By any criteria, the landscape of Seattle is unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Photo: Morf Morford

Economic & Revenue Update

2019 has been a year of changes Summary The U.S. labor market added 136,000 net new jobs in September. The U.S. unemployment rate fell to its lowest level since December 1969. The U.S. ISM manufacturing index indicated a contraction in … ... [...more]


Ready for a news diet?

Does the news make you crazy? Here are some tips on being a more productive news consumer By Morf Morford Tacoma Daily Index I could not count how many people I know who have stopped watching, reading or listening to … [...more]

This diagram of measurement systems show how confusing our history has been.

Who wants to be miserable?

Are we having a ’70s revival? By Morf Morford Tacoma Daily Index Back in 1976 the book How to Make Yourself Miserable by Dan Greenburg was (relatively) popular. It was intended to be a (mildly) sardonic rejoinder to the flood … [...more]