WebTalkGuys to feature the making of a feature-length movie

“This Saturday the local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will take a behind the scenes look at the making of a feature-length independent comedy adventure movie currently filming in Virginia. The show also features a roundtable debate on the survival of Napster, the music file swapping network.WebTalkGuys Radio will be talking to independent filmmakers Jonathan and Matthew Friedman, who are documenting the entire filmmaking process of Moving, a movie-in-progress. The movie website, WhatIsMoving.com, tracks the daily steps, from start to finish, with updates from location shoots, notes on script revisions, concept sketches, photos, and behind-the-scenes diaries. The humorous brotherly team (filmmakers, producers, directors), are using the film’s website in a similar to the gorilla public relations tactics made popular by the movie Blair Witch Project, to create a buzz about the film.The site has recently won an award for Cool Site of the Month. The completed film will tour the film festival circuit near the end of the year.A roundtable discussion will debate how Napster, the online music file swapping service, can survive. Napster recently offered record companies $1 billion over five years for the right to allow copyrighted music to be traded on the Napster network to try to end their dispute with record companies and save themselves. The WebGuys will pose the question if the $1 billion offer is little more than a publicity stunt or a truce with the record labels that would allow it to continue operating while it develops technology to block copyright violations.The roundtable includes Rob Greenlee, Ron Ehli, CEO of PayByCheck.com and Joey Caisse, CEO of Web-X.com.The radio show also covers Internet News with Rob Greenlee, Jeff Davis, digital strategist at Business Internet Services in Tacoma, and WebGrrl Dana, president of LoudVox Productions, which also produces the show.The program will air Saturday, Feb. 24, at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180 AM as well as Webcast at www.webtalkguys.com. The entire show, as well as past shows, can be heard at any time from the website. “