The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) seeks director of Department of Client Services

This senior executive position would lead THA’s largest department.  The position has three main responsibilities:

* First, this director will lead the department that administers all of THA’s rental assistance programs.  These programs include our Housing Choice Voucher program, the Housing Opportunity Program, and our use of project based vouchers with a wide array of partners.  These programs also include specialized uses of rental assistance serving homeless students enrolled in public schools and colleges, families who need housing to prevent or shorten their children’s foster care placement, teenagers aging out of foster care, homeless youth without families, people in nursing homes who do not need to be there but for lack of housing, homeless veterans, homeless families in our county’s rapid rehousing program, and homeless people participating in the local judiciary’s drug or mental health court.

* Second, this director will lead the department’s second major focus: to provide or to seek out and manage partnerships that provide supportive services to people in THA’s housing programs.  These services help people succeed, not only as tenants, but also as “parents, students, wage earners and builders of assets.”

* Third, this director also serves on THA’s executive cabinet.  In that advisory capacity to the executive director, the person in this position helps THA choose its strategic direction and manage its operations.  The person also helps to represent THA to a wide range of community partners and civic voices and interests.

The Director of Client Services performs all these responsibilities in service to THA’s social justice mission to assist low-income households, to help Tacoma be “safe, vibrant, prosperous, attractive and just”, and to do this work in ways that aspire to administrative and programmatic excellence.

We are looking for someone with the skills and experience to manage a talented staff with programmatic ambitions.  The right person would match these skills with a strong interest in using them in a lively, innovative and good humored public housing authority serving the social justice and community development needs of a lively, progressive, and attractive city on the shore of Puget Sound.  THA’s web site is a good place to learn more.  See  To apply for this position, go to this link:

– Tacoma Housing Authority