What does the future hold for downtown Tacoma?

Although hindsight is said to be 20/20, the San Francisco-based architectural firm Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz will attempt to envision Tacoma’s future with the same sort of clarity.

Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz will discuss “Tacoma 20/20: Vision for the Future” with Tacoma City Club members at its June 5 dinner program, offering a comparison of Tacoma with urban renewal projects such as San Francisco and Austin, among others.

Specifically, Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz will try and anticipate how the city’s downtown will evolve in the next two decades or so, as part of a plan to continue the core area’s revitalization.

The architectural firm is researching and studying city planning, education, retail and commercial entertainment, cultural institutions, historic preservations, government facilities and residential planning.

Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz is anticipating an accelerating rate of change in a city that has already seen a host of changes, including theaters and museums to new businesses and a university.

The evening will feature Alexander Wu, Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz director of research and special projects; Herbert McLaughlin, the firm’s chair and director of design; and Michael Sullivan of Artifacts, Inc. and professor at the University of Washington.

The program is scheduled for 6 p.m., at the University of Puget Sound Wheelock Student Center.

Those wishing to attend need to reserve a spot by May 29.

Call 253/272-9561 or e-mail:


Cost is $13 for Tacoma City Club members, $17 for guests.