Washington’s Lottery Unveils $23.6 Million In Prizes From New Scratch Games

Olympia, WA – Washington’s Lottery announced the launch of three new Scratch games, including a $10 Loteria game that’s being...

Olympia, WA – Washington’s Lottery announced the launch of three new Scratch games, including a $10 Loteria game that’s being introduced for the first time. Together, the three games offer more than $23 million in prizes. Starting September 13, players can visit their favorite lottery retailer to find these new games, which include:

$250,000 Loteria: $10 per ticket with a top prize of $250,000. Match all four symbols in either a vertical or horizontal line and win a prize shown for that line. This is the first time Washington’s Lottery is introducing a $10 version of the popular Loteria game with larger prizes.

$50,000 Count Up Cash: $5 per ticket with a top prize of $50,000. Reveal symbols to win some of the $7.2 million offered in prizes.

9s in a Line: $1 per ticket with a top prize of $999. Reveal special symbols to win a prize or to double that prize.

Washington’s Lottery offers Scratch games priced between $1 and $30, each with varying prize amounts. The number of actual prizes available in a game may vary based on the number of tickets printed, tested, distributed, sold, and number of prizes claimed. There are currently 47 Scratch games in rotation.

Once a player wins, they have 180 days from the drawing date to claim their prize for a draw game ticket. If the player won with a Scratch ticket, they have 180 days from the last day of ticket sales to claim their prize. Scratch game closing procedures will be initiated when all top prizes have been claimed. Scratch game closing procedures may be initiated for documented business reasons. These games may have prizes unclaimed, including top prizes. During closing, games may be sold even after all top prizes have been claimed and/or non-winning second chance promotional drawings have expired. Claims are subject to applicable laws, rules, procedures and final decisions of the Executive Director.

The Lottery’s offices in Olympia and Spokane are open to the public to claim prizes during regular hours Mon-Fri, and the Everett and Yakima locations are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wed and Thu each week. Washington’s Lottery is encouraging winners with prizes up to $100,000 who cannot travel to one of these locations to mail in their winning tickets to claim their prize. Winners with tickets for $100,000 or more are instructed to call Lottery Headquarters to schedule an appointment to make a safe and secure in-person claim.

About Washington’s Lottery: Since 1982, Washington’s Lottery has generated more than $4.5 billion to support important state programs including the Washington Opportunity Pathways Account, which provides grants to help college students statewide achieve their higher education dreams, and supports early childhood education learning programs. The state’s Lottery offers consumers several types of games, including Mega Millions, Powerball, Lotto, Hit 5, Match 4, Pick 3, Daily Keno and Scratch. For more information, visit www.walottery.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @walottery. Keep it fun. Know your limit. Washington’s Lottery is an advocate for responsible gaming and collaborates with the Evergreen Council for Problem Gambling to provide resources for those in need. More information is available at www.walottery.com/Responsibility.

– Washington’s Lottery


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