City of Tacoma launches online Green Living Guide

The City of Tacoma has launched an online and interactive mapping tool designed to help Tacoma residents who are interested in living more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.

Those who attended the recent South Sound Sustainability Expo got a sneak peak at the Green Living Guide, which maps a range of eco-friendly topics, including:

  • Transportation – Tacoma’s Green Living Guide aims to help Tacomans find a variety of transportation options, such as car-sharing services, electric vehicle charging stations, kayak launches, light rail stations, park-and-ride stations, off-street paved bicycle trails, walking trails, transit centers, and bicycle lanes;
  • Sustainable Purchasing – Being conscious of how you spend your money is an important part of living sustainably. Tacoma’s Green Living Guide aims to help Tacomans find businesses around Tacoma that offer consumers environmentally-friendly products and services, such as businesses with Pierce County Enviro Stars certification, EarthSure-certified products, and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium “Paw of Approval” certifications;
  • Sustainable Agriculture – Tacoma’s Green Living Guide aims to help Tacomans find the city’s 30-plus community gardens and six Farmer’s Markets;
  • Open Space – Open spaces are natural areas that provide important community space, habitat for plants and animals, and various recreational opportunities. Tacoma’s Green Living Guide aims to help Tacomans explore these areas, as well as local parks, which provide many of the same amenities;
  • Green Infrastructure – Green Infrastructure uses plants, soils, and natural processes to encourage healthier urban environments. Using the Green Living Guide, Tacomans can discover rain gardens, green roofs, and living walls around the city, and find out how to create a rain garden at home;
  • Green Building, Energy, and Recycling – Use the Green Living Guide to learn more about Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)-certified buildings, and how you can take steps to make your home more efficient. In addition, you can find more information about Tacoma Public Utilities, as well as recycling opportunities in Tacoma;
  • Education – The Green Living Guide directs people to resources related to nature and sustainability in Tacoma, plus the measures local universities are taking to become more sustainable.

Each topic area includes its own Web page listing further resources.

“It’s about providing information about options in consolidated and innovative ways,” said City of Tacoma Office of Environmental Policy & Sustainability Division Manager Kristin Lynett. “In addition to current residents, we think future homebuyers, renters or possibly even business owners who care about these issues many use the tool to help choose where they want to live or locate.”

The City of Tacoma’s Green Living Guide is available online at