Do we need Internet neutrality?

There’s a lively discussion across the Internet on the concept of Net neutrality, a term coined by law professor Tim Wu. According to Wikipedia.com, Net neutrality refers to “[T]he neutrality of basic Internet protocols with respect to the ... [...more]


Firefox for Dummies (Part Two)

Last Friday, we talked with Blake Ross, the 20-year old who started writing code for Netscape at age 14 and has since co-founded the Firefox project and SpreadFirefox.com. He is also author of the new book Firefox for Dummies. Ross had more to ... [...more]


Firefox for Dummies

Last year was a breakout year for 20-year-old Blake Ross. He was on the cover of Wired magazine, nominated for Wired’s Renegade of the Year and named Rolling Stone magazine’s Hot List. This came six years after he started working at Netscape ... [...more]