Web Talk Guys Radio Show: Is the free Web down for the count?

Back in the day, you could get tons of free products and services on the Web – every dot-com wanted to have the most eyeballs; then came Bloody April and the economic downturn. Now cold reality is taking over and the free stuff on the web is slipping away.
This Saturday the local radio and Webcast technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will explore what happened to the free Web as well as a humorous look inside the Amazon.com culture.
Have you ever worked at a company that you can bet on dog races in the hallways or where an occupational hazard is starting to use Unix commands in everyday speech? This week’s radio program will feature an interview with actor/comedian, playwright and Amazon.com staff refugee Mike Daisey, the guy who’s behind the off-Broadway one-man stage show – and now a book – “21 Dog Years: Doing Time @ Amazon.com.” The New York Post describes Daisey as somewhere “between Spalding Gray and Robin Williams.”
The radio show is hosted by Tacoma tech business leaders Rob Greenlee, Marketing Director of Personal Design Concepts Dana Greenlee of LoudVox Productions, which also produces the show, and do-tcom CEO Pat Scanlon.
WebTalkGuys can be heard locally as a Webcast on the Internet on demand from:
It is also streamed live on Saturday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at 7 p.m. over: www.cnetradio.com.
The show is also broadcast on CNET Radio in San Francisco/San Jose, Boston and over the XM Satellite Radio Network Channel 130.