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Does it annoy you that after a certain amount of time at work, your brainpower simply dies? Have you considered seeking out options that will keep you focused on achieving the highest possible output levels, efficiency, and sense of accomplishment? Much of this is due to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep. If any of these three criteria is not routinely addressed, mental fog will almost invariably follow. Of course, there are exceptions, particularly in terms of health, because each case is different. After researching the necessary measures to increase cognition, our editorial team discovered a number of ingredients that could do the trick if integrated in an effective dietary supplement. This is where it is fitting to introduce Vyvamind.

What is Vyvamind?

Vyvamind [NSV-313] is an all-natural neurostimulator and focus aid designed to help people in times of intense mental strength and concentration. Such situations are usually faced by students, programmers, traders, and anyone else who must zero in on a specific activity. In fact, each serving is believed to enhance motivation and drive, relieve stress and anxiety, raise onset brainpower, and, most notably, protect individuals from experiencing mental exhaustion. Considering everything, let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients that allow the solution’s creators, SAP Nutrition LTD, to make diverse assertions.

What’s inside each Vyvamind serving?

Each Vyvamind serving brings together the likes of:

L-Tyrosine (300mg)

Tyrosine [1] is an amino acid derived from select protein foods while also being naturally created by the body writes one source. It is responsible for the production of several essential compounds, including dopamine (the feel-good brain chemical), adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones (which enable our fight-or-flight response), thyroid hormones (which regulate metabolism), and melanin (a pigment that gives our skin, hair, and eyes their color). This ingredient may have been chosen for Vyvamind because of its potential to relieve stress.

High levels of stress are known to hinder one’s ability to think critically, recall information, and concentration. Surprisingly, the aforementioned are the result of diminished neurotransmitters in the presence of stress. A rodent-based model demonstrated how consuming tyrosine could reverse a decline in neurotransmitters, ultimately, restoring memory. Similarly, it may help with working memory, cognitive flexibility, and sleep. We cannot reiterate enough the effect of this ingredient. Precisely, tyrosine reduces stress but does not directly affect brain function.

Citicoline (200mg)

Citicoline [2] is a phosphatidylcholine precursor (or a phospholipid attached to a choline particle) that contributes to the structural part of cell membranes. To date, evidence suggests that supplementing with it increases levels of acetylcholine and dopamine neurotransmitters, both of which are thought to assist learning, memory, and overall cognition. Citicoline’s potential to boost levels of a chemical known as cerebroside has also sparked much interest since it protects the brain from injury and cognitive impairment. Lastly, its involvement in stimulating cerebral blood flow to the brain may aid in treating conditions like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

L-Theanine (150mg) & Caffeine Anhydrous (75mg)

Theanine [3] is an amino acid found in green and black teas as well as certain mushrooms. It is well-known for its ability to alleviate anxiety, stress, and insomnia. But what distinguishes theanine from the rest is its diverse list of benefits. In particular, the type of ingredients it has been combined with determines the role it chooses to assume. When paired with caffeine, which in the case of Vyvamind is the strongest of all caffeine sources (i.e., caffeine anhydrous), theanine is reported to boost focus and attention. A small study reported how young adults benefited from the combined effects of 97mg of theanine and 40mg of regular caffeine when performing difficult tasks, further demonstrating that alertness triumphed fatigue.

Vitamin B6 (2.5mg)

Vitamin B6 [4](or pyridoxine) is required for proper brain development and nervous system upkeep. According to one source, it is also involved in the production of serotonin, dopamine, and GABA neurotransmitters, which all serve to improve mood and possibly alleviate symptoms associated with depression. Although some studies on its effect on brain function are now available, the results are deemed inconsistent. In general, researchers have concluded that decreasing homocysteine levels is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and memory difficulties, but a consensus has not been reached, necessitating further investigation.

Vitamin B12 (50mcg)

The final ingredient used in Vyvamind is vitamin B12. According to an article available online [5], it may increase energy (although further research is required) and lower the incidence of macular degeneration. A vitamin B12 deficiency has been linked to paler skin, persistent weariness, loss of appetite, sore tongue, “pins and needles” feelings in the feet and hands, and dizziness. So, naturally, filling in the gap would be the next step. Nevertheless, a meta-analysis of the effect of vitamin B12 on cognition indicated that it is most likely ineffective for improving cognition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Vyvamind a Schedule II controlled substance?

No, Vyvamind is not a controlled substance listed on Schedule II. It is an all-natural dietary supplement that stimulates the brain and does not contain any ingredients prohibited by US law.

Is taking Vyvamind safe?

Vyvamind is safe to take, based on the information presented above. It not only contains natural ingredients in appropriate amounts, but each bottle was also made in the United States, specifically in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility (based in Florida) under rigorous and sanitary conditions. This supplement, however, is not for those under the age of 18, as well as pregnant or nursing mothers. Consultation with a healthcare practitioner is required for people who have a predetermined medical condition.

Will Vyvamind cause any unwanted side effects?

When used as intended, Vyvamind should have no negative side effects. For anyone who chooses to believe that taking more is better, the rule doesn’t apply here. The suggested serving size is said to go a long way, whereas taking too much could result in abnormally rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache, or difficulty breathing.

Who might benefit from using Vyvamind?

Vyvamind, based on its creators, may readily support those who require maximal brain support, whether for enhancing focus or learning and processing speeds. These could include traders and financial analysts, entrepreneurs and business professionals, academics and college students, and athletes seeking a competitive advantage. Vyvamind ought to be beneficial as long as they are healthy. As previously stated, anyone with a pre-existing medical condition must first consult with a healthcare practitioner.

How should Vyvamind be ingested?

The recommended serving size is anywhere between 1 and 2 capsules with an adequate source of water.

How long will it take Vyvamind to function?

Vyvamind’s benefits should be felt within the first 10 minutes of taking each serving.

What are the claimed advantages of using Vyvamind?

Vyvamind is believed to offer unparalleled focus and clarity, boost motivation, drive and onset brainpower, ease stress and anxiety, and protect people against burnouts.

Will I grow addicted to Vyvamind?

No, individuals will not become dependent on Vyvamind, as it only houses natural ingredients at respected doses.

Is Vyvamind available in every state?

Yes, Vyvamind is available in all states.

How long will it take for Vyvamind orders to arrive?

Vyvamind orders will take one to three business days to arrive inside the continental United States. This supplement will not be shipped internationally at the time of writing, but the team claims to be diligently working on making this happen as soon as possible.

Is there a money-back guarantee with Vyvamind purchases?

Yes, all Vyvamind purchases will automatically be backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a refund, all units must be unworn or unused, and in their original packaging. Moreover, individuals will need to provide proof of purchase as well. For more information on the process of returning the supplement and awaiting compensate, contact via:

  • Email: hello@sapnutra.com.
  • Mailing Address (not return address): SAP Nutrition LTD, 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, 13627163

How much does Vyvamind cost?

Each Vyvamind bottle should contain 30 capsules, as outlined on the supplement’s fact. This would mean a month supply, which might last anywhere between 15 and 30 days. Fortunately, the creators have presented three price points to incentivize large orders:

  • 1 Vyvamind bottle: $74.99 each
  • 2 Vyvamind bottles: $70 each
  • 3 Vyvamind bottles: $69 each

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Final Thoughts

In line with the above analysis, the Vyvamind mechanism is twofold. First and foremost, it seeks to calm the mind, as stress and anxiety have been proven to decrease mood-enhancing and cognition-related neurotransmitters. This explains why some people have difficulty concentrating or feel brain fog on occasion. Second, the formula has been designed to target essential neurotransmitters that sustain the brain. Based on what research has revealed, this method is not just simple, but it should work. With regard to this, Vyvamind has a lot to offer. The only drawbacks are the pricing (which is somewhat high for a nootropic supplement) and the absence of information on SAP Nutrition LTD. It would have been fun to learn more about the founders, what they stand for, and whether or not their goals and ideals are in fact reflected in their solutions. For more on the ingredients and how to get hold of your Vyvamind supply, click here! >>>

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