WebTalkGuys to explore Internet fund-raising for schools

“This Saturday the local radio and webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will explore Internet fundraising alternatives for schools on WebTalkGuys Radio.More than half of K-12 schools (58%) believe that fundraising is necessary to offer students a quality education, according to a recent study conducted by Quality Education Data (QED) on behalf of Schoolpop, Inc. (www.schoolpop.com). Rea Callender, co-founder and director of SchoolPop.com, will be on the show talking about his companys solution.Schoolpop brings together etailers and retailers, parents and the community, to raise money for more than 18,000 schools nationwide. Schoolpop arranges rebate offers from restaurants, retail stores and gas stations, both in a local neighborhood as well as from online etailers. When a customer shops at these businesses, up to 20% of the purchase price goes back to the school. Fundraising, which used to be supplemental, is now a fundamental part of schools’ budgets.As fundraising becomes increasingly important, school fundraising coordinators indicate that the money raised through traditional fundraising methods is insufficient, pointing to a need for more effective means of raising much-needed funds.While people may believe that the purpose of school fundraising is to provide students with extras like band trips and new cheerleading uniforms, the primary reason schools conduct fundraisers is to purchase books and other educational materials, said Bob Wann, president and CEO of Schoolpop.The Schoolpop program does not cost your school anything except the time and energy you put into promoting the program, says Rea Callender, co-founder and director of the company. We provide all of the promotional tools the school needs. The schools role is to get those materials into the right hands. From there, let the Schoolpop website and your community do the work.The radio show also covers Internet News with host Rob and Dana Greenlee of LoudVox Productions, which also produces the show.The program will air Saturday, March 31 at 11 a.m. on KLAY 1180 AM as well as Webcast at www.webtalkguys.com. The entire show, as well as past shows, can be heard at any time from the website. “