2000 Presidential Primary Ballot Set

“Secretary of State Ralph Munro has announced the selection of presidential candidates who will appear on the state of Washington’s February 29, 2000 presidential primary ballot. The candidates are:DemocratBill BradleyAl GoreRepublicanGary BauerGeorge W. BushSteve ForbesOrrin HatchAlan KeyesJohn McCainUnder state election law, the secretary of state is responsible for naming candidates to the presidential primary ballot. The law directs the secretary to determine “the candidate’s candidacy is generally advocated or is recognized in the national news media.”Munro said his office has been scrutinizing national news media coverage of presidential candidates during the past year to determine which candidates would meet the criteria set forth in state law. He said the office also reviewed materials sent by the 23 individuals who asked to be placed on Washington’s ballot.“Taking all this into consideration, we have determined that these eight candidates meet the legal standard to be placed on the presidential primary ballot,” Munro said.Munro said those who did not meet the selection criteria still have the option of gathering petition signatures to qualify for the presidential primary. State law provides Republican or Democratic presidential candidates can obtain a spot on the primary ballot by submitting signatures of 1,000 registered voters from Washington by January 21, 2000.Washington’s Leap Day presidential primary date was agreed to earlier this year by officials of the major political parties, legislative leaders and the secretary of state. It will coincide with presidential primaries in North Dakota and Virginia, and will come one week ahead of primaries in 15 states, including California, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.Washington chose the early primary date to attract presidential candidates and their campaigns to the Pacific Northwest, a strategy that seems to be paying off with repeat visits from most of the major contenders.Minor party and independent candidates for president are nominated through a separate process and will not appear on the presidential primary ballot.”