Thieves steal fire equipment from Pierce County buildings

Last week, during routine inspections, the Pierce County Fire Prevention Bureau discovered a number of missing fire department connections that are typically found next to, or on the outside of, business structures. After further investigation, the Fire Marshal’s Office found that the connectors were stolen and were being sold at local recycling agencies.

“These thefts are happening throughout the region — we’ve been told of missing fire department connections in south King County and in Kitsap County,” said Tom Poste, Pierce County fire marshal. “There have been at least a half a dozen stolen from locations in Pierce County.”

Local fire department officials are concerned with the risk that the thefts pose on public safety and the safety of business structures if there were an actual fire. Without these connectors, the fire department will not be able to hook up their hoses to the system, placing the public and businesses in trouble.

Anyone who sees or knows of any theft of fire department connections should immediately report it to the Pierce County Fire Marshal’s Office at (253) 798-7179. Salvage yards should not accept any brass fittings that have threaded hose connections. These could be fire department connections. If anyone attempts to sell them, they should report it to the Pierce County Fire Marshal’s Office.