Port of Tacoma Commission to consider 2015 budget

The Port of Tacoma Commission has scheduled two public meetings in November to consider the Port’s 2015 budget.

The first meeting will be held on Thurs., Nov. 6, at 1 p.m., and will include an in-depth look at business forecasts, capital building plans, the tax levy, and 2015 budget. The second meeting will be held on Thurs., Nov. 13, at 12 p.m., and will include a public hearing to formally adopt the 2015 budget. Community members are encouraged to attend each meeting to learn more about how the Port’s budget is formed, as well as provide public input.

Both public meetings will be held at the Fabulich Center, located at 3600 Port of Tacoma Road (Room 104). Meetings also are streamed live online at portoftacoma.com/commission and are later broadcast on Click! and Comcast throughout Pierce County.

More information about the draft budget is available online at portoftacoma.com/budget. Hard copies of the presentation also will be available at the Port administration building and at both meetings.