TV Tacoma turns 20 this weekend

What do TV Tacoma and the Macintosh computer have in common? They share the same birthday-it was Jan. 24, 1984 that TV Tacoma went “on-the-air” and Macintosh introduced the “Apple.” Twenty years later these two technologies will merge as TV Tacoma offers programming through Web streaming.

As TV Tacoma kicks off a celebration commemorating two decades of community programming, it will launch its new Web streaming service, offering citizens “on-demand” access to past City Council meetings via the Web.

Instead of clicking a remote to channel into city government, citizens can now watch council meetings with the click of a mouse.

After each City Council meeting TV Tacoma staff will record and publish the meeting on the Web, complete with an index so Web users can advance to any portion of the agenda.

Visit to watch archived City Council meetings. Real One player is required to view the meeting files and can be downloaded on the TV Tacoma site. Visitors can complete an online survey regarding the new service to help the city evaluate the level of user interest and satisfaction.