WTC Tacoma part of first WTC Association Day

World Trade Centers all over the world will be celebrating World Trade Center Association Day, on June 12, as a way to celebrate the vision of peace and stability that the World Trade Center Association represents through its participation in global trade.
As part of this celebration each World Trade Center has nominated an individual or organization, located in their particular region, that best embodies the ideals of the World Trade Center Association. The World Trade Center Tacoma has nominated Pacific Lutheran University based on their outstanding participation within the global economy.
Guy Tozzoli founded the World Trade Center Association and in 2002 he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy of peace through trade.
His vision for the World Trade Center Association is to promote international business relationships and to encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among members.
Join the World Trade Center Tacoma in celebrating the 1st annual WTCA Day and the nomination of Pacific Lutheran University for the World Trade Center Book of Honors on June 12, at the Tacoma Club in downtown Tacoma.
For reservations to this event, please call 253/383-9474. The fee is $20 for prepaid members, $25 for prepaid nonmembers, and $30 at the door. Please call with your reservation before Monday June 10, 2002.