TV Tacoma now streams live on Web

Citizens can now watch TV Tacoma live on the Web through a new streaming video feed available at Streaming video gives users the option of tuning in to TV Tacoma real-time on their computers.
It’s simple. Go to the Web site, click on the “Watch TV Tacoma LIVE” link in the middle of the page which will then provide three connection options for the streaming video. Users are asked to click the appropriate video feed based on the speed of their connection to the Internet — high (broadband/cable modem), medium (ISDN/DSL) or low (dial-up). Each link shows a live view of what is playing on TV Tacoma.
This service is offered on the TV Tacoma Web site in addition to the video archives of City Council meetings and audio archives of City Council Study Sessions and City Council Committee meetings.
TV Tacoma is the City’s 24-hour government information channel. For more information about TV Tacoma, visit or call (253) 573-CITY.