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Emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. This is why it is always ideal to stay ready with emergency essentials such as survival food, power cells, etc. Even outside of an emergency, one may find themself in need of these emergency essentials. Situations such as camping, hiking, and other adventure activities which involve going into the wilderness and off the grid often require a lot of planning and supplies.

Many brands today specialize in helping you find the ideal survival products for your needs. And in this article, we will look at one of the best brands in this space – 4Patriots.

This 4Patriots review will briefly examine the various emergency essentials, food kits, survival food, solar products, and other products that 4Patriots offers. We will see exactly what sets 4Patriots apart from other brands and whether the company’s products live up to high standards regarding taste, use, packaging, and value for money.

We will also examine what loyal customers have to say about 4Patriots and how they review the company by understanding their reviews.

So, let us get right to this 4Patriots review:

What is 4Patriots?

4Patriots LLC is a company that is based out of Nashville. According to the official company website, the 4Patriots LLC intends to champion the idea of American Freedom and self-reliance.

The 4Patriots company offers a wide range of quality survival food products designed to serve as a reliable option for customers battling any emergency. These survival food items have a long shelf life and taste good.

Their quality products, such as solar power cells and generators, are also ideal for customers looking to become more self-reliant, helping them switch to a more reliable energy source.

Brand Name 4Patriots
Description 4Patriots is a manufacturer and retailer of products for emergency and survival conditions, such as food rations, solar energy kits, rechargeable batteries, portable water purifying devices, and more. They also provide gardening-related products.
Type of products
  • Survival Food and Meal Kits
  • Dehydrated food items
  • Solar generators
  • Solar Gadgets
  • Water filtration devices
  • Portable Lights
  • Survival Seeds
  • And more
  • Website Official website
    Product Categories
  • Survival Food
  • Power & Solar
  • Water
  • Home & Gardening
  • RV & Camping Gear
  • Best Sellers
  • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
  • Patriot Power Generator 1800
  • Patriot Power Cell
  • Black Bean Burger Mix Kit
  • Price Point Since they have a wide range of products, the price ranges from $15 to $5000+
    Refund policy A complete refund is available on any product within one year of purchase.

    The company also has products that are not just ideal for a survival situation but can also be used regularly, such as camping gear, gardening gear, water filtration solutions, and more.

    Many happy customer reviews by real customers listed on the company website suggest that their products live up to the promised quality and are ideal for any emergency.

    From survival food to gardening equipment, this company has a wide range of products you can purchase through the company’s official website.

    What Products Does 4Patriots Offer?

    The 4Patriots company has a lot of quality products under its belt. You can purchase various survival food items with a varying shelf life for your needs. Other than the survival food options, you can also find power cells, generators, solar kettles, and other products that would be needed in any survival situation.

    All the products offered by the company are made with self-reliance in mind. They are designed to make you more self-reliant by reducing your dependency on traditional systems. This can be ideal for any emergency.

    Many of these made-for-self-reliance products can also come in handy when planning your next trip into the wilderness, as these products can help you live entirely off the grid.

    The company has a lot of best sellers, which according to the reviews, their customers can’t get enough of. Here’s a small list of some of their best sellers, which many customers often purchase a high volume of:

    • 3-Month Survival Food Kit
    • 4-Week Survival Food Kit
    • Patriot Power Cells
    • Heartland’s Finest Powdered Milk Kit
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cookers
    • BugOut Solar Lantern

    Apart from these products, the company has other lower-priced individual food items. These food items include plain rice, butter powder, dry milk powder, egg powder, and more. These are similar in quality to the survival food items used by military and navy seal personnel in various emergencies.

    Other than the food items, the products made for light generation, outdoor and camping use, etc., are also loved by the customers owing to how easy-to-use and convenient they are. All these products can be divided into different categories.

    Let’s take a better look at what these categories are and the products they contain to help you better understand what you can purchase at 4Patriots.

    Survival Food

    The most popular category of products that the 4Patriots company has to offer is Survival Food. They have a wide range of survival food kits that are made to last for varying durations. They also have individual items such as white rice, butter powder, dry milk, etc., and no survival food options in the kits and combo packs.

    The survival food that 4Patriots offers is unlike emergency food bars and the other usual, bland survival food you might have seen. Their survival food kits include delicious full-fledged meals such as America’s Finest Mac, vegetable dinner, potato soup, Spanish rice, sugary drink mixes, Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, and more.

    All these survival food or emergency food items are super simple to make. They work similarly to instant noodles or ready-to-eat meal packs. All you need to do is open up the survival food of your choice, add it to boiling water, simmer and serve.

    These emergency food packs are made to last for months and have a longer shelf life compared to the survival food that other brands offer. You can find survival food items that come in kits that can last anywhere from 1 year to 72 hours, which allows you to purchase the ideal survival food based on your need.

    Here’s what the company has to offer in the survival food category:

    Long-Term Survival Food

    The long-term survival food options that 4Patriots offers are some of the best in the industry. These long-term survival food kits have a long shelf life and can last for months.

    These long-term survival foods are ideal if you will be on the road for a long time and have no conventional ways to prepare meals daily. It is also great as an emergency food option if you want to purchase survival foods for your emergency shelter.

    They offer various options as below:

    • 1-year survival food kit
    • 3-month survival food kit
    • 4- weeks, 2-weeks, 1-week survival food kit
    • 72-hour survival food kit

    In addition to these kits, they also have larger servings of their specialty emergency food options. Most of these contain foods that are freeze-dried or dehydrated. Every individual survival option comes with different, tasty, and nutritious meals. They include breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

    The year-long survival food option comes with 2752 total servings, about 7.6 daily. This can provide three meals to 2 people every day for a year. It includes 24 delicious recipes that are way better than emergency food bars. Some popular meal options with this pack include creamy rice & vegetable dinner, America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, Cozy Potato soup, Spanish rice, white rice, Cowboy rice & beans, Buttermilk pancakes, and more.

    The smaller meal options, such as the 72 hours one, come with 3 of their top meals – Grammy’s sweet oatmeal, America’s Finest Mac & Cheese, and creamy rice & vegetable dinner.

    Some of these survival food options also come with sugary drink mixes that can refresh you anytime you need them.

    Specialty Survival food Kit

    The other survival food product that 4Patriots has is their specialty survival food. The main selling point of these food items is that they are made to last, and you can buy them individually based on your needs.

    This includes emergency food products like:

    • Butter Powder
    • Deluxe Scrambled Egg Mix
    • Meat & Protein Deluxe Survival Food
    • Plant-Based Protein Survival Food Kit
    • Heartland’s Powdered Milk
    • Freeze Dried Berry Super Pack
    • And more

    These specialty foods are for people who have specific kinds of dietary needs. For example, the plant-based survival food pack is ideal for people on a vegan diet. On the other hand, powdered milk options suit families with young and growing kids.

    They also have freeze-dried berries, vegetables, and fruits. These freeze-dried products are perfect for getting in all your nutrients. The vegetables also make it easier for you to not miss out on the nutrition and goodness of a good vegetable dinner in a situation where you can’t access fresh produce.

    Other than all the freeze-dried options, there are dozens of other dehydrated survival food products like butter powder, white rice, scrambled egg, dry milk, and more. These are ideal for stocking up your survival pantry and staying ready for survival situations.

    Buy 5 Get 1 Free

    One of the best options that the 4Patriots company offers when it comes to emergency food and survival food is that you can build your custom kits.

    They have a buy 5 get one free offer with the help of which you can pick any 5 of their top survival food products and get one other survival food for free. This is great if what you are looking for is not in any of their retail kits.

    This option lets you pick survival food based on what makes sense for your budget and diet options. You can mix and match different foods to create the ideal emergency ration kit for you.

    Home Freeze Dryers

    Recently the company has also introduced its freeze drier called the 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System. This lets you create your stock of freeze-dried survival food. This is a commercial-grade freeze drier with the help of which you can make single servings or high-volume freeze-dried portions of any food item such as rice, vegetables, beans, berries, fruits, and more.

    You can freeze-dry and store these food items at your convenience. The 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System has a 3 step operation that consists of the following:

    • A heavy-duty chamber that super chills your food
    • A high-end, oil-free vacuum pump to create the ideal zero-oxygen environment.
    • A heater that initiates the sublimation process to make your food moisture-free.
    • Once your food is freeze-dried, you can simply store it in Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber to ensure that you get maximum shelf life.

    The 4Patriots Home Freeze Drying System is one of the company’s most expensive. Since this product costs a lot of money, we would only suggest buying this if you are sure that you will be making freeze-dried food regularly or on a vast and extensive scale as this machine is ideal for those purposes.

    Power & Solar

    Moving on from survival food, we have another category of emergency essentials – survival equipment. This includes things you need for survival, such as solar energy generators. 4Patriots has a wide range of products that can help you generate and better utilize energy during times of emergency.

    Solar energy is a removable source of energy. Here, the heat of the sun is used to produce electricity. This is more sustainable and reliable as solar energy will prevail even when traditional energy sources fail.

    Solar energy can be harnessed with the help of solar cells or solar batteries and also through gadgets such as a solar kettle.

    Other than solar energy-based products, 4Patriots also has rechargeable battery kits, portable AC, and other similar devices that are not only useful for emergency times but also can be used during camping or traveling.

    Here are some of their most popular products in this category:

    • Patriot Power Generator 1800
    • Patriot Power Cell
    • Breezy Cube Portable Air Cooler
    • SunBuzz Solar Mosquito Lantern
    • Freedom Fridge

    These products can be just as valuable as survival food during emergencies. Today’s world is very much dependent on electricity for everything. If due to any unforeseen circumstances, we lose access to it, it can significantly impact our chances of survival.

    Apart from that, these products can be beneficial in outdoor situations such as camping, hiking, and traveling. So, let’s take a better look at what is 4Patriots offering in this category.

    Solar Generators

    4Patriot has a range of well-engineered solar-powered generators designed to provide you with uninterrupted electricity in situations like power cuts, blackouts, grid failure, and more. Their most popular product in terms of generators is the Patriot Power Generator 1800. These powerful generators come with a large solar panel to provide electricity that can help you charge your phones, run coolers, use appliances like fans and TVs, microwaves, or keep your lights on whenever needed.

    Since these are solar-powered generators, they don’t require any additional money to be spent on charging them or for gas; you can use the sun to keep them going.

    This powerful generator can also get additional add-ons to make it even more effective. For example, they have a platinum package with an extra 100-watt solar panel, a navy seal or military-grade EMP kit, and a 3-year extended warranty to ensure your product stays ready for any emergency.

    Other add-ons that you can buy include power cords and warranty extensions.

    Solar Gadgets

    Besides the solar generators, 4Patriots has an array of solar-powered gadgets you can use in an emergency or outdoor situation. Some of these gadgets are listed below:

    • BugOut Solar Stake Light
    • Patriot Power Cell
    • HaloXT Tactical Solar Light
    • BugOUT Solar Lantern
    • Sun Kettle Solar Cooker
    • Liberty Band Emergency Solar Radio
    • Solar Sentry Security Lights
    • 4Patriots SoLanturn
    • Freedom Fridge

    All these gadgets serve different purposes.

    The Sun Kettle solar cooker and its larger XL version are some of the best solar cookers on the market. They are ideal for cooking without a stovetop or when you don’t have gas or electricity.

    These solar cookers are lightweight and portable; you can take them anywhere, and they will help you boil water in minutes. This is great to take along with your survival food supply while in the wilderness. These are also made to last as they are made using shatter-resistant tempered glass and ABS plastic. Because of this, cookers are very durable and can be of great use if you get caught in an emergency or disastrous situation.

    The Patriot Power Cell is nothing but a type of solar-powered power bank with which you can keep your phones charged at all times by using just solar energy. This is good for when you are facing an emergency and also great for casual travel as it is pocketable and can help you keep your devices charged on the go.

    The BugOUT solar lantern is another exciting product that you can take with you on your next trip when you go camping. This solar-powered lantern can not only provide you with a light source during the night, but it can also help you take care of those pesky mosquitoes.

    You can conveniently place this on the table or hang this anywhere, and it’ll take out mosquitoes and minor bugs without any harmful pesticides. The solar lantern is also rainproof, making it perfect for the outdoors.

    The final product from this list that we will be looking at is the Freedom Fridge. This is one of the most popular gadgets that 4Patriots has to offer. The Freedom Fridge is an electronic, portable mini cooler that helps keep beverages and food chilled and fresh. But perhaps, the most significant selling points are not that it is mobile or easy to use, but that with this fridge, you can also store temperature-sensitive medication.

    You can control the internal temperature of the Freedom Fridge, which can be set to anywhere from 39 degrees F to 149 degrees. F, this can also help you warm up your dinner dishes. In addition to all this, you can also use it to charge your phones and, if that wasn’t enough to make you want to spend all your money on this fantastic product, this cooler could last up to 30,000 hours. Yes, that’s what they say on their official website.

    Lightning & Batteries

    We have already discussed solar batteries, but 4Patriots also has traditional Lithium-ion batteries that you can recharge on the go. Rechargeable batteries have been an emergency essential for ages, and 4Patriots brings you that and a lot more.

    4Patriots has traditional AA batteries with a twist – you can recharge them with the help of USB chargers. Every single battery comes with a built-in USB port to quickly charge them. These are sold in packs of 3 batteries, and it is a charging adapter too.

    They also have the following types of battery kits available, in addition to AA battery kits:

    • USB-Rechargeable AAA battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable D battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable C battery Kit
    • USB-Rechargeable 9V (9 volts) battery Kit

    You can also purchase a variety pack, a battery kit with a mix of all these types of batteries. These packs come in three different options – the basic package, which has 12 batteries; the gold package, which has 24 batteries; and the platinum pack, which has 50 USB-rechargeable batteries.

    Apart from the batteries, they also have Blackout Beacon Emergency Lights. These are 3-in-1 specialty lights that serve three functions – sensor lights, handheld flashlights, and emergency lights which turn on automatically in case of a power failure or blackout.

    Lastly, for situations where no electricity is available, and even batteries fail, 4Patriots has candles. But these aren’t ordinary candles; these are specially made odorless, smoke-free, and soot-free candles that can last up to 115 hours, roughly equivalent to 4 and a half days. They are sold in packs of 4, so you can effectively use these candles for more than 15 days straight.

    Survival Starter Bundle

    The Survival Started Bundle is the ideal survival kit for beginners and short camping trips. This starter bundle includes the following products:

    • 1 Patriot Power Cell
    • HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight
    • 1 – 72 hours survival food kit

    This kit is ideal for an emergency drill or simulation or a small camping trip into the wilderness as it has all the emergency essentials.

    Home & Gardening Products

    4Patriots also has a wide range of Home and Gardening products that customers love. These products span the following categories:

    • Disinfections
    • Tools & Storage
    • Survival Seeds
    • Collectibles

    In terms of disinfecting products, 4Patriots offers sanitization solutions. These products use UV lights that are safe for humans but can kill 99.99% of germs and viruses. This is especially ideal in today’s world, where microscopic germs and viruses can cause adversities. The unique products in this category are their sanitizing power banks and chargers, which help keep your phone charged and sanitized.

    For gardening, you can buy survival seeds on the 4Patriots site. The survival seeds are a special pack of 6 varieties of flower seeds with the help of which you can turn your garden into a beautiful and colorful meadow of flowers. These seeds have a shelf life of 5 years.

    In addition, you can also find storage solutions, moving boxes, portable AC fans, and other tiny items you would typically need throughout the house. Other than that, for the customers who love 4Patriotos, they have their very own range of branded collectibles such as mugs, cups, and books.

    Water Filtration Products

    One of the most critical survival essentials is clean drinking water. Not having water or water that is not clean can lead to multiple health problems and worsen any situation.

    4Patriots has you covered in this regard as well. In addition, solar cookers can help you boil water quickly and kill all the bacteria; they have Water Filtration and Purification products. These products are made to help you always have a way of obtaining a clean source of water.

    First of all, they have the Patriot Pure Aqua-Bright. This is a two-in-one collapsible water bottle that helps you easily carry around water that can purify and doubles as a night light due to the LEDs. This collapsible bottle uses UV water filtration technology that is built into it to help you get rid of bacteria and germs in your water with the help of UV light.

    The other product for clean water is the Patriot Pure Pitcher. As the name suggests, this is a water pitcher that can help you provide clean and chemical-free water to your family. This pitcher can eliminate toxic chemicals like lead and fluoride from your drinking water and make it more hygienic and better.

    RV & Camping Gear

    The above products can benefit people living in an RV or are on the move. The solar-powered tools and other products are all essential for camping. All these products are listed under camping gear on the 4Patriots website.

    Regarding food, when you are on the road in an RV or camping in the forest, you won’t always be able to prepare meals. This makes getting the required three meals a day very difficult. The survival and emergency food items that 4Patriots have can be beneficial. These food products have a longer shelf life, are easy to make, and come in delicious flavors.

    With the help of survival food packs and other tools and gears, you can make your camping life easy and convenient. And for those looking to learn more about camping and survival, you can buy survival books with 4Patriots.

    What Do Reviews Say About 4Patriots?

    4Patriots has many loyal customers worldwide who love their products and have left them raving reviews. But there also are other customers who haven’t had an excellent experience and since have left bad reviews.

    There are thousands of reviews that you can find on the official website of the company. According to our analysis, there isn’t any fake paid positive review on there, just honest real customer experiences, and here is what they have to say about the purchases that they made with 4Patriots:

    “I love the security of knowing that I’m prepared if needed. The packaging is great, and Very nice sturdy totes for easy and convenient storage. I was curious about the taste and tried the potato soup and cowboy beans and rice and they are absolutely delicious- very pleased!” – Janis R.

    “I finally ordered a package of these, and my family and I tried them on one of our “practice scenarios”. We all thought they tasted good and served their purpose. Would have been 5 stars if individually wrapped, but still worth every penny!” – Trent T.

    Some customers who have left bad reviews stated that they haven’t received their orders yet or have issues with packaging.

    “As I write this, I’ve been on hold for 2 hours and 8 minutes!!!! I thought I was tough but listening to this BS music and message over and is about to leave me permanently brain dead. After 4 weeks and 4 days, I finally received 3 boxes for two, 3-month orders. Each order should be 2 boxes minimum. No packing slip, no shipping orders, nothing. I don’t even know which of the 2 orders shipped. Then today we got 2 more boxes, one was a tote and the other a smaller box. The smaller box contained paperwork for 1 order, the solar kettle, a dab of coffee and some cocoa, and 2 72-hour kits. So I guess I’m supposed to get at least one more small box. I have the same question someone else asked; why does each tote stink of “something”? If they’re all vacuum sealed there should be no smell whatsoever! And they are most certainly NOT vacuum sealed. I don’t know if I trust this stuff or not, not good. I got no seeds as promised and no idea if I’ll ever get the second small box with another solar Kettle and two more 72-hour kits. Of course, there’s no way anyone could survive 3 days on one of those packages anyway! I’m at 2 hours and 21 minutes on hold right now. I’d hang up, but this is personal now!!!!” – Anonyms

    • “Don’t waste your time! Still haven’t received my order yet!!” – Alexander H.

    In response to this, a member from the customer support team for 4Patriots had replied:

    • “Alexander, I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t received your 3-Month Kit. I do see you had spoken to Kimberly on 5/6 and had confirmed you had received your bonus shipment and the blue tote. A reshipment of your 2nd tote (red) is en route via FedEx here: 273000891122. For the delay, I have issued $25 off your order, and it should reflect in 7-10 business days. Best Regards”

    This, and many similar interactions, suggest that often, the main issues with orders occur when there is a higher than usual volume of orders or when there are issues with the shipping company, which often lead to increased shipping times.

    Our team also found that in most of these cases, the customers who called customer service were helped quickly and provided with tracking information such as a tracking number to help with their orders.

    Does 4Patriots Have A Refund Policy?

    4Patriots offers a 100% money-back guarantee on anything you purchase from their website. The company maintains that their product is made for your satisfaction, and if for any reason you aren’t happy with your 4Patriots product, you can return it to get a full refund within one year from the date you bought it.

    4Patriots Final Verdict

    So to summarize our 4Patriots review, we would say that the emergency essentials and survival food items offered by 4Patriots are worth it. Although some of their products are on the pricey side of things, they provide great value in the long run.


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