Volunteers needed for transportation panel

Sound Transit – the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority – is recruiting citizen volunteers to fill vacancies on its Citizen Oversight Panel, an independent body that is part of Sound Transit’s commitment to public accountability.

The agency is requesting letters of interest from citizens with specific skills or experience and who are willing to serve for a minimum of four years on the panel, which currently meets twice a month.

Applicants must be registered voters who live within the RTA district boundary and have experience in one or more of the areas of panel responsibility: business management, engineering, large projects construction management, public facilities and service, government processes, and public policy development or review. Interested individuals should send one-page letters of interest with resumes highlighting their experience to:

John W. Ladenburg, Chair, Sound Transit; 401 South Jackson St.; Seattle, WA 98104.

The deadline for letters is Feb. 13.