UW Tacoma celebrates two milestones

When fall quarter begins today, University of Washington Tacoma will celebrate two milestones: the successful enrollment of the university’s second freshman class, and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the permanent campus at So. 19th St. and Pacific Ave.

UW Tacoma’s lower-division program, in its second year, is growing fast. Last year’s freshmen have become sophomores and a new freshman class has been admitted.

Overall enrollment is projected to reach about 2,500 in the 2007-08 school year, a record high for UW Tacoma. The university has hired 17 new permanent, full-time faculty members to accommodate growth. The university expects freshman enrollment to be at about the same level as last year, at close to 200 students.

UW Tacoma opened in 1990 in rented space downtown. The permanent campus opened in 1997 in Tacoma’s historic downtown warehouse district.

UW Tacoma currently occupies about 15 percent of its 46-acre footprint, which extends from Pacific to Tacoma avenues between 21st and 17th streets. Planned growth continues in phases. Construction will begin this month on William W. Philip Hall, an assembly hall and student commons space located in the 1900 block of Pacific Avenue.