10 Best Phone Number Lookup by Name (Paid & Free)

Do you often receive phone calls from people you don’t know? Knowing who is on the other end of the line can be useful, especially if you frequently get spam calls. With a reverse phone number lookup, you can easily find out the name and other information about the person calling you.

If you know you can benefit from this type of service; you can get started by checking our top 4 sites to find out who is calling me.

  1. Instant CheckMate – With thousands of 5-star reviews, Instant CheckMate is one of the most reliable reverse phone number lookup platforms.
  2. Spokeo – Spokeo allows you to search for the owner of a phone number instantly from its billions of records.
  3. CocoFinder – CocoFinder has a huge database that gives you more chances of finding the owner of a phone number, and they don’t track your searches.
  4. NumLooker – At NumLooker, you can easily do a phone number lookup securely and confidentially.

Top 10 Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup Sites

1. Instant CheckMate


Instant CheckMate offers different types of search services, including reverse phone number lookup, people search, and inmate search. You can easily get started with your search by entering the phone number and clicking the ‘Search Now’ button. The tool will immediately perform the search and give you results after a few seconds.

Partial results are available for free at Instant CheckMate. To unlock the complete search results, you need to avail yourself of the plans they offer. They have a trial membership plan for only $1.00 which entitles you to use their different services for five days after purchase, and standard monthly plans if you want a regular subscription.

A comprehensive search result provided by Instant Checkmate generally includes name and address, photos or videos, dating, and social media profiles, online activity, address history, possible relatives and associates, and more. Their search tool is easy to use; however, be aware that their complete report comes with a fee.

Reveal The True Identity Behind Those Phone Numbers Through Instant Checkmate.

2. Spokeo


Spokeo is another popular website for phone number lookup by name and reverse number lookup, and they offer paid and free services for their users. If you visit their website, the phone number search field is hard to miss. To get started, just enter the phone number and hit the ‘Search Now’ button. Every search is secure, and they won’t notify the person that you conducted the search.

A complete phone number lookup result from Spokeo may include full name, phone type, carrier, current address, and family members. You can access a full phone number report for less than a dollar and a 7-Day Spokeo Membership Trial. Spokeo’s search tool is user-friendly, allowing you to pull up the information you are looking for easily.

Quit Guessing Who Your Caller Is. Do A Quick Number Search Now At Spokeo!

3. CocoFinder


CocoFinder offers different people searching services, which include phone number lookup, people search, address lookup, and background check, available in 50 states. As long as the person calling you is from the US, you should be able to get the name and other relevant information you need.

CocoFinder makes the information search easy for anyone. When you do a phone number lookup, the site will link you to third-party lookup websites they partner with at no extra cost on your end. This means that a single search could give you multiple results to choose from. It is up to you to decide which report generating based on the available information and fee. Make sure to check the fees for each available result to avoid choosing a report with a more expensive fee.

Comprehensive results offered by partners may include phone number identity, date of birth and age, relatives, contact information, court records, criminal records, arrest records, and more.

Start Multiple Phone Number Searches In One Go Using CocoFinder.

4. NumLooker


NumLooker partners with third-party search engines to provide you with information relevant to a phone number, such as full name, current and previous addresses, contact information, relatives, social media accounts, criminal records, and social offender status, among others. It’s easy to reveal the identity of your caller or scammer through a quick and secure search on the website. Just this year, this site has already performed over 12 million searches.

You can start your search by entering your phone number on the website’s search tool. When you click the ‘Search Now’ button, you will be redirected to their partners, where you can get your search results.

Apart from reverse phone number search, NumLooker also offers other search services, including public records search, people search, address lookup, and background check. The fees vary depending on partner sites that provide your lookup results.

Don’t Speculate; Find Out Who Is Calling You By Searching Through Numlooker!

5. Great People Search


Great People Search partners with some of the leading background search sites to help you find the identity behind a phone number. Aside from phone number lookup, they also offer email lookup, address lookup, and people search services. The site is secure, and they keep your searches confidential. What this means is that no one knows you did a search except you.

When you run a search through Great People Search, you may obtain information such as name, current address, date of birth, age, contact numbers, vital records, traffic tickets, and criminal records, among others. The process of generating results is as simple as providing the contact number, and results are readily available in a matter of seconds.

With that said, It’s important to note that while you can search for free on the website, complete results come with a fee depending on how much their partner sites charge.

Get Complete Information About A Phone Number By Using Great People Search!

6. Best People Finder


Best People Finder is a search tool that works in partnership with third-party search websites, allowing you to generate multiple results in one click. Getting started is also easy as it involves entering the phone number in their search field and clicking the ‘Start Search’ button.

Your searches on the website are confidential so that no one will know about them except you. They will also keep your identity secure. A reverse lookup report typically contains information such as name, gender, age, contact information, social media accounts, relatives, financial status, and criminal history, if there are any.

Aside from phone lookup, you may also perform people search, address lookup, and email lookup on the website. They have a comprehensive database that can provide you with accurate information.

It’s important to note that although the website offers free service, full reports are available for a fee. The fee may vary depending on the partner site.

Start Multiple Reverse Lookups In One Click By Using Best People Finder!

7. Find People Faster


True to its name, Find People Faster lets you easily and quickly look for information in connection with a phone number. This search tool works with partner sites to give you options when it comes to lookup results.

You can start a phone lookup by entering the phone number of their search tool and clicking the ‘Start Search’ button. In a matter of seconds, you can already view some information about a phone number for free. However, if you like a complete report, you may have to subscribe or get a membership plan from the partner website.

Aside from phone number lookup, you can also use this website for other search services, including people search, address lookup, and email lookup.

It Won’t Take Long To Find Out Who Is Calling You At Finder People Faster.

8. Easy People Search


Easy People Search is another website that helps you get to know the person who owns a particular number. They partnered with some of the leading search sites to help you access comprehensive and accurate information.

The search tool on the Easy People Search website is secure, and they also value your confidentiality as a user. They immediately run the search as soon as you click the ‘Start Search’ button. In a matter of minutes, you can generate a full report for a fee or opt for their free service, which will only give you limited information.

Easy People Search Allows You To Search The Person Behind A Number With Ease!

9. Real People Finder


Real People Finder is an online platform that lets you access multiple search websites with a click of a button. The information that you can get from the search, as well as the fee to access a complete report, may vary per search website.

Still, generally, you should be able to get information such as full name and other personal information, home address, email address and alternate phone number, acquaintances, social media accounts, and more. Their servers are encrypted to protect your information. Moreover, they have a 24/7 helpdesk to assist you.

Find Real People With Their Phone Numbers Through Real People Finder.

10. People Search Faster


People Search Faster gives you a hassle-free experience when you are trying to know the person who called you. They have a secure website that connects you to their partner search engines which will generate the information pertaining to the number.

A reverse lookup on People Search Faster gives you information such as contact details, owner’s identity, personal information, location, social presence, and court records. Aside from phone lookup, you could also use this platform for searching people, email, and address. As the search is done by partner websites, you may have to wait for a bit and may be charged a fee to access a full report.

People Search Faster Is The Ideal Solution If You Want To Search For People Faster!

How Can I Do Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

A reverse phone number lookup is a service that’s available on both landlines and mobile phones. It allows you to search for information linked to a phone number. Running a lookup should be easy and generally involves the following steps:

  1. Access one of the online platform from our top 10 listed reliable reverse number lookup engine. Once on the website or app, enter the phone number you want to look up and click the ‘Start’ button.
  2. The tool will then run a search through its available databases.
  3. Once the tool is done searching, you can filter the results and get the lookup report. You could either view or download the results.

A reverse phone number lookup is a legal service as long as the tool generates its information from public and open sources. In other words, you can find all that public information manually by yourself without breaking any laws, but using a professional tool can massively save your time.


A reverse phone number lookup is an important service that can be useful in various situations, such as when you want to know the person behind spam calls or threats and when you want to verify a person’s identity (i.e., identity verification for a job applicant). Phone number lookups are typically confidential and secure, meaning no one will know that you conducted a search.

When you go online to do a phone number lookup, you may encounter bogus sites that do not really deliver good results. The top 10 best phone number lookup websites or apps we listed above offer legitimate services, and they can help you get rid of worries and the anxiety of having unknown callers.

Many of the listed sites offer their services for free, while others charge a small fee for a fully detailed number report. Obviously, you will get a report filled with detailed information about a phone number if you choose to use the paid services, but in most cases, a free report with basic information is good enough to get the job done.

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