This Digital State is in the Running for Third Year in a Row

“The state of Washington, the two-time and only winner of the Digital State title, is reportedly off to a solid start in the 2000 Digital State survey.Washington ranks second and third in the two survey categories reported so far, its best results in those categories in the three years of the 50-state survey.The Digital State survey is divided into eight categories and evaluates state government’s use of information technology to deliver services to their citizens. This year Washington ranks third in the category of electronic commerce and business regulation, with four other states earning the same score, and second in the category of electronic taxation, in which five other states earned the same score.Washington’s first-stage ranking in this year’s survey reflects the opportunities for citizens and businesses to conduct transactions online with state agencies.The people have said they want more efficient, effective government, said Governor Gary Locke. One of our key efficiency measures involves expanding online government services – like electronic tax filing – to provide easier citizen and business access.Rankings in the remaining six categories will be compiled and reported throughout the rest of the year, with the 2000 Digital State title going to the state with the best overall score.These initial survey results validate Washington’s progress toward digital government, said Steve Kolodney, director of the Washington Department of Information Services. We look forward to even better results in the remaining categories.The Center for Digital Government, Government Technology magazine and the Progress and Freedom Foundation are sponsors of the Digital State survey.”