TOWED program aims to keep impaired drivers off the road

Don’t risk killing yourself or someone else by driving while under the influence of intoxicants. Tacoma/Pierce County tow truck operators are trying to get that message to the public before New Year’s partying starts.
They are offering free tows to people who have had too much holiday cheer. Tow operators in Pierce County are joining their counterparts around the state in donating their time and vehicles for the community service.
Their program, Towing Operators Working To Eliminate Drunk Driving (TOWED), started before Christmas and runs through the New Year’s holiday.
Tow operators participating in the program have three guidelines for motorists:
1. The tow is free for the first 10 miles;
2. The vehicle must be operable;
3. They won’t tow vehicles to other bars or taverns.
Tows can be arranged by calling any of the participating tow companies. No more than 60 vehicles were given tows during the December holidays last year in Pierce County.
This year to date, no one has requested the free service. The local companies participating in TOWED are ABT Towing, Bill’s Towing, B-Line Towing, Emerald Towing, Gene’s Towing, Liberty Towing, Puyallup Towing, and Tacoma Valley Towing.
To access the service in other areas of the state, call the local tow companies.