ZappZilla Reviewed: Is Zappzilla Anti-Bug Zapper Lamp Scam or Legit?

Whether you prefer to party outdoors on sunny days or warm evenings, there is one thing that nearly everyone dislikes the most i.e., the mosquito bites. Few things destroy a peaceful evening on the balcony more quickly than constantly swatting insects who view your family and visitors as a feast.

Bugs aren’t just annoying. They may potentially pose a health risk. Mosquitoes transmit infections like the West Nile virus. Additionally, many individuals experience allergic reactions to bites, ranging from annoying rashes to life-threatening medical problems.

Insect zappers can be effective protection against the invasion of insects. Ultraviolet light emitted by bug zappers attracts small flying insects. And then, when they get too close, it kills them with a lethal shock. There are various bug zappers available these days, but “ZappZilla” is the most effective.

All kinds of insects and mosquitoes can be zapped with ZappZilla. It is a rechargeable light that has been shown to be effective and convenient to use. It’s designed to keep you and your pets safe from gnats and other pesky insects. As a torch and camping light, ZappZilla can illuminate any area for up to 24 hours, making it ideal for camping and bug control. These bug zappers are superior in terms of both quality and price compared to the competition.

The goal of this review is to examine various aspects of ZappZilla’s operation and the benefits it provides consumers.

So, Let’s jump in!

What is a ZappZilla?

ZappZilla is a 100% safe and solar-powered bug zapper light that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and indoors completely bug and mosquito-free. The solar-powered light attracts mosquitoes and entices them to fly to the device’s top with just a simple plug-in. Thus, such pesky insects are dispatched and eliminated in a flash. A brush is included with every ZappZilla bug zapper to remove any leftover waste and debris from the inner coil. You can reuse the bottom shell once you’ve cleaned out the waste.

Surrounding the ZappZilla zapper core are shock-resistant 7mm micro plastic bars, ensuring its complete safety, thereby eliminating all kinds of mishaps. ZappZilla’s rechargeable battery makes it extremely portable. It’s also easy to carry, which makes it a great choice for outside activities. Indoor and outdoor use is possible because of the bug zapper’s waterproof and shockproof case. Anyone can set up the mosquito trap at desired location regardless of the weather conditions.

Zappzilla Bug Zapper Features

The Zappzilla is comparable to having a personal insecticide. When an insect approaches the flytrap, the inside electric grid of the zapper instantly kills it. This bug zapper also comes with mosquito-killing cartridges, which is a plus. The following are some of the advertised features of ZappZilla.

ZappZilla includes a 1000V high voltage zap with a 375-square-foot effective bug-killing range. It’s a three-in-one device. It can easily function as a bug zapper, a lantern for walking, and an all-weather camping light.

You may regulate the brightness of the ultrabright LED light from a dim setting to a sunlit illumination. This 7 oz. bug zapper can transform any gloomy space into a bright one.

A micro-USB charger is included in the package. This charger allows you to charge your device wherever. One charge will last up to 24 hours, allowing you to spend an entire day free of flying mosquitoes and wasps or gnats.

A well-functioning item does not always need to be huge and hefty. ZappZilla is remarkably lightweight and portable, making it ideal for usage on the road.

The ZappZilla is able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, snow, and strong heat. Regardless of the temperature, no insect will escape detection and capture.

The EPA-approved ZappZilla is constructed from fire-resistant ABS plastic. It was created without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or sprays that could be hazardous.


Q: What is the power of the ZappZilla Light?

A. The purple LED light is incredibly enticing to insects, so they will follow it and be zapped by the electric coil without any effort on your part.

Q: Is the ZappZilla Light portable and rechargeable?

A. Yes, it is totally rechargeable with a 2,000mAH inbuilt rechargeable battery. Place it wherever you like, mount it high, and even take it on the road. The ZappZilla Light is so lightweight and tiny that you will carry it everywhere.

Q: Can the brightness of the lamp be adjusted?

A. Yes, it offers four adjustable brightness settings: 0 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent, and 100 percent, depending on your preference. The ZappZilla company states the lightbulb in the unit will last up to 10,000 hours.

Q: Can the camping lamp be turned off and used as a zapper alone?

A. Yes, you can completely disable the camping lantern and use it as a bug zapper. ZappZilla includes four light settings, 0 percent, 20 percent, 50 percent, and 100 percent, which may be adjusted according to your preference.

Q: Are the ZappZilla Lights safe?

A. Insect repellents and anti-mosquito candles generate an unpleasant odor and contain numerous chemicals. In the meanwhile, ZappZilla is non-toxic and safe for use in your home.

Where to buy the ZappZilla

ZappZilla is one of the newest bug zappers currently available on the market. Visit the ZappZilla official site if you’re interested in purchasing the item. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures that the user’s personal information will never be compromised.

Orders are shipped via UPS and arrive within 48 hours after being verified. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for the delivery of a standard shipment. After your order has been delivered, you will receive an email with a confirmation and your tracking number in it. You need to act quickly because the company is now offering the following bargains.

  • 1 unit of ZappZilla: $39.99
  • 3 units of ZappZilla: $37.99 each
  • 6 units of ZappZilla: $35.99 each

Your bugs will be eliminated quickly and safely with ZappZilla’s help. Still, you have 30 days to return your order if you aren’t satisfied. This refund policy demonstrates that your transaction is completely risk-free. If you have any further questions about ZappZilla, you can reach out to the customer service team by using the following information:

  • Phone: +1 (844) 518-1859
  • Email: Support@ZappZilla.com


The heat of the American summer may be brutal! Mosquitoes are having a field day because the day is so hot, wet, and humid. Having a bug zapper like ZappZilla will make your life easier both outside and inside the house. Your skin is protected against the bites you were prone to before using it.

Simply place it where you want to use it. It gets to work immediately, zapping anything that enters within range. There is no need to worry about batteries dying or needing to be replaced frequently. ZappZilla can be used for the whole day easily.

Customers who have purchased this bug zapper are very satisfied and appreciate the fact that mosquitoes do not stick to the zapper tray, thereby making it easier to clean. Customers who are on a budget will appreciate the small size of the ZappZilla bug zapper.

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