Volunteers sought for citizen panel monitoring regional transit progress

Sound Transit – the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority – is recruiting for citizen volunteers to fill vacancies on its Citizen Oversight Panel, an independent body that is part of Sound Transit’s commitment to public accountability.

Formed in 1997, the Citizen Oversight Panel monitors Sound Transit’s performance against its commitments to the public in a number of policy areas, including budget and financial management, adherence to schedules, public participation in the plan’s implementation, evaluation of project alternatives, and review of annual independent performance audits.

The agency is requesting letters of interest from citizens with specific skills or experience and who are willing to serve for a minimum of four years on the panel, which currently meets twice a month during normal business hours. The recruitment is focusing on identifying potential members from Snohomish County, North King County, South King County and Pierce County.

Applicants must be registered voters who live within the RTA district boundary and have experience in one or more of the areas of panel responsibility, including business management, engineering, large projects construction management, public facilities and service, government processes, and public policy development or review. Interested individuals should send one-page letters of interest with resumes highlighting their experience to:

John W. Ladenburg, Chair
Sound Transit
401 South Jackson Street
Seattle, WA 98104

The deadline for letters is Thurs., Mar. 10. Following the deadline, the members of the Sound Transit Board will receive copies of all letters and may then nominate applicant(s) for consideration. The Board’s Executive Committee will review the nominations and recommend finalists to the full Sound Transit Board of Directors for confirmation.

Sound Transit actively seeks to include persons from diverse backgrounds and professional areas of expertise to support agency oversight, planning and operations. Persons of color and women are encouraged to submit letters of interest.