A bird's-eye view of UW Tacoma's Tioga Library construction project

University of Washington Tacoma Chancellor Debra Friedman recently took advantage of the unique view of the UW Tacoma campus and ongoing Tioga Library Building construction from the top of a 120-foot tall tower crane on the project site. Chancellor Friedman and Facilities Director Milt Tremblay joined John Korsmo, president of Korsmo Construction, in climbing a series of ladders to reach the top of the crane. “It was quite an experience up there and the view from above gives you a clear sense of how integrated our campus is in the city of Tacoma,” said Friedman. Construction of the Tioga Library Building follows another Korsmo Construction project at UW Tacoma that refurbished an existing historical structure. The new building will house expanded Library resources and classrooms that will be linked to the existing Library via a bridge over the historical railroad tracks that run through campus. The $16 million project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2012.