Wi-Fi class being offered at Tacoma Community College

As new technology makes wireless networking more accessible and useful to residential and business users and increases the need for wireless security, solid growth is expected in emerging occupations in the wireless/tele-communications industry.

To help meet this demand, a new electronics/wireless engineering and security program will be offered this fall (Sept. 22) at Tacoma Community College.

The program is designed to help students prepare for the job opportunities created by the development of the wireless/telecommunications industry. The field is a new specialty in electronics and offers the challenge of working with some of the latest in wireless technologies.

The electronics/wireless engineering and security program will focus on emerging and dynamic wireless technologies – including cellular, fixed broadband and WiFi – and will incorporate encryption and network security. Coursework will include radio frequency equipment and theory; electronics theory, repair and testing; and security fundamentals and applications such as cryptologic theory.

TCC is offering a one-year certificate and a two-year associate’s degree in electronics/wireless engineering and security. For more information, contact Tim Mason, information technology instructor, at 253/566.5286 or via e-mail at: tmason@tcc.ctc.edu.