invading pathogens. It breaks down their cell walls and destroys unhealthy invaders before they can damage your body. These natural antimicrobial properties make HOCl an effective skin care solution.

We’ve known about HOCl for decades. However, it has only recently become popular in skincare products. Manufacturers found ways to synthesize HOCl, but it didn’t last long. In recent years, manufacturers have created shelf-stable versions of HOCl, making it easier to add to modern skin care products.

Today, formulas like Active Skin Repair use HOCl to encourage your body’s natural healing properties while targeting and removing pathogens on your skin.

How to Use Active Skin Repair

Active Skin Repair is designed to be easy for anyone to use.

Here’s how to apply Active Skin Repair:

  • Step 1) Spray on the affected area.
  • Step 2) Re-apply as needed.
  • Step 3) Let the molecule go to work.

The active ingredient in Active Skin Repair, HOCl, is the same molecule your body produces to heal its own skin. When you apply this molecule directly to your skin, you can enjoy powerful, natural healing effects.

Scientific Evidence for Active Skin Repair

Multiple studies have confirmed the active ingredient in Active Skin Repair, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), works as advertised to sanitize the skin, which can help with the healing process.

In this 2020 study, for example, researchers examined the effects of hypochlorous acid on viruses and pathogens. Researchers wanted to test the impact of a safe, affordable, non-toxic disinfectant on dangerous viruses. Researchers found hypochlorous acid effectively disinfected the virus and prevented its transmission.

Cleveland Clinic has connected HOCl to various benefits, including:

  • Fight bacteria that cause clogged pores and acne
  • Speed up wound healing and repair damage
  • Combat inflammation and help with conditions like eczema or psoriasis

Best of all, HOCl provides these benefits while being non-toxic and mild on your skin. While others experience skin irritation because of active ingredients in competing formulas, HOCl is excellent for all skin types – including sensitive skin.

As Cleveland Clinic explains, some believe HOCl is “100x more powerful than bleach when it comes to fighting bacteria” – despite being safe and non-toxic.

According to the manufacturer of the Active Skin Repair spray is backed by 2,000+ medical studies. It’s also cleared by the FDA, approved by a medical board, and recommended by doctors – all of which give it additional validation over competing for skin care products sold online today.

Overall, the active ingredient in Active Skin Repair is backed by science and verified to help with various skin conditions – including scrapes and mild burns to rashes, eczema, and psoriasis.

Active Skin Repair Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The Active Skin Repair website is filled with testimonials from clients who are happy with the effects of Active Skin Repair and impressed with how it works.

Even some physicians have left reviews for the formula, praising it for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Here are some of the reviews shared by customers on the official website:

One customer used Active Skin Repair to clear up marks on her cheeks, chin, and forehead, including blemishes and scratches; she struggled with other first aid products but has enjoyed powerful benefits since applying Active Skin Repair every night.

One retired physician liked Active Skin Repair better than virtually any other skin care product available today; he has tried virtually every wound care product imaginable, but he likes Active Skin Repair particularly for its effectiveness, claiming he plans to buy and use the product again.

Another customer used Active Skin Repair to heal her nose piercing; she tried other natural treatments like tea tree oil but found they irritated the area, and she has been happy with how Active Skin Repair cleared up her skin problem.

Another customer has been dealing with dehydrated and infected skin for almost a year; she has tried hydrocortisone, Neosporin, allergy medication, Vaseline, moisturizer, sea salt soaks, and other treatments, but nothing worked; now, after using Active Skin Repair for just two days, she feels like her skin is healing and her skin barrier function has improved.

One customer found Active Skin Repair “works beautifully” for her skin blemishes, helping her clear up her skin issues after nothing else worked.

Overall, Active Skin Repair is backed by reviews from customers with all different skin concerns. According to reviews, customers agree Active Skin Repair works as advertised to speed up skin healing, promote skin repair, and help encourage your skin’s natural healing processes.

Active Skin Repair Benefits

The following benefits back the Active Skin Repair:

All-Natural Skin Healing: Active Skin Repair provides all-natural, non-toxic skin healing. The spray contains the exact natural ingredient your skin produces to speed up healing. Applying this ingredient directly to your skin can enjoy science-backed wound healing and effectiveness.

  • FDA-Cleared: Active Skin Repair has been cleared by the FDA as a 510(k) medical device.
  • NEA Accepted: Active Skin Repair was approved by the National Eczema Association.
  • Clinically Approved: Active Skin Repair’s active ingredient, hypochlorous acid, is clinically proven.
  • Made in California: Active Skin Repair is made in the United States at a facility in California.

Active Skin Repair Pricing

Active Skin Repair is available on the official website and is priced at $24.99 per bottle, although you can save money by ordering multiple bottles at once.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Spray Bottle: $24.99 + $4.95 Shipping
  • 3 Spray Bottles: $65.98 + Free US Shipping
  • 5 Spray Bottles: $98.97 + Free US Shipping

Active Skin Repair Refund Policy

Active Skin Repair is backed by a 90-day moneyback warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with Active Skin Repair for any reason, you can request a complete refund within 90 days of your original purchase.

About Active Skin Repair

Active Skin Repair was created by Justin Gardner, an active outdoorsman with plenty of experience with skin injuries. As a regenerative wound care industry member, he was frustrated by sprays, creams, and ointments that failed to treat skin issues.

After stumbling upon HOCl, Justin tested the formula on himself and found it worked quickly for multiple skin issues.

Realizing the potential of HOCl for skin repair, Justin gathered a team of entrepreneurs, medical professionals, athletes, and parents to create a consumer-friendly version of the formula. Today, anyone can buy Active Skin Repair to promote wound healing.

Active Skin Repair is made in California.

You can contact the Active Skin Repair customer support team via the following:

  • Email: activeskinrepair@giddyup-support.com
  • Mailing Address: 340 S Lemon Ave #3845 Walnut, CA 91789

GetActiveSkinRepair.io is a website operated by The GiddyUp Group, Inc, an e-commerce firm that curates innovative products. The company partnered directly with the inventors of Active Skin Repair to sell the formula online. Buying from GetActiveSkinRepair.io is the best way to support the original inventors (instead of buying on a third-party retail site).

Final Word

Active Skin Repair is a high-powered, natural skin spray that uses hypochlorous acid (HOCl) to kickstart your skin’s natural healing properties.

You can apply Active Skin Repair directly to burns, scrapes, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and more. The formula speeds up wound healing, clears inflammation, and helps with other skin problems.

To learn more about Active Skin Repair and how it works or to buy the formula today, visit the official website at GetActiveSkinRepair.io >>>



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